Having a spray tanning machine at home is sure to make tanning enthusiasts’ lives easier and if you own a tanning salon, purchasing the best machine is paramount in keeping your customers happy. Spray tanning machines come in different varieties, size, features, and power. Knowing what you as a tanning enthusiast or tanning salon owner need as well as how much budget you have and your priorities will help you make the most optimal decision when it comes to picking a spray tanning product. In addition to this, there are three major factors that you need to consider when choosing a spray tanning machine.


How Will You Use It?

Are you a salon owner? Or are you a regular tanning product user? If you are a tanning salon owner then you may want to get a spray tanning machine that are easy to move around. You may also want to have a hand-held spray gun in case a situation comes up that you need to use something smaller and easier to operate. If your salon also offers custom airbrushing or body contouring services then getting a hand held spray gun is a good investment.

On the other hand, if you just want something that you can use at home then going for a light-weight spray gun is your best bet. It also helps to have a spray tanning booth helps in keeping your tan from staining the surrounding area. Over-the-counter spray tans however can be utilized without the need to build a tent or booth provided that you cover the surrounding areas with a towel or some form of cloth.

The Amount of Liquid

Spray tanning machines are built differently and have different capabilities based on their size, function and purpose. While commercial spray tanning machines are easier to manage because they hold more liquid, they can be expensive. Meanwhile, hand held spray guns hold less liquid thus you will need to refill it every now and then and is often best for people who want to tan at home.

Maintenance Concerns

Portable spray guns are easier to maintain as compared to bigger spray tanning machines that can be found in salons. While tanning salons need spray tanning machines, having a couple of hand-held device makes their jobs easier and allows them to attend to more clients.

When purchasing any spray tan equipment, always look for a good and legitimate warranty plan.