As the days grow warmer and warmer, many individuals have started to bask as much of the sun’s warmth as they could. Tanning turns up the heat for the warmer days; it’s no surprise with how people try to cool down with the warmer climate. Despite the wonder that a bronze tone can give you, keeping a healthy tan can be quite taxing.

woman-358765_1280-200x300-9096463With the heat going up a notch, your skin is treated to more damage than you’d hope. It becomes even more damaged if you opt to get a tan through sunbathing or the aid of a tanning bed. For a better output without having to go through such great lengths, you can make use of self tanners. Self tanners do not need the sun or UV rays to give you the much desired tan but they can pack a good amount of nutrients to help care for your skin.

No matter what method you use to get the shade of brown for your skin, keeping it can be a trickier task. Despite your darker color, your skin is still under the onslaught from the sun if you’re consistently hanging out of the house. Don’t forget to moisturize your skin. In order to maintain the suppleness of your skin, you’ll need to keep it hydrated; moisturized skin avoids wrinkling. One of the best sources of hydration is consistently drinking water as well as using topical products rich in aloe vera.

If you’ve been outside for most of the day, it’s best to take a cool shower. Not only does the shower help cool your body down but using hot water tends to dry your skin up. Dry skin eventually leads to peeling which is a big no-no to keeping tanned skin. You’ll also want to make use of a soft soap, such as liquid soap, so it won’t be so abrasive to your skin.

In a much deeper approach, your body also reflects how healthy you’re eating. If you’re the type to take away a lot of junk food, this can’t bode well for your body. Swapping the unhealthy palate can be quite a drastic change but with some fruits added into your meals, you’ll definitely expect a change. Have some avocados and nuts for a snack; they aid your skin in keeping its elasticity. If you’re looking into some greens, adding some spinach, broccoli, kale and carrots can tip the scales to suppler skin.

Supple skin can be difficult especially as the number on your age grows. However, don’t let a simple number stop you from getting beautiful tanned young-looking skin.


Summer is right around the corner and what better way to appreciate the season than getting your fair share of the sun. Tanning is a common occurrence for this season. It’s not surprising, with all the excursions at the beach and how a lovely tan can contour your body to looking its best. Due to the accessibility of beaches, you’ll see individuals lying about trying to get as much of the vitamin D as possible.

girl-1154734_1280-288x300-4824373When it comes to sunbathing, no one really wants to do it nude but sometimes swimsuits restrict the amount of skin that can get the lovely bronze color. While no one really wants to bask naked, wearing a risqué swimwear can be quite a challenge.

Not to worry, this article should help you out on finding the most appropriate swimwear to aid you, not only on getting a good tan, but also a fun time at the beach.

Firstly, what do you really plan to do for the general part of the day? If you’re hoping to lie about for hours on end, a bikini or a two piece is more ideal for you. Some of the choices on this category happen to be those string bikinis. If you’re in for more swimming, a much sturdier swimsuit should be most ideal.

Secondly, you’ll want to consider the material of your swimsuit. No one wants to wear constricting or chaffing swimsuit, be it for swimming or tanning. It’s best to make use of a light, thin material so your covered skin can also ‘breathe’ despite being under the sun for quite some time.

Thirdly, you’ll do wear choosing some lighter colors. A lighter color for your swimsuit gives your skin a chance to stand out especially if you want immediate results from your sunbathing session. Though, the color of your swimsuit should never hold you back.

Lastly, if you’re keen on enjoying a good swim while also hoping to get a nice tan, there are some radical swimsuits which cater to both. With our advancement on technology, it’s not surprising those two things you’d want to do on the beach have been enabled by the aid of one swimsuit. This means you can enjoy the waves and lie about under the sun in one beach trip!

With these suggestions, choosing a swimsuit always boils down to your comfort. No matter what you choose, you shouldn’t miss out on having your share of fun under the sun.


With the weather becoming hotter, it’s a good sign that we’re close to getting our fair share of the sun. Summer is a great season to tan but tanning alone can be a bore. Bring your friends during your tanning sessions and you’re sure to have some fun. For sunbathing, you don’t really need to go to the beach to soak as much of the sun. Why not try to get your share of vitamin D in a spacious back yard? This also means more privacy and you don’t have to spend more money on gas or a place to stay.


Before sunbathing, always make sure that each of you has done the necessary steps to prep your skin for sunbathing. No one wants to suffer a bad tan or worse, a nasty sunburn, in the process. You may also want to have some spare creams or ointments just in case.

Now when it comes to sunbathing, it’s best to lay out evenly on the yard, this also gives the best amount of exposure under the sun. Don’t forget to take a break from time to time or you might get sun stroke from the copious amount of heat.

Make sure to have some refreshments at the side; you’ll need plenty of water.

To brighten up the mood, you can have some music to accompany or strike up an interesting conversation to help pass the time. There’s nothing wonderful that knowing how things are about each other, especially if you haven’t seen each other for quite some time.

It’s best to set a specific time to when you start sunbathing and what time you’ll end. This gives your bodies the chance to cool off before enjoying more time together indoors. Nothing like having a relaxing time with the people you enjoy hanging out with.


With the summer closing in on us, it’s no surprise to enjoy the best time at the beach. There’s no else better to spend time with than with your friends. While you can bask in the sun ‘til you drop, that is surely be quite a bore to your companions. There’s no greater fun than fooling around with your friends so it’s nifty to have some games to get you going.

If you’re familiar with certain beach sports, such as beach volleyball and Frisbee; you’ll notice that these sports are widely played by shore. Volleyball is always great and diving on the sand means less pain when you’re trying to save a point for your team. Frisbee can go in any possible direction if you’re not familiar with it but that shouldn’t be stopping you.

You can also try sharks and minnows, which is a beach side version of tag. Playing tag is always fun due to the kick of adrenaline that you get when you’re being chase. If you do this by the beach, there’s a lot more difficulty since you can dive into the waters to get away from the ‘sharks’, or the ‘it’.

beach-862365_640-300x249-1136468If you’re a little adventurous, you can go around digging things from beneath the sand. There’s nothing rewarding than having a good loot to show off to your friends. Try out a little treasure hunting a little later in the day where the heat is not so stifling, you’ll be surprised at the things you happen to dig up.

Last but surely not the least, you can never go wrong on a water balloon fight. The beach is just calling for it.

All in all, any game can be fun as long you’re with your friends. You can cook up quirky ideas to spice a kid’s game or try to make use of the beach as best as possible.