loving-the-sun-300x200-4983810There are a lot of things to be thankful of when it comes to the sun. Aside from letting us know it’s day and giving plants the much needed sunlight for them to grow, we also have our share of benefits as well.

If you’ve been waylaid to only seeing the sun as a negative presence in the sky, you’ll want to reconsider that. In fact, the sun helps produce vitamin D in our body by showering us with some UVB. Vitamin D helps lessen the instance of diabetes. If that doesn’t convince you, the sun helps in cheering you up as well as keeping the SAD, season affective disorder, away.

A good amount of time under the sun aids in boosting one’s fertility as well as giving you energy while you bask outside. Now, this might sound like an odd combination but science has proven it’s true. If that’s not the icing on the cake, having some share of the sun helps in losing weight. The sun’s rays help boost the serotonin produced in your body which in turn keeps your appetite in check.

While there are a lot of things to be thankful with the sun, it doesn’t come without a negative effect. It’s not surprising for most people to associate the sun with negative outcomes as they happen to be quite disastrous if you’re not careful.

Sunbathing or sun tanning is a trend that has overcome the years. It’s not surprising as many individuals want to be graced by the wonderful shade of brown. Sunbathing is the most straightforward, if not cost-efficient, approach to getting a tan. It’s quite a common sight to see a line of individuals basking under the summer rays by the beach.

While it is indeed a boon to get some sun, too much sun is also very bad for you. Through the years, the rise of skin cancer has shot through the roof. Many people didn’t realize that staying out under the sun would cause them any harm.

Even if sunscreen has been commercialized as a protection against the sun’s harsh UV rays as well as sunburn, it doesn’t lessen the chances of getting cancer through consistently being under the sun. Melanoma, a very aggressive form of skin cancer, is a common skin cancer that rose due to sunbathing.

If you’re someone who’s into sunbathing, now might be a good time to shift to a different method of tanning. Why not make use of self tanners? Not only are you skipping on the UV distribution but you can also sculpt and even out your tan with ease.


pexels-photo-218724-300x200-7121973One of the biggest hurdle is trying to get your tan to last as long as possible. While the warmer days give you the chance to sunbathe often or your tanning salon is a drive a way, some of those options can be a little unnerving especially if you’re short on time. If you’re hoping to save your tan as long as possible, you’ll want to follow these tips to get the most out of your bronze tone:

– Never skip on exfoliating. Exfoliating your skin is important since it gets rid of the layer of impurities. Getting this layer out is not only important to getting a good tan but also helps make it last longer. Exfoliation helps in giving way to younger skin which can tan easily.

– If you’re going to make use of a self tanner, avoid the ones which contain a lot of alcohol. If you aren’t sure, try testing a self tanner before buying. The high alcohol content tends to dry faster; alcohol speeds up the exfoliation of your skin.

– Keep hydrated. One of the biggest mistakes for one who’s into tanning is skipping out the eight glasses of water a day. Having little water or being constantly dehydrated does a lot of damage to your skin. Not only do you get dry skin but also ruin your tan due to the outermost later flaking out due to the minimal water content in your body. Skip on those juices with the nice umbrella, water is a great aid to these drying times.

– Avoid patting your self tanner dry. Much like how you use lotion let the concoction dry on your skin. Toweling causes the self tanner to be removed thus you’re not only ruining your tan but also mildly exfoliating your skin. Set aside a few hours if you’re hoping to apply some self tanner to your skin.


pexels-photo-267684-300x198-1187952With the summer vacation looming just a few days away, it’s no surprise that a lot of individuals are prepping for the days under the sun. What’s not to like with summer vacation? No schoolwork, a bountiful amount of the beach and free time for days. It’s no surprise that a lot of college students make the most out of this time to indulge much of the sun’s rays. However, some individuals like to tip the scales for their end by getting a beach-ready tan from tanning salons.

This is actually a hazardous pre-beach preparation, and tanning method. Contrary to what most people think, indoor tanning isn’t safer than sunbathing. In most cases, you’re placed in a more perilous spot by constantly using indoor tanning machines.

Why is this the case?

Indoor tanning machines have a higher concentration of UV rays compared to sunbathing. Due to the concentrated value of the UV rays and the close proximity of the machine to your machine, your skin is subjected to more damage than sunbathing. This also raises the risk of getting skin cancer, melanoma to be exact. It’s been proven that the percentage rises to 70% from the 40% risk from sunbathing.

If that doesn’t deter you and you’re one who doesn’t constantly go through tanning machines, using indoor tanning can cause premature aging and have a higher chance of giving you sunburn. Due to the intensity of the radiation, your skin can’t totally defend against it and it also aggravates sensitive skin.

If you’re hoping to get a tan before getting to the beach, why not try using self tanners instead. Not only are they a much healthier approach to tanning but you are also able to contour your tan to make your body look at its best before you hit the beach.


woman-729980_1280-225x300-7589687Trying to get great skin can be done through a lot of ways. It could be trying out a different set of skin care regimens, exercise or having more rest. However, if you’re hoping to get great skin, what you eat is also a great factor.

What you put in your body greatly affects how your body works and looks. If you’re hoping to make your skin glow without having to go to a skin care clinic, you might want to add these foods to your daily meals from now on: