With the weather becoming hotter, it’s a good sign that we’re close to getting our fair share of the sun. Summer is a great season to tan but tanning alone can be a bore. Bring your friends during your tanning sessions and you’re sure to have some fun. For sunbathing, you don’t really need to go to the beach to soak as much of the sun. Why not try to get your share of vitamin D in a spacious back yard? This also means more privacy and you don’t have to spend more money on gas or a place to stay.


Before sunbathing, always make sure that each of you has done the necessary steps to prep your skin for sunbathing. No one wants to suffer a bad tan or worse, a nasty sunburn, in the process. You may also want to have some spare creams or ointments just in case.

Now when it comes to sunbathing, it’s best to lay out evenly on the yard, this also gives the best amount of exposure under the sun. Don’t forget to take a break from time to time or you might get sun stroke from the copious amount of heat.

Make sure to have some refreshments at the side; you’ll need plenty of water.

To brighten up the mood, you can have some music to accompany or strike up an interesting conversation to help pass the time. There’s nothing wonderful that knowing how things are about each other, especially if you haven’t seen each other for quite some time.

It’s best to set a specific time to when you start sunbathing and what time you’ll end. This gives your bodies the chance to cool off before enjoying more time together indoors. Nothing like having a relaxing time with the people you enjoy hanging out with.


With the summer closing in on us, it’s no surprise to enjoy the best time at the beach. There’s no else better to spend time with than with your friends. While you can bask in the sun ‘til you drop, that is surely be quite a bore to your companions. There’s no greater fun than fooling around with your friends so it’s nifty to have some games to get you going.

If you’re familiar with certain beach sports, such as beach volleyball and Frisbee; you’ll notice that these sports are widely played by shore. Volleyball is always great and diving on the sand means less pain when you’re trying to save a point for your team. Frisbee can go in any possible direction if you’re not familiar with it but that shouldn’t be stopping you.

You can also try sharks and minnows, which is a beach side version of tag. Playing tag is always fun due to the kick of adrenaline that you get when you’re being chase. If you do this by the beach, there’s a lot more difficulty since you can dive into the waters to get away from the ‘sharks’, or the ‘it’.

beach-862365_640-300x249-6291673If you’re a little adventurous, you can go around digging things from beneath the sand. There’s nothing rewarding than having a good loot to show off to your friends. Try out a little treasure hunting a little later in the day where the heat is not so stifling, you’ll be surprised at the things you happen to dig up.

Last but surely not the least, you can never go wrong on a water balloon fight. The beach is just calling for it.

All in all, any game can be fun as long you’re with your friends. You can cook up quirky ideas to spice a kid’s game or try to make use of the beach as best as possible.


If you’ve been dreading the amount of hair on your arms or legs, waxing is a great way to get those off. Shaving can only do so much thus it’s no surprise most individuals opt to wax the hair off themselves. If you’re looking in to getting a tan right after waxing, that’s quite a great idea. However, it doesn’t bode too well if done in reverse.

woman-depilating-bikini-line-by-waxing-6Waxing prior to getting your bronze color is a better option since you’re treating your skin to a form of exfoliation. If you’d choose to tan prior to waxing, the process of removing unwanted body hair will also remove the tan. This is because waxing peels off the topmost layer of skin in the process.

With that in mind, that should tip the scales to choosing a wax before the tan. To get things started, there are some things that you can’t do right after waxing and these would be:

These easy steps should help you out on getting a nice tan with no hair to get in the way. It’s always best to be patient thus give sometime between both procedures to get the optimum results.


With the rage of tanning nowadays, it’s no surprise that certain practices have shed some light on getting a great tan. While the most conventional method is soaking as much of the sun’s rays or a trip to your tanning salon, these aren’t the healthiest means on tanning. Due to the breakthrough of getting cancer from consistent and copious exposure to ultraviolet rays, the light that causes us to tan, many have tried to find an alternative to tanning. This is how self tanners were brought to light.

donna-spruzza-crema-sul-viso-8While most people might call it a fake tan, self tanners give you the much desired tan without having to put your health in jeopardy. In fact, Thermalabs’s selection of organic self tanners provides a healthy approach to getting your much desired shade.

Now, that’s not saying self tanners don’t have their share of cons. Since they are a topical approach to tanning, it’s always best to have some tips to keep in mind to avoid getting the aesthetically pleasing tone.

