sunbathing-facts-300x214-4254829Sunbathing is a common task to do during summer. With so much sun to make use of, it’s not surprising to make the most out of your summer by basking under a cloudless sky. Growing up, our favorite activity during summer would be to go to the beach or enjoy the day outside as much as we could. Unfortunately, exposing yourself to too much sun can do a lot of harm than good.

Through the recent years, skin cancer has risen as a threat to our community. Melanoma, a very aggressive form of skin cancer, has caused numerous fatalities through the globe. It’s been said that copious exposure to the sun can lead to a higher chance of getting skin cancer.

Thus, this brings us to sunbathing. Normally, we rely a lot on the sunscreen we use. While sunscreen is our initial defense against the sun, it’s not an impenetrable defense. At times, we still have our share of sunburn. The more sunburn we’ve come across our lives, the higher the chances of us getting skin cancer in the future. There’s actually a lot of things to consider if you want to do some sunbathing.

The more you get sunburn also causes a lot of harm to your body in the long run. Another case to consider, dark skin is not healthy skin. When you tan your skin, you cause your outermost layer of skin to burn under all the sun’s onslaught. Tanned skin does not protect you from the sun thus if you stay under the sun while having tanned skin, you can get a higher chance of getting more harm to your skin.

Sunscreen can only do so much thus it’s also a good idea to stay in the shade when you can. Try to also keep yourself hydrated.


leg-2554756_640-300x200-6218856Sunbathing is a common trend during the summer. It’s not surprising since there’s a lot of sun to make use of during this hot season. But why should you consider sunbathing? Tanning is a common choice to making you look good. Getting a tan gives you even skin tone, hides your flaws and even provides you a makeover. While it doesn’t drastically change how you look, changing your skin tone can really make an impact.

If you’re hoping to ante up your looks or make a change for the summer season, sunbathing is a good choice. You need only the sun, some sunscreen and a good set of garments that don’t obscure your skin when basking under the sun. But why should really do it? Sunbathing is a common trend, which can be done as a social activity. If you’re new to the tanning fiasco, sunbathing is a good way to slowly introduce you to the pros of tanning.

Having a tan is a sign that you enjoyed your summer so getting a tan through sunbathing is a prime method to getting that result. In order to enjoy a good sunbathing experience, you’ll want to consider these tips:

– Make use of a good sunscreen. Use a wide spectrum sunscreen that blocks off both UVA and UVB rays. While SPF is something to be considered, you don’t need to buy the one with the highest SPF to get thr work done.

– Have a specific time when you want to tan. This lessens the chances of getting an uneven tan due to having various sun positions to work with. Try to limit your time to two to three hours on a specific time of the day.

– Use tanning oils to hasten the chances of getting tanned skin. This also aids in shortening the time you spend under the sun.


sky-sunny-clouds-cloudy-300x168-8309813Sunscreen is a common item to use when it comes to protecting your skin from the sun’s harm. It’s an important thing to put on since the sun is going to be doing a lot of harm to your body when you’re under the sun for a long amount of time. We’ve always known that sunscreen is a very important part of our regimen when we’re going to be doing a lot of activities outside of our home.

While sunscreen is always a good aid to our sunbathing or staying under the sun, we have to be particular with the sunscreen that we use. Normally, we would opt for sunscreen that has a high SPF value. Unfortunately, its been found that sunscreen containing a lot of SPF, sun protecting factor, does not really have more value than those with smaller SPF. At times, we opt for high SPF valued sunscreen to provide a barrier for our skin. Dermatologists don’t really recommend the ridiculously high value of SPF but opt for individuals to use a wide spectrum sunscreen instead. Wide spectrum sunscreen block both UVA and UVB rays.

