Long time ago, people used to associate sun bathing each time they hear tanning. Why not? It’s the most economical way of getting bronzed skin aside from the fact that you can easily do it while on a vacation and flaunting your greatest asset. But times have changed for the better. There are cheaper and healthier alternative to getting a perfect tan.

One of the many options for sunless tanning is using self tanners. Let us now compare sun tanning to self tanning:

Sun Tanning

– almost free because you just need the sun’s heat to get your desired tan

– provides Vitamin D

Self Tanning

– can be done at home

– easy to do and is not dependent with the weather

– there are many self tanners to choose from

These are just some of the benefits of those two options. However, too much sun tanning is not healthy for you. There are even previous reports about skin cancer risks due to the damaging rays of the sun. This does not mean that self tanning is the perfect choice. But it gives you a healthier option because there are many organic and all-natural self tanners in the market. Most of the trusted brands are accessible only and offers free shipping and great discount.

Some of the great self tanners out there include tanning lotions, application mitt, tanning towelettes and more. They are all convenient to use and can be done at the comfort of your own home. There are even travel-sized self tanners that is ideal for you if you are traveling and would like to get a bronzed glow wherever you go.

You don’t have to wait for the next summer to get a fantastic tan. Grab a self tanner now and impress everyone with your party-rocking gown and beautiful glowing skin!