woman-speaker-baby-belly-157576-227x300-8845543Summer is at the highlight for this time of the year. With the heat getting higher and higher, summer’s highlight is getting as much of the sun as possible. If you’re a sunbathing addict, being pregnant can be a thing to consider before lounging for hours on end under the sun. While a little bit of sun isn’t going to hurt, just was is in store if you’re pregnant and tanning? When you’re pregnant, your skin is quite sensitive. We know how much pregnancy can do a lot to one’s body but it’s important to put on an extra helping of sunscreen before sunbathing. Doctors don’t mind that you sunbathe but that you do it responsibly. Your skin is easily tanned if you stay under the sun. This is due to the high production of a hormone during the course of your pregnancy. Thus said, you’re going to need the extra helping of sunscreen while also being careful of how long you stay under the sun. Another factor of trying to be careful of your time under the sun is your internal temperature. When we soak a lot of the sun’s rays, we also get a lot of heat in our body. This can harm the baby inside of you as their amniotic fluid can be too hot for them. Try to set a specific time when you will be sunbathing as well as to limit the time you are doing so. If you want to expedite the chances of tanning your body, you can make use of tanning oils. These oils help make your skin absorb the sun more thus hastening the tanning process.

As is mentioned, since your body produces a lot of estrogen, your skin will easily darken in a few minutes under the sun. Makes the most out of the time you are sunbathing and avoid basking in the dangerous hours from 9am to 4pm. The sun’s rays are very deadly to you and to your baby.


lazy-tanning-300x225-7378975Normally, tanning for lazy girls would involve sunbathing as it doesn’t ask for much. However, unlike sunbathing, self tanning is a much better option to get one’s tan. It’s been known that consistent exposure to the sun’s rays or UV rays can lead to skin cancer in the long run. With that said, self tanning is a much better approach since it helps get an individual their summer glow without putting them in harm.

Despite the healthier approach of self tanning, it’s known that using a self tanner can be quite complicated. If you’re someone who doesn’t want to incorporate so much of their time and effort to getting their tanning down, self tanning can easily put you off. However, if you want to do some tanning without doing too much, you can follow these steps to work things out with ease:


sunless-tanning-300x178-5580025Tanning is a common activity that a lot of individuals like to indulge in. What’s not to like about it? You get an overall skin tone while hiding your flaws. Additionally, you can enjoy a new look without having to go under the knife. While tanning can be a good makeover to opt, it can be dangerous. Consistent exposure to the sun’s rays can actually cause a lot of harm; even death. If you’re not convinced, exposing yourself to the sun or UV rays in particular can definitely expedite the chances of getting skin cancer. In fact, the aforementioned methods of tanning have cause melanoma to claim a lot of lives these past few years.

In order to rectify that but still enjoy tanned skin, you can make use of self tanners. Self tanners, dubbed as a fake tan, make use of various chemicals to provide your skin with the bronze hue. These tanners can range from chemicals crafted from a lab to common items such as ground coffee or cocoa powder. Whichever the source is, self tanners are a much healthier choice than the two known methods.

Self tanners come in various forms from towelettes, to the usual lotions and some others as spray tanners. These methods are catered to various lifestyles. For individuals who are on the go, towelettes are the best option due to how convenient they can be for application. While those who can tan at home can make use of the self tanner in lotion form or opt for the swanky spray tanners. While a lot can dissuade you to using a self tanner, this is the healthiest approach to getting a tan. You can even avoid worrying about the chances of sunburn or premature aging. It’s a good idea to test out a self tanner before using it to make sure your skin is compatible with it.

no-sun-damage-300x200-7701795Tanning is a lucrative approach to getting a better appreciation of one’s self. Normally, you’d associate tanning as a healthy, happy approach to getting a good look without having to go under the knife. It’s not surprising as tanning can give you a good coverage to hide your flaws while also providing a deeper skin tone that can drastically change your appearance.

Unfortunately, consistent exposure to the sun’s rays or to UV rays from indoor tanning has led to the rise of skin cancer. Before you’d worry only about sunburn but with recent years, exposure to too much sun can lead to sunburn, premature aging and worse, cancer. We’ve seen a recent rise of skin cancer through the years that has been linked to sunbathing and indoor tanning.

If you want to avoid the harm but still want to get your tanning fix, self tanners is a great way to accomplish that. Self tanners do not use UV rays to give you a tanned skin. Dubbed as a fake tan due to absence of the sun to get your bronze skin, self tanners make use of chemicals such as ascorbic acid to get your summer glow.

Compared to sunbathing and indoor tanning, this is a much healthier approach to tanning. There are actually a lot of self tanners in the market that can cater to various lifestyle, approaches and skin types. In fact, self tanners have innovated through the years that you can enjoy one without having to dedicate so much time to one self tanning session.

