Having bronze colored skin can be quite the eye-catcher. It’s no wonder numerous individuals have started to soak themselves in the sun’s rays to get that much desired tone. Sunbathing is the first step to earning a tan. The hardest step to a tan is keeping it.

While sunbathing is the most effective and cheapest approach to earning a tan, if you’re not too careful, you may cause more harm than you expect. It’s always good to remember not to overexpose your skin lest you’d earn sunburn.

asian-sexy-woman-relaxing-in-swimming-pool-2After each sunbathing session, to keep your skin healthy and your skin intact, it’s important to follow a set of post-sunbathing care.

Immediate Care after Sunbathing

After a long soak of the much needed vitamin D, your body is quite dehydrated especially your skin. It’s best to take in a good amount of water to replenish the moisture lost from sunbathing. Having a well hydrated skin will prevent the onset of wrinkles and dryness which can lead to an uneven tan.

It’s also good to take a cold or lukewarm shower to help cool your skin off. If it’s too red, this could mean that you got burnt which can cause to flaking. A good way to resolve this is applying greek yogurt as its anti-inflammatory properties will soothe the burn.

A few days after

If you’re the type of individual who does their fair share of exfoliating, you may want to postpone exfoliating for a bit. Your skin is still recovering from their ordeal with the sun. As the tan is still settling, cleansing your skin can rub off the layer of melanin and introduce a much lighter layer underneath.

This also means you’ll have to skip on using hard soaps as they tend to rub off your skin when applied. Switching to liquid soap will aid your skin in the absorption of hydrating elements and won’t be too harsh when used.

With these steps, you can be sure to enjoy a post-sunbathing after care while keeping your tan.