pexels-photo-324574-300x200-1128494Tanning is a very common thing to do with the sun out and about. It’s not surprising as the other seasons provide fewer warmth and sunny days than summer. While sunbathing may be a common habit to do during summer, that doesn’t make it less of a harm to everyone. Sunbathing is a quick path to potentially getting skin cancer. In fact, the high doses of the sun’s UV radiation have caused skin cancer to rise through the numbers in the most common cancers found across the globe. It’s due to melanoma, a very aggressive form of skin cancer, that skin cancer has caused numerous fatalities through the recent years. While sunbathing can be a cause, improper tanning tips can be coined by this issue as well. Here are some tips to make your sunbathing safer than before: – Getting a base tan is one way to make your sunbathing experience safer. This is not true since getting a base tan will lessen the protection your skin has against the sun. Getting a base tan is through indoor tanning but still leaves your skin damaged due to the UV rays you’ve absorbed beforehand. It’s good to put a good amount of sunscreen for your sunbathing compared to getting a base tan before sunbathing.

– You sunbathe as much as you want to get your ideal tan. It’s always a good practice to set a specific amount of time under the sun. The longer you are exposing yourself to the sun’s rays means putting yourself at risk for more damage to your skin. A good way to remedy this is to use a tanning oil, such as olive oil or coconut oil, to speed up tanning. This means less time under the sun which is good for your body and skin.