With the heat taking up a notch, getting a tan is probably one of the most sought out to-do lists for individuals during summer. However, if you’re not the type to lie down and bask much of the UV rays for getting a tan, you can still get the lovely bronze shade through using self tanners. Self tanners give you the much needed tan without having to expose your skin to the sun. This is due to the chemicals used in self tanners which inhibit the melanin on your skin thus getting you the lovely brown color.

feet-186238_1280-300x225-5770910Now, let’s look into buying a self tanner to get things started. Much like lotions and creams, there are various kinds of self tanners in the market. You might be buying one that’s not best compatible with your skin. Even if you’re new or experienced with using self tanners, there are just some tips that you might miss out. To give you the best self tanning experience, here are some tips that are helpful when purchasing your ideal self tanner:

Hopefully, with these tips in mind, you’ll be able to expand the horizon on getting a self tanner. Your old self tanner might not be working out for you so don’t hesitate to check on the other brands in the market.