woman-legs-relaxation-beauty-3-199x300-5829066Tanning can be done through various methods. The common and most cost efficient approach would be to lie down under the sun for hours on end. However, not everyone has the luxury of time to dedicate hours to getting their skin bronzed for hours. Another way to get things done would be to make use of self tanners, dubbed as a fake tan since it doesn’t make use of the sun for tanning. Not everyone can easily shift to this method as it can take some time to get to know how saturated your tone is and how to work with an applied tan.

Thus, we are left with tanning salons or indoor tanning as an option. Tanning salons have been around for quite some time. These salons are usually the go-to places for individuals who can’t spare some time to bask under the sun or are too inexperienced with handling a tanning lotion.

One of the reasons why tanning salons are great is how convenient it can be. It doesn’t take a lot of time to get your tan and you can also manage how intense the light can be per session. It’s a little on the costly side but it can give you the tan that you want. It doesn’t ask much, simply to have some protection to your eyes and wear minimal clothing. It can also provide you an great overall tan.

While the tanning salon is a great way to get one’s tan, there’s also a set of negatives to consider. Indoor tanning is actually more potent than sunbathing as it gives off a more concentrated amount of UV rays for each session. Indoor tanning can also cause premature aging, sunburn and worse, raise the chances of getting skin cancer.

Before booking a schedule at a tanning salon, you may want to consider the information listed above.


woman-hand-girl-professional-300x200-9468421Self tanners are quite a great aid to one’s look. It’s not surprising to find certain individuals have begun to use self-tanners to bring out the best of their appearance. If you’re not familiar, self tanners are tanning lotions that give your skin the bronze hue without having to rely on the sun. This is a healthier approach to tanning compared to sunbathing and indoor tanning.

One of the biggest factor on how sunbathing slowly trickles down during the Halloween season is the colder climate. No one wants to be out in the cold with a dispersed sky. That sounds like a ticket to getting a frostbite. This is where self tanners are a great way to sort your tanning needs. Now, indoor tanning is an option but with recent study, this method of tanning has caused quite a lot of damage to one’s skin. UV rays can do a number such as premature aging or worse, skin cancer.

As a Halloween aid, you can make use of self tanners to improve your costume or look. While there’s a lot that can be donned to celebrate the spirit of Halloween, getting a tan can give you a darker look. It can also accentuate your body to match your costume.

If you’re hoping to get a more risqué approach to your costume for trick or treating, self tanners is a great way to contour your body. If you can’t tone it, you can always tan it. If you’re hoping to hide any imperfections, self tanners also provide a good coverage without doing any harm on the long run. And if you’re hoping to clear them out, they’re easily removed from your skin as well.

There’s no exact list of what you can do with self tanners but if you’re hoping to spice your Halloween get-up, you can splash some tan with your outfit.


pexels-photo-179124-300x200-8304911When we think of tents we always consider them as items to be used in the wilderness or something akin to a portable home out in grassy terrains. That’s what it is commonly used but there are some tents dedicated to being used by the beach. Why is this surprising? Firstly, most individuals try to get as much sun as possible as well as it can be odd to set up a tent by the shore. Well, in this modern day and age, certain companies have crafted the beach tent which is more comfortable than your usual umbrella and towel set up.

However, to get the best bargain on getting this nifty tool, here are some tips to remember before getting your own beach tent.

– Beach tents should be easily assembled. This is very important as you are having sand as a gravitating factor to keeping your tent upright. It shouldn’t take too much time to set up as well since you want to maximize your time by the beach. This is one of the most important keys to getting your beach tent.

– It should protect you from the sun. When we prop our umbrellas by the shore, it’s meant to bounce back much of the sun’s rays from our bodies. Some beach tents are crafted with SPF factors incorporated in their fibre thus help in guarding your body from the sun’s harmful rays. This also means you have an easy shaded space to cool under when you’re tired from frolicking under the sun. Despite being under an umbrella, indirect sunlight can still do a number on your skin.

– Make sure you get a good quality tent.  Getting a cheap tent doesn’t always guarantee the benefits that are mentioned above. Ideally, it’s always best to understand the materials that were used and how to set a tent up, what is used in crafting one determines how long it will last. Try to invest on a quality tent for longer usage.


leg-2554756_640-300x200-1916203Trying to find the right time to get your tan? It can be tricky especially with the change in temperature. We’re getting to much colder days and lounging outside may not be the best idea as the numbers on your thermometer drop lower and lower. While another method is through indoor tanning, that’s not a very healthy way to get one’s tan. Self tanner is your best bet to getting your tanning fix during these colder days.

But the question is, what is the best time for your self tanning session? There’s a lot of things to consider which makes this a very complicated question to answer. However, there are some ways to narrow down on when the best time is.

If you have a long weekend ahead of you, that would be a good time to do your self tanning. Make sure to have your waxing down at least two days before applying your self tanner. However, you can exfoliate your skin the night before. Waxing leaves your pores open so you’ll want to get that sorted out beforehand. You can apply your self tanner at any time of the day provided you let it dry out naturally and avoid moving around too much.

Don’t try to put on some self tanner if it’s sweltering. You’re bound to sweat out the heat and this means washing the self tanner off your skin. If you can’t help it, try to stay in an air-conditioned room to avoid sweating. This also means not putting your thermostat at a ridiculously low value. Drying out your skin is going to ruin your tan. You don’t want the self tanner to dry prematurely which can cause streaking or cracked textures to your tan.

It’s also best to let the self tanner dry out overnight. This means lying in dark hued sheets to avoid the chances of staining the fabric.


pexels-photo-366893-225x300-5494222There are a lot of beliefs when it comes to getting your tan through indoor tanning. To some individuals, indoor tanning is an ideal choice compared to sun bathing as it gives the expected results on a shorter time frame. However, there are some things to remember when you do get your tanning fix through a tanning bed.

Having a tan doesn’t lessen the chances of tan; it also doesn’t provide more protection to your skin. Some individuals seek out the aid of a tanning bed to prolong their tan. At times, this can cause an uneven tan since indoor tanning can cause your skin to dry up. If you have dry skin, this means flaking in some areas which then causes an uneven tone. It’s best to let your skin clear up before getting your tan.

Before booking a slot, make sure to check the tanning salon. Is their equipment in good condition? Is it clean and orderly? Sometimes we overlook these details which can end up in more harm than good. Cleanliness is an important factor since you’re going to be bare in the tanning bed and put yourself in the care of the equipment. Unsanitary machines can also cause skin complications which can make your tanning experience bad.

Try to understand the tone of your tan and how long you should stay inside the tanning bed. If you’re not sure of how tanned you want to be or a beginner at indoor tanning, it’s good to ask the staff beforehand. Certain equipment has varying intensities and not knowing that can cause your skin to be damaged during the tanning session.

It’s important to remember that indoor tanning is not a healthier option compared to sunbathing. These machines still make use of UV rays to give you the summer glow. Thus, if you want to get a healthier approach to tanning, it’s best to stick to self tanners.