pexels-photo-65121-300x200-8960546It must be quite surprising to think that indoor tanning would be dangerous. After all, you can control a lot of the factors when it comes to tanning indoors. Unfortunately, indoor tanning poses as much risks as sunbathing does. This might sound surprising but since most indoor tanning provide a concentrated amount of UV radiation within close proximity with one’s body, it’s not actually farfetched. At times, it might even be stronger than the sun’s.

In fact, the FDA has sorted out that indoor tanning can cause quite the harm. That says a lot of what harm indoor tanning can do. If you’re a little unsure of where the source of danger comes from here are some things to consider:

With all the downsides listed above, it’s not surprising to see that indoor tanning is quite a health risk. If you’re hoping to get your tanning fix without going through the negative side of tanning, why not make use of self tanners? This method of tanning does not rely on the sun nor on tanning machines. In fact, you don’t even have to spend so much time on tanning.

Tanning has become quite a difficult output to achieve with indoor tanning and sunbathing out of the option but that doesn’t make it impossible to get your shade of bronze.


pexels-photo-128939-300x200-2816555Self tanning is no walk in the park. As many individuals have turned to it as opposed to the usual choice of sunbathing and tanning in a tanning bed, self tanning can be quite daunting. It can be quite difficult for the inexperienced individuals who might drop the method altogether. To some, it may also be the only option to get their tanning fix during the cold days. Don’t let the downsides of self tanning get to you. It’s actually not that bad and you can follow some of these steps to get through the tension of using self-tanners.

Using a self tanner can be a little nerve wracking but once you get the hang of it, you’ll even wonder why you were scared in the first place.


pexels-photo-301538-300x200-8547856Tanning can be a difficult task to achieve whenever you have so little time for yourself. True, who can give an entire day to bask themselves under the sun for hours on end or dedicate a few hours to lie inside a tanning bed? If you’re one who’s always on the go, you can surely say that time is gold. This is where self tanners come in. Another good thing about self tanning or spray tans, is the minimal exposure to radiation. Skin cancer has been one of the leading cancers due to the copious amount of UV rays that tanning individuals take in.

Now doesn’t that make spray tan more ideal? However, if you’re a girl, you can’t help but wonder, does spray tanning cause certain things to your body while you have your monthly visitor?

It’s an innocent question and something that most might have not considered. Not to worry, you aren’t the only one who’s stumbled on this situation and as a girl, it’s a perfectly normal occurrence. Now, don’t you be rescheduling that session or cancelling on it just because of your monthly visit.

Spray tanning doesn’t disrupt your menstruation. One big hurdle is you’ll need to wear a tampon or pads during application. This can get in the way to that overall tan that you’re hoping to sport in a cute bikini. If you’re not too bothered with having a tan that doesn’t cover your entire body, you can get your spray tan while you have your period. If you’re a little iffy at not getting an overall coverage, using a panty liner isn’t enough especially if you have a heavy flow. The best scenario would be to change your spray tan session just to be safe.

With these points provided, spray tan is a great way to getting you that tan without having to worry about staining your undies during your period!