Another thing we usually do is apply sunscreen once. Unfortunately, sunscreen works like lotion or creams. It can wash off or dry before you know it and needs to be re-applied to continue protecting your skin. It is important to apply the sunscreen every two to three hours, much less time if you sweat a lot or swim after applying sunscreen. It’s important to remember to let the sunscreen soak into the skin which would usually be around 30 minutes to an hour before going under the sun. Your skin needs to absorb the sunscreen to be able to make it work. Usually, we would dive into the waters right after putting sunscreen.


sunflower-sun-summer-yellow-300x200-2115195Summer is finally here and we’re looking to enjoy a lot of the sunny days with activities to do outside. One can list the number of things they can do while out and about but there’s one big harm when you’re loitering around. Due to the sheer brilliance of the sun, you can’t help but fear the sheer amount of damage it can do to your skin.

Sunburn is a common malady during summer since most individuals tend to underestimate the sun’s rays. If you’re not aware, most individuals get their share of sunburn if they’re out under the heat for long. Sunburn can be mild to very severe, so you might want to consider being more vigilant about it.

There’s a lot of ways to avoid getting a nasty burn for your summer days. You can follow these tips to enjoy a safe summer vacation:


pexels-photo-197465-300x200-8612911Although heaps of sunless tanning products and procedures are always available in the market, many tanners are still in love with the sun especially the sunbathers. They could not exchange the joy it brings when they soak their bodies in the sun. Well, nobody is to be blame because the sun gives lot of benefits as long as you do not stay too long under it and you keep in mind all the things you have to avoid when sunbathing. If you are one of the sunbathe lovers described here, check out this list of don’ts to keep you safe from any harm.

Tanning is sweeter and more successful if you achieved it without sacrificing your health. So stay safe and be safe!

Although heaps of sunless tanning products and procedures are always available in the market, many tanners are still in love with the sun especially the sunbathers. They could not exchange the joy it brings when they soak their bodies in the sun. Well, nobody is to be blame because the sun gives lot of benefits as long as you do not stay too long under it and you keep in mind all the things you have to avoid when sunbathing. If you are one of the sunbathe lovers described here, check out this list of don’ts to keep you safe from any harm.

Tanning is sweeter and more successful if you achieved it without sacrificing your health. So stay safe and be safe!


With the sun setting the temperature up a notch, it’s no surprise that summer is going to spell out even hotter this year. In fact, in the recent years, we’ve been experiencing hotter days. While it may be a common trait for the upcoming season, this is definitely quite alarming.

sun-1323378_1280-300x199-9925294Hotter days means more damage that can be caused by the sun; be it to the environment or to your body. In fact, one of the rising ailments of the century is skin cancer.

While we can’t always determine when skin cancer strikes, there is one known way to prevent it from happening. This is done by the constant application of sun screen. During the course of summer, sunscreen is a topical application that is commonly applied to your skin. However, this usually happens when we’re about to dive into the waters and hardly a thought if we’re just going to go to the park.

It’s actually very important to apply sunscreen if you’re planning to go out of the house. Be it summer or any other season, a blazing sun is going to cause a lot of damage to your skin. To best utilize the safeguarding properties of a sunscreen, you’ll need these tips:

– Sunscreen takes at least 30 minutes before it actually protects your skin. The thirty minutes is necessary since your skin needs to absorb the concoction.

– A sunscreen’s effectivity to shield you off from UV rays only lasts for a good two-three hours. Once the time is up, you’ll need to re-apply some sunscreen.

– Like lotion, if you immediately dive into the water as soon as you’ve put on some sunscreen, you’ve washed it off. You’ll also want to reapply it if you’re extra sweaty for the day.

While sunscreen is an effective guard against the sun, it’s always best to stay in the shade and wear a hat for hotter days. Don’t forget to wear some sunglasses since your eyes need their share of protection too.



Getting the much wanted bronze color is quite an arduous task. If you’re the type of individual patient enough to lie under the sun to soak up the much needed rays, kudos to you. Not everyone enjoys the prone experience of getting a tan as it can also lead to tan lines.

woman-bronze-tanned-body-in-summer-with-bikini-line-6Tan lines can get in the way of providing an even tone to your body. It’s also quite frustrating with how these covered patches of skin can get in the way of getting the head to toe bronze color. One way to rid these tan lines would be to wait for your skin to shed off the dark hue but that is quite time consuming and unpredictable.

