skin-summer-ready-300x169-9161207Summer is a tough season to work with. With its blistering heat and arid air, it can do a lot of damage to your skin if you aren’t careful. One of the common items to work with during this hot set of months is sunscreen. Use a wide-spectrum sunscreen which also has a high SPF. This can protect you as you mingle around. A very important tip to remember is to re-apply your sunscreen every two to three hours. Much like how lotion dries up on your skin as time goes, sunscreen has to be reapplied to. For very hot days, it’s possible to sweat off your sunscreen so be vigilant on applying it.

Moisturizers will help you soothe your dry skin during warmer days. Dry skin is a common occurrence since you’re in a very hot set of months. As was mentioned, try to apply lotion or creams when you can. Moisturizers can be limited to the day and night usage. You can also opt for more natural moisturizers such as aloe vera or honey. Try to put them prior to heading out and after being out from the sun. Aloe vera can aid soothe inflamed skin which may happen due to too much sun exposure.

If you want to tan, it’s a good idea to opt out from the sunbathing or indoor tanning. These methods of tanning can be really harmful to your skin. A good alternative would be using self tanners. Self tanners, though dubbed as a fake tan, can provide your skin with the summer glow without putting you in further harm. The catch is, it can be quite difficult to use at first, but once you get the hang of it; self tanners are a very reliable option. You can also sport a self tan before sunbathing instead of getting a base tan. If you’ve had your share of sunbathing already, self tanners can help you sort out tan lines which can get in the way of enjoying a great tanned look.