Going to tanning beds is a very bad idea. Tanning beds has the same level of danger as the harmful rays of the sun as is also exposes your body to ultraviolet rays. Getting too exposed to it can cause skin cancer and melanoma, which is the type of skin cancer that is proven to be lethal. This happens in the skin cells that make melanin, the brown pigment that protects the skin from the harmful UV rays. Having to know all of these, why do some people keep using tanning beds?

attractive-woman-is-getting-sunbathing-beauty-treatmentGetting a tan can cause you to be more attractive and more confident of yourself around the people in the society. Whenever there’s an occasion, outing, or gathering event, most women prefer to get their skin tanned in order to not look pale in the event. Also, having a tan helps them not to put heavy makeup to make their skin glow. As far as they know, it’s faster to get a tan in tanning beds than going out in the sun. Their love for having a skin tone doesn’t stop them from using tanning beds even though they know the harmful effects of it. Some will be too stubborn until they see any symptoms of skin cancer. Before they know it, it might be too late.

I know its hassle free to go to tanning beds to get a tan but the risk for going there is not worth your life. You can still achieve that tan tone by using fake tanners. It’s true that it takes a lot of preparation and instructions to do it but it has the same results on your skin. Better yet, it is safe for you and it can draw you away from skin cancers like melanoma. People need to stop using sunbeds for the safety of their skin and their health.