winter-blues-300x199-8260583One of the greatest banes when it comes to the cold months is the feeling of sadness that rolls in. It’s an occurrence that affects a lot of individuals. With autumn slowly transitioning to winter, these feelings of sadness only get amplified as the months go by. But what really is this feeling of sadness and how can we deal with it?

This is actually called seasonal affective disorder and is a form of depression. It’s actually caused by

Hormonal imbalance due to the lack of vitamin D. Now we see the reason why vitamin D is called the happy vitamin. Colder months tend to lack a good amount of sun and at times there’s no presence of the sun in a day. With overcast skies and cold temperature, one can’t help but fall into a state of despair.

While it’s very difficult to get your share of sun, it’s been proven that having some time under a tanning shower or trying to use tanning beds has helped in abating the instances of SAD. If you’re someone who doesn’t rely on indoor tanning, you can start out with a light box or try to start out small with a tanning shower. Try at least fifteen minutes to thirty minutes at a time. This is enough time for your body to feel the sun’s glow on your skin. If you’re not sure where to start out, you may want to visit a doctor beforehand.

If you are someone who is constantly using indoor tanning to get your bronze hue, it may not be truly effective as your body is used to this method of getting the feel of a sun.

There’s nothing wrong on feeling SAD or getting the winter blues, it is actually a common diagnosis during the colder days.


exfoliate-now-300x200-8114455Thirty is the age where our body starts to delegate some of the tasks to certain parts of our body. It’s this age where we’re no longer at our prime. One of the biggest disadvantage is how our skin can’t push out the layer of impurities as easily as it did when we are younger. Dead skin cells can become quite a liability if left to fester on your skin.

Not only can it clog your pores, but they can also cause acne to flare up. Acne also has the chance of permanently scarring your skin which can be unsightly in the long run. Thus, to get a better idea of how to get rid of the layer of dead skin cells, here are some things to consider:

• Exfoliating is not limited to the face. It’s an activity that is ideally done to your entire body. One of the common ways to exfoliate is to rub a wet cloth with soap along your body.

• Dry brushing is a good way to being an exfoliating session. Dry brush is a method wherein you use a brush tailored for dry brushing and brush along your body. This dislodges the loose layers of skin as well as aid in the circulation of blood. Make sure to brush towards the center.

• Make sure to only conduct exfoliating session at most twice a week. This gives your skin time to heal as well as not overdoing it. Exfoliating your skin too much can leave it raw and susceptible to wounds and infection. Not only that but it can also cause your skin to be dry, rough and become unsightly from consistent exfoliating.

• For natural ways to exfoliate your skin, you can make use of oatmeal paired with some lemon juice or milk. Milk contains lactic acid that can sort out the layer of impurities while lemon juice is acidic in itself. Oatmeal is a gentle scrubbing medium and is advised for those with sensitive skin.