Self tanning is a gift. Gone are the days when a tan was only possible during a few brief months, and you were left looking a pale-white ghost the rest of the year. Being tan no longer required a plane ticket.

But of course self tanning cannot be without its own drawbacks, and the number one concern for everybody who does it are the horrible stains and streaks.

But how can we ensure that we avoid those horrifying tan streaks? And if we do get them, what do we do?

Preparation is key

woman-at-dermatology-examinationBefore you do take the plunge into self-tanning heaven, make sure you prep yourself. Exfoliate your skin to ensure you’re fresh and your skin is ready and able to absorb the self-tanner. Shave any and all parts to ensure an even application. And don’t forget to moisturize, as moisturized skin is healthy skin, but do take care not to overdo it.

Use tinted self-tanners

When available, the tinted variety is always the better choice when it comes to self-tanners. After you’ve done your prep diligently, place an even amount of the self-tanning lotion and spread it evenly. The tint will help give you an idea how much lotion has been put where, and helps eliminate the horror of waiting whether you did good.

But if you do get it wrong, there are always ways to help you cover up, remove, or have a do over!

Lemon works good to help fade out streaks and stains, especially if combined with baking soda to form a paste / rub. Whitening toothpaste also works for small patches.

If you want a good, long, and warm bath also helps fade out or remove the self-tan you’ve made. Same goes with baby oil.

And if you do need a reset on everything, self-tanner removers are also available.