Tanning is a great way to make yourself look and feel good. By wearing clothes that have the right color, you can enhance your tan more. Here are some colors to match your tanned skin and complexion.

For the Fair-Skinned

Hot Pink

If you have fair skin and tanning is not enough give it the glow you are looking for, then wear clothes having bright colors. Go for hot pink which will give give your skin the summer glow you want.


By wearing bright, yellow clothing, you can give more life to your tan.

Forest Green

This deep, emerald look will help bring out your olive complexion. While this is an unlikely choice, this will give you the bronzed glow you want.


By wearing cobalt blue clothings, you can improve your tawny appearance and give the appeal you want.

For the Beige-Skinned


Choose to wear clothing that comes with bright, exotic colors. This will give you the feeling that you are looking for in a tan.


Sand give a bright golden color when beside turqoise-colored water. By applying the same concept, you can get the glow that you are looking for in your tan.


The color purple helps enhance the tanned skin of those who originally have beige skin. By weairing this jewel-toned shade, you can get the appeal you are looking for.

Hot Pink

Like with people who have fair complexion, wearing clothes that have are bright pink will give your tan a boost.

For the Tanned-Skin

Pastel Blue

If you just came from a tanning salon, it will help a lot to wear clothing that have bright colors. Pastel blue complements blondes with tanned skin.

Pastel Pink

If you are a brunette with a dark summer tan, then going for pastel pink clothes is a smart move. The pale hue of pastel pink helps the dark tan stand out more, giving people a great impression of you.



Wearing white clothes will help enhance your dark tan. You can also wear accessories like turquoise to further improve your appeal.


Wearing bronze colored clothing will blend smoothly with your dark tan. This will give you that beautiful glow that you want to flaunt to your friends.

It will be a couple of trial and error to find the best combination of colors that will make your tan glow. When you get the right clothing to match your tan however, you will reap the rewards and attention you want.