Christmas is a time to celebrate and enjoy. It’s also a time where a lot of people want to make the most out of a vacation. Thus, it’s no surprise that people fly out of the country to treat themselves, if not to visit their family for the holidays. In some states, they get the chance to be graced with snow while some others don’t.

mountains-nature-sky-sunny-300x200-1727292Not everyone’s decked out to spend their Christmas days in such a cold location. If you’re in the mood for a much warmer approach to your Christmas vacation, here are some places you might want to visit:

New Zealand is a great place to go to. Contrary to the general climate of the world, summer hits in the middle of December. If you’re one who’s too in love with warm lazy days, New Zealand is the ideal place to visit to avoid your share of the snow for Christmas.

Puerto Rico is also an ideal destination for Christmas. With its long line of beaches and a tropical weather to soothe the chills out of your system, it’s not surprising that many individuals flock to the warm water for December. You’ll want to snag a cheap airfare though, they sell like hotcakes!

If you aren’t part of the population who’s hoping for warmer days, cold wonderlands may be your thing. This might also be due to the lack of snow in certain areas despite the chilly winds. Not to worry as there are also some iconic places to go to during the winter days.

Quebec is a city located in Canada. Canada has always been known to be a cold country but nothing shines during winter than Quebec.

If you’re hoping for a more extravagant travel to Asia during winter, Japan showcases the ice sculpture festival in Tokyo or you can explore the snowy alps of Hokkaido for the true winter experience.


girl-wild-water-rock-160452-300x200-3952611Tanning aficionados never stop to seek for the sun whether it is summertime or not. They are very much engaged in sunbathing so they seek for places to tan. Maybe you and your getaway bag are always ready. But how about your skin? Is your skin ready for a long sun exposure?

Here are necessary guidelines you must do before you toast your body under the sun to ensure a perfect tan and to safeguard your skin from harmful sun damage. As you notice, these tips are not limited only when you are tanning. These are also basic skin care processes performed even without tanning because these are essential ways to maintain the suppleness and health of your skin.

Before anything else, do not ever forget to exfoliate if you are planning to do sun or sunless tanning. It’s the most important thing to do achieve a streak-free and flawless tan. It’s like painting a furniture, it needs sandpaper scrubbing to remove its gunk and smudges, to ensure a flawless polish. Same as through with tanning, you must remove first the impurities and dirt in your skin through exfoliating to achieve a spotless tanning. In exfoliating, give extra attention to your body edges like elbows, knees, and toes. These are your body parts which are sometimes darker than the other body parts. It should be exfoliated well to make sure your tanning will be even and streak free.

Before you are going to expose your skin under the sun, make sure you are fully hydrated to avoid skin dryness. With the heat and long sun exposure, your throat gets dry, so as well with your skin. Before you head to the beach or outside, drink plenty of water and if possible bring water on your side to keep you hydrated all the time. Double pack the water of your skin by applying moisturizer. If rehydrating inside is important, same as through with moisturizing to add moisture on your skin.

After exfoliating and rehydrating, a sunblock protection is also required to protect your dermis from sun damage and severe burn. Look for appropriate sunblock or sunscreen that fits your skin type. There are also moisturizers that contains SPF and vice versa. Applying sunblock should not only be done once. Application should be according on how long you will stay under the sun. Reapply twice or thrice if you stay longer under the sun.


tan-shade-300x200-3800590Getting a tan can be quite a flattering appeal to your body. While not everyone is born of this particular shade of skin, getting it is not that hard especially if you’re an individual of fair color. However, getting the right shade of bronze for you can be quite difficult. If you’re a beginner, tanning might be quite a big hurdle.

Getting a tan can be achieve in various methods such as sunbathing, going to a tanning bed or self tanning. If you’re a beginner, it’s not surprising to opt for the most convenient method which would be sunbathing. Now, sunbathing is a hit or miss to a beginner.

Getting the right shade of tan can be tricky when it comes to sunbathing since you’re not sure how often and how long you’ll need to stay under the sun. You may want to stay for longer times on your first try since you’d like to achieve a darker tone. If you don’t want to tan too much, you’ll want to bask fewer. Trying to control your shade of tan through sunbathing can be quite difficult since you’ll have to turn front and back from time to time.

Another way to tan would be using a tanning bed which means trying to get your booked schedule at a tanning salon. It can be quite taxing to try having your first tanning bed session since its not advised for claustrophobic individuals. However, tanning beds offer a better approach to controlling the way your skin tans. Since you have control over how tan you can be, it can be more ideal to try out a tanning bed over sunbathing. One downside would be to go to a specific place for tanning and the copious amount of UV rays can speed up the chances of you getting skin cancer or melanoma.

This leaves self tanning as a more ideal approach to getting the best tan. Not only do you avoid putting your skin under UV rays to get a tan, you can also tan even in your own home. While this method of tanning is meticulous, you actually have all the power on determining how to determine the shade of bronze you’d want. While it can be difficult to get the right shade on your first try, one way to slowly understanding which shade you like is slowly dabbing the self tanner on your skin. This helps in lighter tones on first application and then gradually going darker if you want a more saturated approach.

beach-1367282_640-300x200-8063727Since many people perceive that tanning is charming, stylish and exquisite, volume of people engaging in tanning grows bigger and bigger. Many really loves the sun due to its health benefits aside from the main aim which is tanning. Plentiful tanners prefer sunbathing as their tanning method because they find it relaxing and depression reliever. If you are one of the sunbathing buffs, then you are probably scouting where the sun is. Here are some travel tips that may help you find your next sunbathing destination. So start preparing your travel documents and plan your trip to your next sunbathe stop.

Many of sun lovers would travel and go to the various beaches of Hawaii and flock with their fellow sunbathers. Some of the best beaches in Hawaii includes Waikiki Beach Manale Bay, and Kauna’oa Bay. Key West, South Beach, Siesta Key, Clearwater, Naples and Miami Beach are only few of the finest beaches in Florida. New York also has Coney Island Beach, Rockaway Beach, Brighton Beach and other beaches.

Greece is one of the most stunning countries in the world and it is brimful of amazing beaches. Your skin will surely get the toast you ever wanted by visiting their beautiful beaches. These include Mylopotas Beach in Ios, Platys Gialos and Ornos Beach in Mykonos, Mytros Beach in Kefalonia, Paleokastritsa in Corfu, Stafylo Beach in Skopelos, Koukounaries Beach in Skiathos, Perissa Beach and Red Beach in Santorini. Aside from miles long beaches, the views are very stunning and soothing.

Beaches had become a very big part of life in Australia. In fact, it is surrounded with 10,685 lovely beaches open for swimming, surfing, fishing, snorkeling and of course sunbathing. Some of the remarkable and awesome beaches are found in Sydney which includes Bondi Beach, Tamarame Beach, Maroubra Beach, Redleaf Beach, Clovelly Beach, and many others. Whitehaven Beach found in Whitsundays Island is the top beach in Australia with its exceptional white sand stretched in over seven kilometers shore.

Asia is very rich in tropical beaches. Have a fantastic travel in Asian countries particularly in Thailand, Philippines, India, Cambodia, Indonesia and many other tropical countries. In Thailand, some of the most fabulous beaches includes Railay Beach in Krabi, Lamai beach in Koh Samui, Kata Noi in Phuket and many other white sand beaches. Boracay Island is the one of the most famous beaches in the Philippines, as well as the island of Palawan which is surrounded with pristine beaches too.