While a lot of individuals may be dissuaded with how complicated self tanners are, it’s actually pretty simple once you get the hang of it. Self tanners come in all sorts of shapes and sizes; some of which are from natural origins as well.


surprised-happy-beautiful-woman-looking-sideways-in-excitement-22Self tanners can be very tricky to work with. As opposed to the usual method of sunbathing and indoor tanning, self tanner is an approach that can leave experts annoyed at having a bad tan. One of the biggest hurdles of self tanning can be getting the tan right. If you’re a beginner in using self tanners, trying to get the perfect tan on the first go is near impossible to achieve. Most of them time you’ll end up with a tan that you’d want to remove. Whichever the mishap you encounter, there are ways to sort it out.

If you’ve overdone your tan and applied to much, you can do a quick dip in the swimming pool. Chlorine helps lighten one’s skin thus you can lighten the tone if you sport a really dark tan. If you have streaks all over the place, have some lemon juice ready and a soft cloth. Dab the lemon juice on the affected areas so you can easily lighten the streaking. Remember, this should be done during or a little after the whole tanning session.

If your color doesn’t match as a whole, you can gently exfoliate your skin to start anew. This accounts for most cases of self tanner mishaps. Usually your hands don’t match your overall tone. It’s not surprising to find this as a mishap common amongst individuals who tan alone. You can make use of a little exfoliation to clear the color out. It’s always best to slowly dab the color and use of a mirror for better comparison. You don’t want to walk around with a mismatch skin tone, after all.

If your tan’s too saturated, a quick way to sort this out would be using bronzers. Bronzers are makeup you use in contouring. Make use of a bronzer that aligns with the hue of your tan and sort out the orange areas with the bronzer.


leg-2554756_640-300x200-7353327Trying to find the right time to get your tan? It can be tricky especially with the change in temperature. We’re getting to much colder days and lounging outside may not be the best idea as the numbers on your thermometer drop lower and lower. While another method is through indoor tanning, that’s not a very healthy way to get one’s tan. Self tanner is your best bet to getting your tanning fix during these colder days.

But the question is, what is the best time for your self tanning session? There’s a lot of things to consider which makes this a very complicated question to answer. However, there are some ways to narrow down on when the best time is.

If you have a long weekend ahead of you, that would be a good time to do your self tanning. Make sure to have your waxing down at least two days before applying your self tanner. However, you can exfoliate your skin the night before. Waxing leaves your pores open so you’ll want to get that sorted out beforehand. You can apply your self tanner at any time of the day provided you let it dry out naturally and avoid moving around too much.

Don’t try to put on some self tanner if it’s sweltering. You’re bound to sweat out the heat and this means washing the self tanner off your skin. If you can’t help it, try to stay in an air-conditioned room to avoid sweating. This also means not putting your thermostat at a ridiculously low value. Drying out your skin is going to ruin your tan. You don’t want the self tanner to dry prematurely which can cause streaking or cracked textures to your tan.

It’s also best to let the self tanner dry out overnight. This means lying in dark hued sheets to avoid the chances of staining the fabric.


pexels-photo-65977-300x200-1000237Even if summer is over and we’re in for a ride with the colder months just right around the corner. This is one of the hardest transition of tan addicts. While you can make your way to your local tanning salon, soaking up much of the UV rays could spell out as a disaster for you.

Tanning beds, and even sunbathing, makes use of UV rays to help get you the shade of bronze that you desire. Not to worry, you can make use of self tanners to keep the summer glow as radiant as it can be.

Self tanners, while dubbed as fake tan due to their tanning properties not needing the aid of a sun or UV rays, they’re one of the healthiest approach to tanning. One company even makes use of organic and natural ingredients to getting a tan while you can even make your own homemade self tan with tea and coffee.

Whichever is your source of a self tan, it’s one of the best ways to keep your bronze shade through the colder months.

While dabbing on a bronzer is one thing, you may also want to remember some of these tips to make your bronze shade last:

– Hydrate your skin. Don’t ever skip on putting on moisturizers. Dry skin tends to peel off easily and this means peeling off the layer of tan that you’ve worked so hard to get.

– Avoid the beach or the pool. The bleach will easily lighten up your skin tone while the salt in the sea water is guaranteed to dry your skin up.

– Don’t hesitate to exfoliate your skin when you can. Exfoliating your skin can help you clear the layer of dirt and dead skin cells. While this may sound like scrubbing a layer off of tan, clearing the impurities gives way to younger and more radiant skin. This also gives a better palette for your next self tanning session.


With the heat taking up a notch, getting a tan is probably one of the most sought out to-do lists for individuals during summer. However, if you’re not the type to lie down and bask much of the UV rays for getting a tan, you can still get the lovely bronze shade through using self tanners. Self tanners give you the much needed tan without having to expose your skin to the sun. This is due to the chemicals used in self tanners which inhibit the melanin on your skin thus getting you the lovely brown color.

feet-186238_1280-300x225-9679955Now, let’s look into buying a self tanner to get things started. Much like lotions and creams, there are various kinds of self tanners in the market. You might be buying one that’s not best compatible with your skin. Even if you’re new or experienced with using self tanners, there are just some tips that you might miss out. To give you the best self tanning experience, here are some tips that are helpful when purchasing your ideal self tanner:

Hopefully, with these tips in mind, you’ll be able to expand the horizon on getting a self tanner. Your old self tanner might not be working out for you so don’t hesitate to check on the other brands in the market.