With these simple steps and a good amount of patience, self tanners should not spot your favorite clothes!



Getting the much wanted bronze color is quite an arduous task. If you’re the type of individual patient enough to lie under the sun to soak up the much needed rays, kudos to you. Not everyone enjoys the prone experience of getting a tan as it can also lead to tan lines.

woman-bronze-tanned-body-in-summer-with-bikini-line-4Tan lines can get in the way of providing an even tone to your body. It’s also quite frustrating with how these covered patches of skin can get in the way of getting the head to toe bronze color. One way to rid these tan lines would be to wait for your skin to shed off the dark hue but that is quite time consuming and unpredictable.

One can’t lie naked in just any beach therefore tan lines are always a bane when it comes to sunbathing. No need to beat yourself with this little hurdle as you can erase the presence of tan lines without having to expend so much for it.

Here are some tips to help you blend the lighter lines for the much beloved bronze color:

With these nifty tips, tan lines should not be an obstacle to enjoying a good time of tanning.


Going to tanning beds is a very bad idea. Tanning beds has the same level of danger as the harmful rays of the sun as is also exposes your body to ultraviolet rays. Getting too exposed to it can cause skin cancer and melanoma, which is the type of skin cancer that is proven to be lethal. This happens in the skin cells that make melanin, the brown pigment that protects the skin from the harmful UV rays. Having to know all of these, why do some people keep using tanning beds?

attractive-woman-is-getting-sunbathing-beauty-treatment-2Getting a tan can cause you to be more attractive and more confident of yourself around the people in the society. Whenever there’s an occasion, outing, or gathering event, most women prefer to get their skin tanned in order to not look pale in the event. Also, having a tan helps them not to put heavy makeup to make their skin glow. As far as they know, it’s faster to get a tan in tanning beds than going out in the sun. Their love for having a skin tone doesn’t stop them from using tanning beds even though they know the harmful effects of it. Some will be too stubborn until they see any symptoms of skin cancer. Before they know it, it might be too late.

I know its hassle free to go to tanning beds to get a tan but the risk for going there is not worth your life. You can still achieve that tan tone by using fake tanners. It’s true that it takes a lot of preparation and instructions to do it but it has the same results on your skin. Better yet, it is safe for you and it can draw you away from skin cancers like melanoma. People need to stop using sunbeds for the safety of their skin and their health.



Self-tanning has become a favorite choice for most tan aficionados because it is a cheaper and efficient alternative way in having a tan. You don’t have to plan for an expensive summer vacation. Heck you can even have a tan all-year round, even during winter. Self-tanning is so easy, you don’t even need to go to a tanning salon and pay for a service that you can perform by yourself right at the comfort of your home. Make sure to follow these simple reminders when self-tanning.

attractive-young-woman-preparing-for-tanning-in-solarium-4Always prepare. If ever you need to shave, have a wax, hair color/treatments, or even a manicure, do so 12-24 hours prior to self-tanning. Remember that all of those treatments can remove self-tanners.

The most important thing to consider when tanning whether you go sunbathing or using self-tanners is to exfoliate. Dead skin cell layers will just absorb your self-tanners which will just easily rub-off later, leaving you an uneven tan. Avoid using oil-based exfoliating solutions because it leaves residues that will just deflect your self-tanners. Make sure to wait about 24 hours after exfoliating before applying self-tanners to give enough time for your skin to refresh and heal.

Application and treatment period
Apply self-tanners evenly on your skin. Do not rush! Remember that the best time to do this is during night time therefore, you have all the time in the world (it only takes about an hour to completely cover your body though). Wait for about 12-24 hours after tanning before washing up and applying any moisturizers. Also avoid wearing tight clothes as the tanners might stick to your clothes and leave you uneven tan.

Once you have achieved that perfect self-tan, use moisturizers and gentle cleansers. A tan usually last about a week so refrain from performing too much activities that would exfoliate too much such as hot baths and using cleansers that contains strong chemical ingredients.

Also don’t forget to rehydrate in and out every now and then to help keep your skin soft and glowing.



