pexels-photo-260405-300x200-2324890A tan has become quite an appealing beauty booster and hides numerous flaws without doing an extra effort. While there’s no end to praising how beautiful tanned skin is, getting tired of your tanned skin is not surprising. Additionally, an uneven tan is quite unsightly thus it’s not surprising that certain individuals want to remove the tan altogether as opposed to letting the tan slowly clear out of one’s skin. There are numerous ways to remove a tan but these are also dependent on how you acquired the tan.

Sun tanned skin can be quite difficult to sort out if you’re not sure on which product off the market you can use. However, you can rely on more natural means, namely:

For self tanned skin, you can rely on lemon juice as well but if you’re looking for a quick touch up, here are some methods to erasing your tan:


sunscreen-1461332_640-300x198-6589830Did you know that constantly exposing your skin to the sun can cause a lot of harm? It’s been known that consistent exposure to the sun’s UV rays has stirred the chances of getting skin cancer. In fact, most cases of skin cancer have been pinpointed to individuals who are quite fond of sun bathing. Another alarming concern is the increased number of cases of melanoma, a very aggressive form of skin cancer. With this information in mind, it’s only imperative to take better care of yourself. Here are some tips to keep in mind to protect your skin from the sun:

– Wear ample amount of sunscreen. Not too little, though too much can cause a lot of inconvenience. It’s best to make use of a broad spectrum sunscreen with at least SPF 30. Additionally, let the sunscreen dry for at least thirty minutes before heading out. One important tip is to keep re-applying sunscreen. Every two to three hours is when your sunscreen dries out. Even if the sky is cloudy or overcast, make sure to put some sunscreen since the sun’s rays can still penetrate through the clouds.

– Be mindful of the time when you’re out in the sun. The sun’s UV rays are more intense from 9 in the morning until 4 in the afternoon. They are extremely potent during noon. It’s best to avoid being out and about during this time.

– Stay in the shade as often as possible. The best protection is to avoid too much exposure to the sun. Thus, if you’re going to head out for the day, walk alone shaded areas or stay under a building’s shadow to avoid putting your skin at risk. If you’re bound to walk along an uncovered path, make use of an umbrella that has been SPF proof to protect you.


bath-426383_640-300x200-7493588Self tanner has become quite a staple choice to getting your tanning fix. It’s not surprising as it is the safest option to getting a tan on the market. With skin cancer rising as one of the deadliest and most commonly found cancers in our society, it’s no surprise that many dermatologists are suggesting a sun-free approach to tanning.

Unfortunately, self tanners is a tricky approach to tanning compared to the two known methods. Since it is applied to your skin, you’ll need to wait for it to dry before moving around. At times, we tend to let it drip down, which can lead to streaking. However, there are some cases where excess self tanners just find their way on various surfaces.

For this scenario, here are some tips to remove self tanner stains from your bathroom.

Dripping some self tanner on the floor is not a big problem if it’s tiled. Simply wipe the surface with a clear rag while the stain is still fresh to avoid discoloration of the tiles.

If you managed to have some of the self tanner on the bathroom rug, try to get as much of the liquid with a clean rag. Avoid rubbing on it as it only spreads and thins out the stain. You can also use a flat object like a cardboard or dull knife to scoop the liquid off the rug’s fibers. For any residues you can’t clean up in this manner, mix some detergent and water in a spray bottle. Use another clean cloth to wipe it away. For dire cases, water mixed with some hydrogen peroxide can do the trick.

In the end, the best method of removing stains in your bathroom is merely drying your self tanner before moving around. It’s also best to have some old newspapers laid out in the area you are tanning so there’s little chances of staining the setting and an easier clean up right after the tanning session.