Getting the much wanted bronze color is quite an arduous task. If you’re the type of individual patient enough to lie under the sun to soak up the much needed rays, kudos to you. Not everyone enjoys the prone experience of getting a tan as it can also lead to tan lines.

woman-bronze-tanned-body-in-summer-with-bikini-line-8Tan lines can get in the way of providing an even tone to your body. It’s also quite frustrating with how these covered patches of skin can get in the way of getting the head to toe bronze color. One way to rid these tan lines would be to wait for your skin to shed off the dark hue but that is quite time consuming and unpredictable.

One can’t lie naked in just any beach therefore tan lines are always a bane when it comes to sunbathing. No need to beat yourself with this little hurdle as you can erase the presence of tan lines without having to expend so much for it.

Here are some tips to help you blend the lighter lines for the much beloved bronze color:

With these nifty tips, tan lines should not be an obstacle to enjoying a good time of tanning.



Having bronze colored skin can be quite the eye-catcher. It’s no wonder numerous individuals have started to soak themselves in the sun’s rays to get that much desired tone. Sunbathing is the first step to earning a tan. The hardest step to a tan is keeping it.

While sunbathing is the most effective and cheapest approach to earning a tan, if you’re not too careful, you may cause more harm than you expect. It’s always good to remember not to overexpose your skin lest you’d earn sunburn.

asian-sexy-woman-relaxing-in-swimming-pool-6After each sunbathing session, to keep your skin healthy and your skin intact, it’s important to follow a set of post-sunbathing care.

Immediate Care after Sunbathing

After a long soak of the much needed vitamin D, your body is quite dehydrated especially your skin. It’s best to take in a good amount of water to replenish the moisture lost from sunbathing. Having a well hydrated skin will prevent the onset of wrinkles and dryness which can lead to an uneven tan.

It’s also good to take a cold or lukewarm shower to help cool your skin off. If it’s too red, this could mean that you got burnt which can cause to flaking. A good way to resolve this is applying greek yogurt as its anti-inflammatory properties will soothe the burn.

A few days after

If you’re the type of individual who does their fair share of exfoliating, you may want to postpone exfoliating for a bit. Your skin is still recovering from their ordeal with the sun. As the tan is still settling, cleansing your skin can rub off the layer of melanin and introduce a much lighter layer underneath.

This also means you’ll have to skip on using hard soaps as they tend to rub off your skin when applied. Switching to liquid soap will aid your skin in the absorption of hydrating elements and won’t be too harsh when used.

With these steps, you can be sure to enjoy a post-sunbathing after care while keeping your tan.



Ever felt the urge to feel the sands of the beach and relax under the sun? No one can blame you for having such an urge because most people have it also. Visiting a beach is one of the most relaxing experience you can have in your life and once you’ve been to one, there will be a time where your body needs to experience it again. It’s a good way to relax your body as well as enjoying with families, friends, or even by yourself. People have these urges to go to the beach for a lot of reasons. Here are some of the reasons people plan their beach trips during vacation.

The sunshinehappy-woman-on-the-beach-8

The sands of the beach

The ocean

There are many more things that lets you have the urge to run to the beach. You may just want to relax your mind and body to relieve stress or you may just want to have an intense workout for your body as the beach allows your muscles to move without even trying. What are you waiting for? Apply your sunscreen now and go to the nearest beach!


Going to tanning beds is a very bad idea. Tanning beds has the same level of danger as the harmful rays of the sun as is also exposes your body to ultraviolet rays. Getting too exposed to it can cause skin cancer and melanoma, which is the type of skin cancer that is proven to be lethal. This happens in the skin cells that make melanin, the brown pigment that protects the skin from the harmful UV rays. Having to know all of these, why do some people keep using tanning beds?

attractive-woman-is-getting-sunbathing-beauty-treatment-3Getting a tan can cause you to be more attractive and more confident of yourself around the people in the society. Whenever there’s an occasion, outing, or gathering event, most women prefer to get their skin tanned in order to not look pale in the event. Also, having a tan helps them not to put heavy makeup to make their skin glow. As far as they know, it’s faster to get a tan in tanning beds than going out in the sun. Their love for having a skin tone doesn’t stop them from using tanning beds even though they know the harmful effects of it. Some will be too stubborn until they see any symptoms of skin cancer. Before they know it, it might be too late.

I know its hassle free to go to tanning beds to get a tan but the risk for going there is not worth your life. You can still achieve that tan tone by using fake tanners. It’s true that it takes a lot of preparation and instructions to do it but it has the same results on your skin. Better yet, it is safe for you and it can draw you away from skin cancers like melanoma. People need to stop using sunbeds for the safety of their skin and their health.