sunbathing-tips-300x200-5756649The warm days are here and one of the best things to do is to make good use of the sun’s presence. It’s not surprising that you see a lot of people sunbathing on warmer days. After all, getting a tan through basking under the sun doesn’t cost a lot.

While lying about and letting your skin get the color it needs might sound as easy as you think, getting an even tone while sunbathing is a feat that not all individuals achieve. If you’re a beginner, you might end up with one side lighter than the other which can be odd to look at. Thus, it’s a good way to remember these tips to avoid looking too dark on one side.

– Make use of tanning oils. Tanning oils help speed up the chances of getting the tan. By using these oils, you’re able to get a dark tone while not spending too much under the sun.

– Time each side. It’s best to turn one side to the other at certain lengths of time. Sometimes we lose the track of time if we lie about thus it’s always a good idea to set an alarm or even a timer to how long you stay on one side over the other.

– Do sunbathing a specific time. We all know that the sun has varying heights and location in the sky at a certain time of day. It’s important to set a certain time for when you tan. If you just lie around during various hours without considering the time, you might overdo one side over the other. Additionally, by knowing which time you do sunbathing, you avoid too much exposure to the sun’s rays which can be harmful to your skin.

If all else fails, you may want to lather some self tanner or tanning lotion to even out the tone on one side. This also saves you the time and effort from having to bask more of the sun’s rays.


pexels-photo-324655-300x200-4593452It’s never good to not look your best especially with summer just right around the corner. Looking your best can be hampered by a lot of things but let’s get down to some beauty problems that can still be sorted out before you hit the beach or any occasion you’re hoping to go comes to mind.

One of the common beauty problems that one faces is cellulite. No one really wants to have saggy skin or the crinkled appearance of one’s own buttocks to go with the swimwear. Your best bet to rid of them is to maintain a low sugar diet while also being active. Exercise helps to pull the saggy skin back; squats are your best bet to having a better looking bum. Keep in mind, you are what you eat so skipping on the carbs will help keep the cellulite away.

Acne is one of the most common and disliked beauty problems. At times it can be due to one’s hormones or it could also be factored by stress or our lifestyle. In order to sort out your acne, you’ll want to wash your face often. Acne or not, it’s best to get rid of any impurities on your skin. Don’t always put on makeup and try to avoid putting anything on your hair that may aggravate your skin.

Wrinkly skin or sagging skin is a very common sign of pre-mature aging. This could possibly be due to the low collagen volume in your body or just a bad skin care regimen. Moisturize when you can, a hydrated body provides you with supple skin. You can make use of honey as a natural moisturizer as it locks in moisture thus keeping it supple for long hours. Additionally, why not try some aloe vera, this plant has been marketed since time immemorial as one of nature’s best moisturizing agent.

pexels-photo-324574-300x200-6551103Tanned skin is one of the most alluring sights to see. It’s not only due to the ability of a tan to hide your flaws but it also evens out your skin tone when done well. One of the most common ways of getting a tan is through sunbathing. It’s actually the most convenient and cost effective one. As easy as it may seem, getting a tan through sun tanning can have a tedious after process. You don’t want to ruin your tan after basking much of the sun’s rays, now would you?

Thus, you can turn to these steps so you can make sure you’re taking care of your body after the long hours of sun bathing:

– Avoid getting a hot shower after sunbathing. Hot water causes your skin to dry up. Dry skin causes the outer layer to easily peel off. Additionally, you’d want to cool your body down right after sun bathing so a cool shower would work well to soothing your skin.

– If you’re a little unhappy with the tone of your tan, you can make good use of tanning lotions as well as some foods that aid in boosting your tan. Tanning lotions or self tanners is another form of getting a tan but if you love the sun too much, these lotions can still aid in bolstering the tone of your skin. Additionally, eating beat-carotene rich food helps in promoting a glowing skin thus boosting the quality of your tan.

– Apply moisturizer after tanning and whenever possible. As mentioned, dry skin truly ruins a tan so if you’re not giving your skin the much needed care and attention, it will easily peel off. Try to up your consumption of water as well; being hydrated inside also affects how your skin looks.

Exfoliation is an important step to getting great skin. In most skin care regimens you’ll need a good tool to getting the layer of impurities off. Be it through natural means or loufa, trying to cleanse one’s skin has various methods. However, if you’re keen on trying to make the most out of your skin care regimen, you’ll want to make use of reliable exfoliating tools.

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