first-time-tanning-300x200-5244250First timers will find a lot of excuses why their self tan might turn out bad. However, you can always sort out any possible mishap before it happens. Self tanner is much like any usual tanning method but it doesn’t rely on the sun or any UV rays thus it has been coined to be the healthiest approach to tanning. With the rising cases of skin cancer, it’s not surprising for individuals to turn to self tanners for their tanning needs.

In order to avoid messing up your first time with self tanners, you can follow these steps:

– Before any tanning session, it’s always a good idea to prime your body up. This means getting rid of body hair by waxing at least two days before you get your self tan. And exfoliating your skin at least a day before dabbing the tanner on your body. By setting a day ahead, you can let your pores rest after getting waxed. Freshly exfoliated skin is the best palette for self tanners.

– When using a tanning mitt, lightly dab the self tanner to your skin. Start with a lighter tone and gradually work from there. It’s wrong to start with a strong color and end up with an uneven tone. Make sure to be keen on problematic places such as your knees and elbows since they absorb more self tanner than any other part of your body. If you would like to use a spray tan for your first try, you can relax on the gradual buildup of the tan because a spray tan provides a controlled amount of tan on each spray.

– If you make streaks or mistakes, do not panic. Simply have some lemon juice and dab the affected area until it lightens up. Lemon juice can easily lighten a dark patch. Make sure to use a spare tanning mitt or an old cloth for this case.


indoor-tanning-300x200-2835314Tanning can be done through various ways. One of the common methods is sunbathing which is just simply to lie down under the sun for hours on end until you get your preferred shade of tan. Another would be through indoor tanning which is the method of soaking up some UV rays through a tanning bed or a tanning salon. Either way, these methods are both deadly due to the high content of UV radiation you’re exposing yourself into. Normally, it’s quite easy to end the string of sunbathing due to how cumbersome and time consuming it is. But it’s indoor tanning that has sparked quite a topic because individuals just can’t seem to stop it. Why is that so? There’s actually a deeper link to why individuals can’t stop getting their tan through tanning beds. If you’re someone who’s been trying to break the cycle of relying on indoor tanning but having trouble doing so, here are some key points that you may want to consider:

– Tanning beds offer the same thing that sunbathing does. However, indoor tanning does a much directed approach to providing a concentrated UV radiation to one’s skin. It’s due to the very convenience that a lot of individuals can get hooked to getting their tan through this method.

– Indoor tanning does not eat a lot of time. In fact, you can just clock in up to thirty minutes a day and you’re going to enjoy a nice tan in no time. This handy time-saving method gives a lot of busy bodies the much needed summer glow they want without extra effort.

– It’s not as meticulous as self tanning. Self tanning has been dubbed as a fake tan and can be tricky to work with if you’re not used to it. Indoor tanning abolishes any inconvenience that self tanning provides.

Regardless of these points, indoor tanning boils down to be one of the most harmful methods of tanning.


first-tanning-300x200-9704360Getting a tan is always a great idea but getting it through self tanners can spell nightmare to some. Self tanning has become more and more appealing to the masses since it is the healthiest approach to getting a tan. Not surprising since sunbathing and indoor tanning have become quite hazardous through the years. Self tanners can be really tricky since it’s a topical application of a tan. You don’t want to end up looking too orange or sporting an unsightly tan so here are some tips to make your first time self tanning a good experience:


sunbathing-2-300x200-6153040Sunbathing is the most straightforward way to get your tanning done. Tanning has become quite an approach to feeling better with yourself that it is no longer surprising to see a lot of individuals who are into this pastime. While you only need to expose your skin to the sun’s rays, there are some places which you may want to consider for your sunbathing. These places cater to providing a great sunbathing experience while not obstructing the chances of just lying on the grass while minimal clothing.

One of the perfect spots to get your sunbathing done is at the beach. It’s all the better if it’s an open beach without any nearby buildings to throw shade at the shore. With the lack of towering infrastructure, you can easily get your share of the sun’s rays without any issue. It’s also a common habit to do by the beach. You may want to stay out of the shade of an umbrella to provide a good sunbathing session while you’re at the beach.

Another place to consider is the park. Not all parks are favorable for sunbathing since certain parks dissuade individuals from wearing little clothing due to the other park-goers. But if you do get the chance to sunbathe in a park, it’s best to choose a part of the park where there’s hardly any foliage to block out the sun. One of the perks of sunbathing in a park is how convenient it can be to get there from your home.

One other great place to get your sunbathing done is your backyard if you have little obstruction to worry about. You can also wear fewer coverage since you’re in the privacy of your own home. This also means you can easily cool down after your sunbathing session and save money from going out of the house. Your backyard may just be the top 1 most perfect option for sunbathing.


sea-beach-vacation-couple-300x200-9865627Tanning has become quite a striking complement to one’s look. Not only does it provide a good coverup to one’s flaws but it brings out an appeal that can allure a lot of individuals. That said, there can be some hurdles to overcome when it comes to tanning. If you are into sunbathing, one of the hurdles is the inconvenience of dealing with tan lines. Tan lines are areas where the skin wasn’t tanned to keep your body modest. In some cases, individuals make use of the skimpiest clothing to provide some modesty while they tan.

Men have it easier as bearing their chests is no harm to the public but to women, that’s a different story altogether. This leads us to a question of whether topless tanning is ‘ok’ at the beach. Normally, it wouldn’t be. With so many individuals trekking to the beach, be it young or old, going bare while tanning can be difficult for women.

Indeed, it’s an optimal approach to getting the most out of your sunbathing but not all beaches are going to let you freely hang your tatas down. In some countries, it’s actually illegal to be bare yourself while sunbathing. If you aren’t sure, it’s best to ask around and avoid getting penalized for a mere stroke of sun.

There are some beaches around the world that allow topless or even being bare. Once again, ask before untying your bikini so you save yourself the experience of being embarrassed. if by any chance, the beach you’re going to doesn’t legalized topless tanning, you may want to consider using some self tanning lotion to sort out any tan lines. This can be tricky but it saves you the inconvenience of a penalty. Self tanners can also sort out any uneven tan so you benefit a lot from using it.