One can’t lie naked in just any beach therefore tan lines are always a bane when it comes to sunbathing. No need to beat yourself with this little hurdle as you can erase the presence of tan lines without having to expend so much for it.

Here are some tips to help you blend the lighter lines for the much beloved bronze color:

With these nifty tips, tan lines should not be an obstacle to enjoying a good time of tanning.



Having bronze colored skin can be quite the eye-catcher. It’s no wonder numerous individuals have started to soak themselves in the sun’s rays to get that much desired tone. Sunbathing is the first step to earning a tan. The hardest step to a tan is keeping it.

While sunbathing is the most effective and cheapest approach to earning a tan, if you’re not too careful, you may cause more harm than you expect. It’s always good to remember not to overexpose your skin lest you’d earn sunburn.

asian-sexy-woman-relaxing-in-swimming-pool-4After each sunbathing session, to keep your skin healthy and your skin intact, it’s important to follow a set of post-sunbathing care.

Immediate Care after Sunbathing

After a long soak of the much needed vitamin D, your body is quite dehydrated especially your skin. It’s best to take in a good amount of water to replenish the moisture lost from sunbathing. Having a well hydrated skin will prevent the onset of wrinkles and dryness which can lead to an uneven tan.

It’s also good to take a cold or lukewarm shower to help cool your skin off. If it’s too red, this could mean that you got burnt which can cause to flaking. A good way to resolve this is applying greek yogurt as its anti-inflammatory properties will soothe the burn.

A few days after

If you’re the type of individual who does their fair share of exfoliating, you may want to postpone exfoliating for a bit. Your skin is still recovering from their ordeal with the sun. As the tan is still settling, cleansing your skin can rub off the layer of melanin and introduce a much lighter layer underneath.

This also means you’ll have to skip on using hard soaps as they tend to rub off your skin when applied. Switching to liquid soap will aid your skin in the absorption of hydrating elements and won’t be too harsh when used.

With these steps, you can be sure to enjoy a post-sunbathing after care while keeping your tan.



Sunburn is commonly seen in people who spend too much time outdoors. This is caused by too much exposure to UV rays, which can cause the skin to become red and swollen.
Here are some natural ways to treat sunburns.

teenage-girls-back-with-sunburn-and-heart-of-sun-lotion-14Use Compress

Dip the compress in either cold water, aluminum acetate, or witch hazel. If you decide to use cold water, go for plain water from the faucet or add a few ice cubes. Dip the cloth in it and then apply it over the burnt area. Keep on doing this every time the cloth warms. Make sure to apply it on the burnt skin many times a day, making sure to wet it every ten to fifteen minutes.

If you choose to use aluminum acetate, you can try mixing Domeboro’s powder packets with water. You can buy these packets in drugstores. The aluminum acetate in the powder will help prevent the skin from drying up or becoming itchy.

If you decide to use the witch hazel astringent, use cotton balls and dip them into the liquid and then apply them on the inflamed area.

Regardless of what you decide to use, directing the fan on the affected area will help reduce the treatment time.

Apply Common Kitchen Foods

There are an array of foods that you can use to treat sunburn.


Wrap dry oatmeal in cheesecloth or gauze then run cool water through it. Throw away the oatmeal and soak the compress in the liquid. Make sure you apply this over the burnt area every two to four hours.

Fat-Free Milk

Mix 1 cup of fat-free milk with four cups of water, then add a couple of ice cubes along with it. Apply the compress for fifteen to twenty minutes and make sure to repeat this every two to four hours.


Apply the yogurt over the affected areas. Rinse these off when you shower, then gently pat your skin dry.


Boil some lecture leaves in water. Strain, then put the liquid in a refrigerator to let it cool down for many hours. When they are ready, dip cotton balls into the liquid and gently press and wipe the burnt area of the skin.


Mix it with water enough to make a paste and then apply it directly on inflamed areas of your skin.

Choose a method that you feel comfortable using. Better yet, prevent yourself from getting sunburns by taking the right steps in tanning yourself, while protecting your skin from the bad effects of UV rays.