March 2018 – I LOVE TANNING

First timers will find a lot of excuses why their self tan might turn out bad. However, you can always sort out any possible mishap before it happens. Self tanner is much like any usual tanning method but it doesn’t rely on the sun or any UV rays thus it has been coined to be […]

April 2017 – I LOVE TANNING

With the days getting hotter and hotter, it’s time to get out and bask as much of sun as possible. Sunbathing is one way to get you that much desired tan. Unless you’ve got a very high fence in your backyard, tanning nude is a big no-no. The usual swimwear is not the most ideal […]


As the days grow warmer and warmer, many individuals have started to bask as much of the sun’s warmth as they could. Tanning turns up the heat for the warmer days; it’s no surprise with how people try to cool down with the warmer climate. Despite the wonder that a bronze tone can give you, […]

November 2016 – I LOVE TANNING

Christmas is a time to celebrate and enjoy. It’s also a time where a lot of people want to make the most out of a vacation. Thus, it’s no surprise that people fly out of the country to treat themselves, if not to visit their family for the holidays. In some states, they get the […]

October 2017 – I LOVE TANNING

Tanning can be done through various methods. The common and most cost efficient approach would be to lie down under the sun for hours on end. However, not everyone has the luxury of time to dedicate hours to getting their skin bronzed for hours. Another way to get things done would be to make use […]

December 2015 – I LOVE TANNING

For families or individuals who love outdoor activities such as sunbathing, camping, or picnicking on parks, investing on a weatherproof beach tent is beneficial for you. A folding beach tent will serve as your shade and portable shelter from different weather conditions wherever you go. Just be sure to pick the appropriate tent if ever […]

Best Type of Moisturizer for Tanned Skin – I LOVE TANNING

Getting self tanned skin is one hurdle off one’s chest if done correctly. However, the most important step to enjoying a good tan is trying to take good care of it. Taking care of one’s tan can range from a lot of ways but since it’s a warm season we’re getting into, keeping one’s skin […]

What to Do After Sunbathing – I LOVE TANNING

Sunbathing is one of the most common ways to enjoy one’s time by the beach. With the days getting warmer and warmer, it isn’t surprising to find a lot of individuals clamouring for their share of the sun. Normally, sunbathing is done along the shore since you can quickly take a dip by the sea […]

How To Avoid Summer Sunburn – I LOVE TANNING

Summer is finally here and we’re looking to enjoy a lot of the sunny days with activities to do outside. One can list the number of things they can do while out and about but there’s one big harm when you’re loitering around. Due to the sheer brilliance of the sun, you can’t help but […]

sunbathing – I LOVE TANNING

Sunbathing is a common task to do during summer. With so much sun to make use of, it’s not surprising to make the most out of your summer by basking under a cloudless sky. Growing up, our favorite activity during summer would be to go to the beach or enjoy the day outside as much […]