skin-summer-ready-300x169-9727083Summer is a tough season to work with. With its blistering heat and arid air, it can do a lot of damage to your skin if you aren’t careful. One of the common items to work with during this hot set of months is sunscreen. Use a wide-spectrum sunscreen which also has a high SPF. This can protect you as you mingle around. A very important tip to remember is to re-apply your sunscreen every two to three hours. Much like how lotion dries up on your skin as time goes, sunscreen has to be reapplied to. For very hot days, it’s possible to sweat off your sunscreen so be vigilant on applying it.

Moisturizers will help you soothe your dry skin during warmer days. Dry skin is a common occurrence since you’re in a very hot set of months. As was mentioned, try to apply lotion or creams when you can. Moisturizers can be limited to the day and night usage. You can also opt for more natural moisturizers such as aloe vera or honey. Try to put them prior to heading out and after being out from the sun. Aloe vera can aid soothe inflamed skin which may happen due to too much sun exposure.

If you want to tan, it’s a good idea to opt out from the sunbathing or indoor tanning. These methods of tanning can be really harmful to your skin. A good alternative would be using self tanners. Self tanners, though dubbed as a fake tan, can provide your skin with the summer glow without putting you in further harm. The catch is, it can be quite difficult to use at first, but once you get the hang of it; self tanners are a very reliable option. You can also sport a self tan before sunbathing instead of getting a base tan. If you’ve had your share of sunbathing already, self tanners can help you sort out tan lines which can get in the way of enjoying a great tanned look.


sun-safety-300x200-8444333Our environment has drastically changed through the years. Gone are the days we can frolic for hours on end under the sun. Our world has become quite hot and due to that it’s also provided a very perilous circumstance. It’s been known that exposing yourself to the sun for long hours can cause to skin damage. Exposing yourself to the sun for hours on end, or even soaking up a lot of UV rays through indoor tanning, can expedite the chances of getting skin cancer. Skin cancer has become quite prevalent through the years with melanoma being the deadliest diagnosis.

Melanoma is a very aggressive form of skin cancer that has stricken a good number of individuals due to their addiction to sunbathing and indoor tanning as well as being out under the sun for quite some time. It’s been said that prevention is better than cure thus it’s always a good practice to keep the chances of getting skin cancer to a minimum.

Here are some tips to consider lessening the chances of harm done to your skin:

– When you’re going out and expecting to stay under the sun for quite some time, it’s a good practice to put on some sunscreen. However, putting on sunscreen is only relevant if you make use of an appropriate sunscreen. Choose a sunscreen that can provide a wide-spectrum for protection as well as having a high SPF. The higher the SPF, the better it can ward of the sun’s harmful rays. You also need to re-apply the sunscreen every two to three hours.

– Another way to help prevent skin cancer is to use self tanners to get your tan. Self tanners use chemicals to provide you with the summer glow but that doesn’t put you in further harm compared to sunbathing or indoor tanning.

sea-sunny-person-beach-300x200-1453541Getting your tanning fix can be quite tedious these days. While the option of shifting from the conventional methods of tanning through sunbathing or tanning salons has been on a rise, self tanners still count as a tedious method to getting one’s tan. It’s not surprising as there’s more attention to detail and being particular on what shade you’re hoping to get from using a product.

Despite the sheer commitment that a self tanner dictates, using this method of tanning is not only healthier but also rewarding. It’s best if you know what you can do with it so that you can best utilize it.

First and foremost, you’ll want to get your exfoliation and waxing fix before any self tanning is involved. Your skin has to be primed for the self tanner thus getting rid of dead skin cells and any impurities to your skin is done beforehand. If you’d like to lessen the chances of tan patches or streaking due to copious amounts of body hair, waxing is a good option compared to shaving.

Make good use of tools such as tanning mitts or airbrushes. Tanning mitts give you the opportunity of applying the self tanner without making your hands orange. Make sure to lightly dab the color until you’re satisfied with the particular shade. Airbrush makes applying a self tanner easier since you’re at a constant application each area you use it on. On another note, airbrush tanning makes it possible for you to contour your tan; it works similarly with how make up is used as a contouring agent.

One important note is to try your self tanner beforehand. If you’re one who has very sensitive skin, checking out your tanner before anything else will help avoid future complications. If you’re not sure where to start, Thermalabs has a list of self tanners that you can try out. In fact, due to the organic ingredients used in crafting a Thermalabs self tanner, you’ll easily enjoy tanning without having to worry about any side-effects.

Let your self tanner dry out for a bit before donning some loose, old clothing. You wouldn’t want to ruin your favorite attire so easily and since there’s a chance your tan would adhere to your clothes, it’s better to wear old clothing. Loose clothing help air out your body while being decent; this also lessens the chances of aggravating the tan thus erasing it.


pexels-photo-300x200-2751978With the days getting hotter and hotter, it’s time to get out and bask as much of sun as possible. Sunbathing is one way to get you that much desired tan. Unless you’ve got a very high fence in your backyard, tanning nude is a big no-no.

The usual swimwear is not the most ideal choice and finding the perfect swimsuit to accompany you while getting the much needed sun can be quite a complicated task. Not to worry, here are some suggestions to thoroughly enjoy your sunbathing without having to worry about how your swimsuit could minimize the overall look of your tan.

Choose a swimsuit that can tan through. Through the advancement of modern technology, certain swimwear let UV rays pass through the fabric so any skin below it is also tanned. It actually works in a more complex manner but that’s basically the gist of it. You’ll want to lather your entire body with sunscreen for this case since you would want to avoid getting sunburned through your swimwear.

A big downside on this type of swimwear, not a lot of shops offer it so it can be a hit or miss when you’re hoping to get a new set of clothes to wear for the beach or just for sunbathing in particular. If you’re lucky to find a store that caters to this type of swimwear, good on you; on most cases these shops provide a wide selection for both genders.

One way around the lack of tan through swimsuits is to make use of swimsuits that provide enough coverage. A good example would be string bikinis since they offer less coverage on your skin thus you can enjoy a lot of bronzed toned skin from sunbathing. It can be a little risqué to wear string bikinis which is why not everyone gets their share of this type of swimsuit. While it can’t be the same for guys, wearing shorts that provide enough coverage would do the trick.

A big downside of this type of swimwear would be the appearance of tan lines or light skin that was hidden during sunbathing. A countermeasure to tan lines or lighter skin would be to make use of self tanners so that you can have an overall tan without having to worry about tan lines that ruin your overall tan.

Choosing the ideal swimsuit can be tough but hopefully these tips will ease out on the difficulty when purchasing your next beach wear.

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