bath-house-row-1587365_1280-300x200-2486147With all the hectic schedules and Holiday rush, maybe you are a little bit screwed up with your all priorities. With all your rush reports and preparations for the Holiday, definitely you are running out of time. But of course you can’t give up your tan because it boosts your self-confidence to face different kinds of people, right? Maybe you don’t have enough time to go sunbathing on the beach and with this type of season, beach is out of the options. Here are some tips where to run and have your tan before the holiday rush. Just to remind you, these suggestions are case-to-case basis and does not fit to all.

If you really have no time to tan yourself, the best option is to go to a tanning salon and let the tanning experts do it for you. With this option, you can save effort and save a little bit of time in the sense that all you need are already there. You don’t have to go on the department store to buy the self tanning products and accessories you need. You don’t need buddies or helper to apply on the hard to reach parts of your body. All you have to do is sit back, relax, rest and have your skin bronzed in just few moments.

This option is good for you if you are used to do self tanning. Of course due to frequently doing it, maybe you have perfected the regimen already. Simple application or spreading of self tanner on your arms, legs and body, then you are done. If you have extra budget and you want to save for a longer time, consider buying a spray tanning machine or airbrush system. Thermalabs offer great discount on these kinds of tanning machine. Get up to 50% discount when you buy now. If you have these, you are like bringing a tanning salon at home.

If you still have extra time before the Holidays, you can spend a tanning session with your buddies, workmates or friends. Have a chance to bond and have fun with your friends in your tanning activity. You can help each other in spreading self tanner on the hard to reach parts of your body to make the work lighter. On holidays, maybe you won’t have enough time to celebrate with them so it’s time to make up while it’s still early.


shave-legs-199x300-2071077Are you excited to do self tanning? Have you done exfoliating, shaving or waxing? One of the most important and ‘must do’ regimen before performing self tanning is to shave the hair of your skin or do waxing before you apply your preferred tanning mediums. This is very important if you want to achieve a flawless and long lasting result. Here are some pros of shaving or waxing before putting your self tanning products.


pexels-photo-65977-300x200-4814106Even if summer is over and we’re in for a ride with the colder months just right around the corner. This is one of the hardest transition of tan addicts. While you can make your way to your local tanning salon, soaking up much of the UV rays could spell out as a disaster for you.

Tanning beds, and even sunbathing, makes use of UV rays to help get you the shade of bronze that you desire. Not to worry, you can make use of self tanners to keep the summer glow as radiant as it can be.

Self tanners, while dubbed as fake tan due to their tanning properties not needing the aid of a sun or UV rays, they’re one of the healthiest approach to tanning. One company even makes use of organic and natural ingredients to getting a tan while you can even make your own homemade self tan with tea and coffee.

Whichever is your source of a self tan, it’s one of the best ways to keep your bronze shade through the colder months.

While dabbing on a bronzer is one thing, you may also want to remember some of these tips to make your bronze shade last:

– Hydrate your skin. Don’t ever skip on putting on moisturizers. Dry skin tends to peel off easily and this means peeling off the layer of tan that you’ve worked so hard to get.

– Avoid the beach or the pool. The bleach will easily lighten up your skin tone while the salt in the sea water is guaranteed to dry your skin up.

– Don’t hesitate to exfoliate your skin when you can. Exfoliating your skin can help you clear the layer of dirt and dead skin cells. While this may sound like scrubbing a layer off of tan, clearing the impurities gives way to younger and more radiant skin. This also gives a better palette for your next self tanning session.


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. On most cases, beauty can be quite the criteria on each individual. Despite the means to achieve beauty, not everyone has the extra reserves to splurge on various products or services.
One of the easier approaches to starting out your journey to beauty is sorting out your skin complexion. Most individuals don’t notice how dull their skin is. On some occasions, it is this dull skin that can be the cause of various skin ailments such as acne. Dull skin is caused by a layer of impurities- be it dirt, dead skin cells, and etc.

pexels-photo-116913-300x199-3471160 In order to get rid of dull skin, you’ll need to exfoliate your skin. Not only does exfoliation remove the layer of impurities, it also gives way to younger and more radiant skin. Remember, it’s best to exfoliate once or twice a week. To best aid you on your exfoliation sessions, here are some ideal scrubs for various exfoliation approaches: Honey and sugar – If you’re hoping for a natural scrub, you can mix some sugar crystals into honey. This is an ideal mixture for those with sensitive skin. For lesser abrasion, you can make use of brown sugar as opposed to the refined white sugar. Honey aids in sorting out the pH level of your skin while sugar is not too harsh as it scrubs off the impurities. Glycolic acid peel – If you’re hoping to soften the depth of your wrinkles and the acne scars, the glycolic acid peels is an ideal approach to your exfoliation sessions. The acid helps in removing the adhesive like substance that adhered the thick, dry and aged texture layer of dead skin cells to your skin. For this certain peel, you’ll want to let it sit on your face before rinsing off.

With these two distinct approaches, you can make sure that your skin is no longer dull as it used to be.


With so many clothes piling up and brand names to look forward to, a certain group of people have to be restricted to what they wear. If you’re an individual who has sensitive skin, you might have come across a nasty itch from wearing certain clothing.

girl-1293985_1280-225x300-7050950It’s actually not that surprising as some textiles cause allergic reactions when in contact to sensitive skin. Most individuals who suffer from skin conditions have it hard, especially when they’re trying to get a new style for the coming seasons.

