woman-speaker-baby-belly-157576-227x300-7895545Summer is at the highlight for this time of the year. With the heat getting higher and higher, summer’s highlight is getting as much of the sun as possible. If you’re a sunbathing addict, being pregnant can be a thing to consider before lounging for hours on end under the sun. While a little bit of sun isn’t going to hurt, just was is in store if you’re pregnant and tanning? When you’re pregnant, your skin is quite sensitive. We know how much pregnancy can do a lot to one’s body but it’s important to put on an extra helping of sunscreen before sunbathing. Doctors don’t mind that you sunbathe but that you do it responsibly. Your skin is easily tanned if you stay under the sun. This is due to the high production of a hormone during the course of your pregnancy. Thus said, you’re going to need the extra helping of sunscreen while also being careful of how long you stay under the sun. Another factor of trying to be careful of your time under the sun is your internal temperature. When we soak a lot of the sun’s rays, we also get a lot of heat in our body. This can harm the baby inside of you as their amniotic fluid can be too hot for them. Try to set a specific time when you will be sunbathing as well as to limit the time you are doing so. If you want to expedite the chances of tanning your body, you can make use of tanning oils. These oils help make your skin absorb the sun more thus hastening the tanning process.

As is mentioned, since your body produces a lot of estrogen, your skin will easily darken in a few minutes under the sun. Makes the most out of the time you are sunbathing and avoid basking in the dangerous hours from 9am to 4pm. The sun’s rays are very deadly to you and to your baby.


skin-summer-ready-300x169-7866927Summer is a tough season to work with. With its blistering heat and arid air, it can do a lot of damage to your skin if you aren’t careful. One of the common items to work with during this hot set of months is sunscreen. Use a wide-spectrum sunscreen which also has a high SPF. This can protect you as you mingle around. A very important tip to remember is to re-apply your sunscreen every two to three hours. Much like how lotion dries up on your skin as time goes, sunscreen has to be reapplied to. For very hot days, it’s possible to sweat off your sunscreen so be vigilant on applying it.

Moisturizers will help you soothe your dry skin during warmer days. Dry skin is a common occurrence since you’re in a very hot set of months. As was mentioned, try to apply lotion or creams when you can. Moisturizers can be limited to the day and night usage. You can also opt for more natural moisturizers such as aloe vera or honey. Try to put them prior to heading out and after being out from the sun. Aloe vera can aid soothe inflamed skin which may happen due to too much sun exposure.

If you want to tan, it’s a good idea to opt out from the sunbathing or indoor tanning. These methods of tanning can be really harmful to your skin. A good alternative would be using self tanners. Self tanners, though dubbed as a fake tan, can provide your skin with the summer glow without putting you in further harm. The catch is, it can be quite difficult to use at first, but once you get the hang of it; self tanners are a very reliable option. You can also sport a self tan before sunbathing instead of getting a base tan. If you’ve had your share of sunbathing already, self tanners can help you sort out tan lines which can get in the way of enjoying a great tanned look.


sunflower-sun-summer-yellow-300x200-4851026Summer is finally here and we’re looking to enjoy a lot of the sunny days with activities to do outside. One can list the number of things they can do while out and about but there’s one big harm when you’re loitering around. Due to the sheer brilliance of the sun, you can’t help but fear the sheer amount of damage it can do to your skin.

Sunburn is a common malady during summer since most individuals tend to underestimate the sun’s rays. If you’re not aware, most individuals get their share of sunburn if they’re out under the heat for long. Sunburn can be mild to very severe, so you might want to consider being more vigilant about it.

There’s a lot of ways to avoid getting a nasty burn for your summer days. You can follow these tips to enjoy a safe summer vacation:


woman-legs-relaxation-beauty-3-199x300-5221875Getting self tanned skin is one hurdle off one’s chest if done correctly. However, the most important step to enjoying a good tan is trying to take good care of it. Taking care of one’s tan can range from a lot of ways but since it’s a warm season we’re getting into, keeping one’s skin hydrated and well-moisturized is an important skin care practice for summer. There’s a lot of ways to provide your skin hydration but let’s look into the best type of moisturizer for tanned skin.

Tanned skin can be linked to damage skin if done through sunbathing or indoor tanning. Since this tanned skin is already damaged, it can provide the same protection and process that healthy skin has. For this kind of tanned skin, you may need a softer moisturizing agent such as aloe vera. Aloe vera is a well-known moisturizing source thus you can apply it to inflamed or tanned skin.  You can easily lather the contents of an aloe vera onto your skin.

If you don’t have any aloe vera in hand, you can make use of honey for moisturizing. Honey is great to soothe inflamed skin, can sort out wounds since honey is antibiotic. You can mix some honey to a little bit of water and apply to your skin to keep it moisturized. It’s a great natural moisturizer to your face since it isn’t harsh to one’s skin.

You can also try to make use of coconut oil. For this case, using the rawest form of the coconut oil is the ideal since you need it to be pure. Just let the coconut wax melt in your hands until it becomes coconut oil and apply to your skin. This moisturizing agent can be applied to both your body and your face.

Give your skin some time to rest before applying some moisturizing agents.