When you’re pregnant and your belly is already big, you might not feel very attractive. Luckily, you can still look great and elegant by focusing on your skin and getting a tan. Having the look of a sun-kissed skin will build your self-esteem and may very well help yourself mentally during the months of pregnancy. However, getting a tan while pregnant is good and all, but you still have to consider protecting the baby you’re carrying and be sure that the process would not affect the baby.

femme-enceinte-a-la-plage-4It’s a very bad idea to undergo tanning by going to tanning salons while you’re pregnant, and there reasons why. First of all, everyone (pregnant or not pregnant) is at risk when exposing their skin to ultraviolet rays. This can result in many skin problems and at worst, a skin cancer so tanning beds are not an option. Pregnant women should also stay away from getting spray tans. The fumes it emits is not safe for your lungs and it may get into your bloodstream, potentially harming the child you’re bearing. In short, if you’re pregnant, stay away from tanning salons because it will harm your health as well as the baby’s.

The good news however is that you can still get that tan color in your skin without going through these expensive and dangerous treatments. You can still rely on using self-tanning products. You’ll have a variety of options to choose from like self-tanning lotions, creams, foams, and oils which are harmless so it’s fine to use even when you’re pregnant. This is safe because the effects of these products only affects the outer layer of your skin and it would not reach your bloodstream and it’ll certainly not harm the development of your baby.

Just remember to keep your body safe as well as the baby. Never undergo treatments that would potentially harm you and play it safe. Now you can get that sun-kissed body you want as a pregnant mother in order to feel good as well as to look good.



Self tanning is a gift. Gone are the days when a tan was only possible during a few brief months, and you were left looking a pale-white ghost the rest of the year. Being tan no longer required a plane ticket.

But of course self tanning cannot be without its own drawbacks, and the number one concern for everybody who does it are the horrible stains and streaks.

But how can we ensure that we avoid those horrifying tan streaks? And if we do get them, what do we do?

Preparation is key

woman-at-dermatology-examination-3Before you do take the plunge into self-tanning heaven, make sure you prep yourself. Exfoliate your skin to ensure you’re fresh and your skin is ready and able to absorb the self-tanner. Shave any and all parts to ensure an even application. And don’t forget to moisturize, as moisturized skin is healthy skin, but do take care not to overdo it.

Use tinted self-tanners

When available, the tinted variety is always the better choice when it comes to self-tanners. After you’ve done your prep diligently, place an even amount of the self-tanning lotion and spread it evenly. The tint will help give you an idea how much lotion has been put where, and helps eliminate the horror of waiting whether you did good.

But if you do get it wrong, there are always ways to help you cover up, remove, or have a do over!

Lemon works good to help fade out streaks and stains, especially if combined with baking soda to form a paste / rub. Whitening toothpaste also works for small patches.

If you want a good, long, and warm bath also helps fade out or remove the self-tan you’ve made. Same goes with baby oil.

And if you do need a reset on everything, self-tanner removers are also available.



Having a spray tanning machine at home is sure to make tanning enthusiasts’ lives easier and if you own a tanning salon, purchasing the best machine is paramount in keeping your customers happy. Spray tanning machines come in different varieties, size, features, and power. Knowing what you as a tanning enthusiast or tanning salon owner need as well as how much budget you have and your priorities will help you make the most optimal decision when it comes to picking a spray tanning product. In addition to this, there are three major factors that you need to consider when choosing a spray tanning machine.


How Will You Use It?

Are you a salon owner? Or are you a regular tanning product user? If you are a tanning salon owner then you may want to get a spray tanning machine that are easy to move around. You may also want to have a hand-held spray gun in case a situation comes up that you need to use something smaller and easier to operate. If your salon also offers custom airbrushing or body contouring services then getting a hand held spray gun is a good investment.

On the other hand, if you just want something that you can use at home then going for a light-weight spray gun is your best bet. It also helps to have a spray tanning booth helps in keeping your tan from staining the surrounding area. Over-the-counter spray tans however can be utilized without the need to build a tent or booth provided that you cover the surrounding areas with a towel or some form of cloth.

The Amount of Liquid

Spray tanning machines are built differently and have different capabilities based on their size, function and purpose. While commercial spray tanning machines are easier to manage because they hold more liquid, they can be expensive. Meanwhile, hand held spray guns hold less liquid thus you will need to refill it every now and then and is often best for people who want to tan at home.

Maintenance Concerns

Portable spray guns are easier to maintain as compared to bigger spray tanning machines that can be found in salons. While tanning salons need spray tanning machines, having a couple of hand-held device makes their jobs easier and allows them to attend to more clients.

When purchasing any spray tan equipment, always look for a good and legitimate warranty plan.