With the changing of seasons comes a different approach to taking care of your skin. Your winter skin care regimen should no longer work for spring thus it’s time to have a change of pace. Since you’d probably hold back on trying to go through a thorough skin care regimen for winter, there are some tips to prep your skin for spring.

woman-2Before anything, it’s best to exfoliate. Due to the cold season, dead skin and dirt might have clung to the topmost layer of skin. It’s no surprise if you’ve held off on cleansing since the cold weather doesn’t help in caring for your skin.

Since the sun is out, you’re also treated to the daily dose of it. Despite the colder climate, try to put on some sunscreen to keep your skin from being damage. You’d probably take the chance to walk out often especially after a continuous experience of snow-filled winter days.

Since the sun is out, you’ll be thinking that getting a tan in this weather a great idea. It’s not actually advisable to get a tan, by tanning beds or soaking up on the sun’s rays.

Your skin is adjusting to the change of temperature and shocking it immediately with a dose of some UV rays can spell out a lot of damage. If you’d like to get a tan for Spring, the best way to go about it is to make use of a self tanner. You won’t even have to lie down for hours to get the tan!

Surely these simple tips can help you rock your look for spring without sacrificing too much. It’s always good to allot some time for yourself especially skin care. Seasons can be quite a tricky thing to work around but a simple change on the regimen will aid in giving you healthy skin.