Contact dermatitis is a concern that textile companies have begun to acknowledge. While that might not always be applicable to all the brand names in the market, it’s always best to be knowledgeable of what clothes you can wear.

Here are some common fabrics to keep in mind:

Most of the individuals who have sensitive skin always go for cotton since they are smooth and cool against your skin. On most cases, cotton is a good place for fungi and bacteria to propagate since it is soft and abundant in nature. You’ll want to be extra particular on cleaning these clothes.

If you’re still a little unsure, you might want to check the tag on the clothing or ask an attendant nearby. It’s always best to be a little knowledgeable on the clothes you put on your back.


With the new addition of the airbrush makeup into the cosmetic trends, it’s no surprise that many would want to try it out. Though it can be quite a daunting task, what with having to make use of an airbrush and the amount of time to master the art of applying makeup; airbrush makeup is no easy feat all.

airbrushing-your-face-9069504Now that you’ve come across the wonders of airbrush makeup, there are some tips that you can keep in mind to make your experience worthwhile:

By following these tips, you’ll be the next airbrush makeup guru in town.


One of the most basic steps to ensuring great skin is exfoliating. Not everyone exfoliates their skin but it’s actually necessary. Over time, various impurities and dead skin cells clump up on our skin which not only block our pores but also cause acne and other skin ailments. No one wants to experience that thus it’s recommended to cleanse your skin at least once a week.

While exfoliating is great for your skin, doing it consistently is really a big no-no. Each time you exfoliate, you clear out the old layer of skin for a new one. This means the new layer is more sensitive and can be easily damaged if you’re not careful. If you’re eager to step outside after you’ve done exfoliating, you’ll want to think twice. Exposing your skin as soon after cleansing can cause a lot of damage.

cream-621340_1280-300x199-7993033While there are a lot of concerns after exfoliating, there are a lot of solutions to make sure they don’t happen. In order for you to get better skin, here are some of the post-exfoliating skin care tips you’ll have to follow:

With these tips, you’re not only ensuring young beautiful skin but also making sure that you’re keeping your skin healthy.


If the local beach has lost its splendor to you, that’s not surprising. While the common go to place for summer has always been the beach, a change of scenery is in order. There’s so much outside of your town, even your country, that’s waiting to be explored.

And when’s a good time to get there? Summer of course!

sea-418742_1280-300x225-4943859To get the ball rolling, here are some of the best places to get your summer going:

So what are you waiting for? Grab your summer clothes and your sunscreen; time to hit the road! If not, now is a good time to grab the earliest tickets for a trip to these places. There’s nothing like the much needed rest, relaxation and your fair share of vitamin D for this season.


With the sun setting the temperature up a notch, it’s no surprise that summer is going to spell out even hotter this year. In fact, in the recent years, we’ve been experiencing hotter days. While it may be a common trait for the upcoming season, this is definitely quite alarming.

sun-1323378_1280-300x199-1905680Hotter days means more damage that can be caused by the sun; be it to the environment or to your body. In fact, one of the rising ailments of the century is skin cancer.

While we can’t always determine when skin cancer strikes, there is one known way to prevent it from happening. This is done by the constant application of sun screen. During the course of summer, sunscreen is a topical application that is commonly applied to your skin. However, this usually happens when we’re about to dive into the waters and hardly a thought if we’re just going to go to the park.

It’s actually very important to apply sunscreen if you’re planning to go out of the house. Be it summer or any other season, a blazing sun is going to cause a lot of damage to your skin. To best utilize the safeguarding properties of a sunscreen, you’ll need these tips:

– Sunscreen takes at least 30 minutes before it actually protects your skin. The thirty minutes is necessary since your skin needs to absorb the concoction.

– A sunscreen’s effectivity to shield you off from UV rays only lasts for a good two-three hours. Once the time is up, you’ll need to re-apply some sunscreen.

– Like lotion, if you immediately dive into the water as soon as you’ve put on some sunscreen, you’ve washed it off. You’ll also want to reapply it if you’re extra sweaty for the day.

While sunscreen is an effective guard against the sun, it’s always best to stay in the shade and wear a hat for hotter days. Don’t forget to wear some sunglasses since your eyes need their share of protection too.


With the heat taking up a notch, getting a tan is probably one of the most sought out to-do lists for individuals during summer. However, if you’re not the type to lie down and bask much of the UV rays for getting a tan, you can still get the lovely bronze shade through using self tanners. Self tanners give you the much needed tan without having to expose your skin to the sun. This is due to the chemicals used in self tanners which inhibit the melanin on your skin thus getting you the lovely brown color.

feet-186238_1280-300x225-5059068Now, let’s look into buying a self tanner to get things started. Much like lotions and creams, there are various kinds of self tanners in the market. You might be buying one that’s not best compatible with your skin. Even if you’re new or experienced with using self tanners, there are just some tips that you might miss out. To give you the best self tanning experience, here are some tips that are helpful when purchasing your ideal self tanner:

Hopefully, with these tips in mind, you’ll be able to expand the horizon on getting a self tanner. Your old self tanner might not be working out for you so don’t hesitate to check on the other brands in the market.