pexels-photo-196640-1-300x200-1434896Stretch marks can be quite the eyesore. Be it from losing weight or from women who have given birth, it can be disheartening to see them. While there are numerous ways to getting rid of stretch marks by using medical or even skin enhancing means; there’s actually a natural approach to it too.

If you’ve been looking for natural means to getting rid of the lines, here are some tips that are sure to rid those unwanted marks:

– Castor oil. Castor Oil has a lot of benefits such as lightening dark spots as well as getting rid of stretch marks. You’ll need a lot of castor oil since you’ll need to lather your skin with it. With some air-tight material such as plastic wrap or saran wrap, enclose the oiled section of your body with it. It works much like a hot oil treatment for your hair does. Leave it for at least twenty minutes and then rinse with warm water. You can do this as often as possible.

– Egg whites. It’s been known that egg whites are high in protein. Not surprising as many of those who want to get a lean body look to egg whites as a choice of snack. Whip the egg whites gently and apply them to your wet skin. Let the foam dry on your skin then wash with cool water. You’ll want to throw in a moisturizer such as olive oil to promote supple skin and faster dissipation of the marks.

– Olive oil and aloe vera. Massaging some olive oil unto your stretch marks is guaranteed to gradually make the marks go away. Keeping your skin moisturized helps in removing the marks. If you don’t have some olive oil, making use of aloe vera is a good alternative. Aloe vera has always been known to be a moisture-rich source thus using it to soothe scars is a good approach.

sea-sunny-person-beach-300x200-2201742Getting your tanning fix can be quite tedious these days. While the option of shifting from the conventional methods of tanning through sunbathing or tanning salons has been on a rise, self tanners still count as a tedious method to getting one’s tan. It’s not surprising as there’s more attention to detail and being particular on what shade you’re hoping to get from using a product.

Despite the sheer commitment that a self tanner dictates, using this method of tanning is not only healthier but also rewarding. It’s best if you know what you can do with it so that you can best utilize it.

First and foremost, you’ll want to get your exfoliation and waxing fix before any self tanning is involved. Your skin has to be primed for the self tanner thus getting rid of dead skin cells and any impurities to your skin is done beforehand. If you’d like to lessen the chances of tan patches or streaking due to copious amounts of body hair, waxing is a good option compared to shaving.

Make good use of tools such as tanning mitts or airbrushes. Tanning mitts give you the opportunity of applying the self tanner without making your hands orange. Make sure to lightly dab the color until you’re satisfied with the particular shade. Airbrush makes applying a self tanner easier since you’re at a constant application each area you use it on. On another note, airbrush tanning makes it possible for you to contour your tan; it works similarly with how make up is used as a contouring agent.

One important note is to try your self tanner beforehand. If you’re one who has very sensitive skin, checking out your tanner before anything else will help avoid future complications. If you’re not sure where to start, Thermalabs has a list of self tanners that you can try out. In fact, due to the organic ingredients used in crafting a Thermalabs self tanner, you’ll easily enjoy tanning without having to worry about any side-effects.

Let your self tanner dry out for a bit before donning some loose, old clothing. You wouldn’t want to ruin your favorite attire so easily and since there’s a chance your tan would adhere to your clothes, it’s better to wear old clothing. Loose clothing help air out your body while being decent; this also lessens the chances of aggravating the tan thus erasing it.


pexels-photo-116913-1-300x199-9889435Dry skin is one of the most inconvenient skin conditions one has to experience. Not only are you experiencing flaky skin but there’s also a high chance of getting wounds due to how dry your skin is. If you’re one who doesn’t make use of lotion, you’d believe you’re not going to find a solution to your skin problem. Don’t let that worry you. There are actually some natural remedies that you can use to get your dry skin sorted; and what’s awesome is that you might have these items at home!

– Milk. It’s been advertised time and time again that milk is a great moisturizer to your skin. Not a surprise as it’s an ingredient stamped on a lot of skin care products. Using milk in itself is a great aid to soothing your dry skin while also exfoliating it from impurities.

– Honey and Olive oil. Honey is a great sweet to add to any food while olive oil has a wide range of usage. Using them for your skin as a natural moisturizer is not a surprise. Cleopatra lathered herself in honey thus keeping her youthful glow. The moisturizing properties in both honey and olive oil will not only soothe your dry skin but also keep it glowing. A good way to make use of these two out be to mix one tablespoon of each and adding some lemon for a more potent moisturizing concoction.

– Aloe vera. Time and time again, aloe vera has made a name for itself as one of nature’s best moisturizing agent. Using aloe vera gels help in healing any cuts faster thus you can be sure to alleviate any discomfort from wounds caused by dry skin. You can lather some aloe vera gel on dry areas to soothe them, do this as often as possible and you’ll be sure to see healthier skin in no time.


pexels-photo-97166-300x200-7904864Your nails add to your overall beauty. That said, it can sometimes be challenging to maintain them as they tend to get damaged often. Fortunately, there are efficient ways to keep them looking fabulous.

Here are a few tips on dealing with damaged nails.

  1. Soak Your Nails in Olive Oil 

Nails that are thin tend to be weak. By soaking them in virgin olive oil 10-15 minutes a day, for a month, then twice a week thereafter, you can strengthen your nails. This will keep them from peeling off prematurely. Unlike applying cream oils, using vegetable oil helps relieve dryness and cracking of toenails. It also moisturizes nail, prolonging its youthful appeal.

Cuticles tend to become dry from repetitive hand washing and manicures that’s why it’s essential to provide them the protection that they need. Applying a cuticle cream that offers Vitamin E soothes and helps nourish dry cuticles and brittle, damaged nails. By massaging the cream into and around your nails before you sleep, you can prevent your nails from easily becoming dry and brittle.

  1. Refrain from Using Your Nails

Sometimes we use our nails to open up soda cans and this can damage them. Don’t use your nails for such tasks as they’re not tools meant to open cans and similar objects.

  1. Wear Gloves When Doing Chores

There are chores at home wherein we’re forced to use our hands. Fortunately, there are ways in which we can protect our nails when doing such tasks. For instance, make sure to wear gloves when washing the dishes as detergents and cleansers can cause your nails to become dry and brittle. Meanwhile, wearing gloves while gardening is also advisable as soil can damage your nails.

Keep your nails looking glamorous by taking the necessary steps in protecting and restoring them.