selfie-after-tan-300x207-3518500Selfies are one of the best ways to appreciate how we look. While we whip out for phones a lot, there’s a lot of effort done when trying to get the perfect selfie. One of the hurdles to getting the perfect selfie is the filters needed to add the flawless effect on your selfies. With so much filters to go through and add in, at times the person on the picture can look too different from the one in real life.

To some, that’s not a big issue but to others, it can be a little daunting. While you can waste away your time to adding filters over filters to your selfies, you can instead opt for using self tanners to get you the perfect look.

True, tanning may sound like a big step to changing how you look but you don’t have to do anything too drastic. One of the beauties of self tanner is the ability to provide a good coverage. If you’re someone who uses a lot of coverage filters for your selfies, you can make use of self tanners to hide the flaws. Since self tanners give you a good coverage, this is not limited to uneven skin tone or freckles but also covers any acne scars and bumpy skin.

Another wonderful aspect that self tanners give is the chance to contour your face instead of relying on a filter for that. True, most filters drastically change our facial structure which can showcase a very different person. With self tanners, you can shape how you look on cam and in real life. Much like how a bronzer works, you can use self tanners to accentuate your looks so you can feel better with how you look. Selfies are always good but nothing beats looking great in real life, right?


sauna-300x195-3774516When it comes to trying to detoxify one’s body, sauna is one of the ways to get it done right. Sauna helps in taking out the toxins of your body by sweating it out. Another factor why it’s so good is the benefit of increased blood circulation. Saunas are great for one’s body but there is that lingering question of what they can do to your skin.

Firstly, there’s the question of the possibility of saunas to tan your skin. It’s not an odd question since these rooms make use of a lot of steam. While steam is a form of heat, it is not equivalent to UV light hitting your epidermis. While your skin may turn red due to the temperature but this doesn’t mean you get the summer glow. Saunas use the heat from steam which can’t cause your skin to tan. You’ll need either a light source or lather your body with some chemicals to get the bronze hue.

Piggybacking on that, if you have a tan going, you’ll want to be careful with saunas. While they can help your body altogether, staying too long in the sauna and going in too often can be hazardous. Since you’re in a very hot room, your skin can get very dry if you don’t hydrate immediately after going into a sauna. Remember, it’s important to drink at least two glasses of water before and after you come from a sauna. Another tip to remember is to limit your stay in a sauna. Never go beyond thirty minutes while the optimal amount is 10 to 20 minutes. Staying too long can cause breakouts since heat encourages your skin to react rapidly.

If you’re hoping to enjoy a nice summer glow while also trying out the sauna, you can still make use of self tanners as a healthier option to getting tanned skin.


sunshine-300x200-5290699Taking care of your skin is a very important step to looking your best every day. One of the ways to uplift one’s body image is tanning and most of the tanning done across the world is through sunbathing. Sunbathing is a method of absorbing much of the sun’s rays to get you the bronze hue. When we are younger, our first defense against the sun is being lathered in sunscreen.

Sunscreen is something we usually put on when we go to the beach but it should be lathered to our skin whenever we go out. As was mentioned, sunscreen is our initial safeguard from getting damage from the sun. In most sunscreens, we see something called SPF. SPF means skin protecting factor which tells how much instances the sunscreen can defend your skin from the sun’s harm. The higher the value for the SPF, the lesser the UV rays to get to your skin. Thus, pick those with high SPF sunscreen for your next beach trip.

Sunscreen can work in two ways, either as an absorber or a reflector. As an absorber, the sunscreen lessens the intensity of the sun to a low heat which your skin can absorb with ease. Unfortunately, trying to identify the ideal absorber sunscreen is hard but it’s safe to pick a broad spectrum sunscreen. This sunscreen can both handled the UVA and UVB rays.

As a reflector, the sunscreen bounces back the harmful rays of the sun. One downside for this sunscreen is its composition; much of this sunscreen relies on zinc oxide to reflect the sun’s rays. This can cause an allergic reaction to some thus if you have sensitive skin, an broad spectrum sunscreen is a good aid for you.

One important tip is to apply the sunscreen at least thirty minutes before heading out and to let it dry completely on your skin. The sunscreen needs to absorbed to your skin before it can do any good.


woman-speaker-baby-belly-157576-227x300-8605892Tanning is a great way to boost how you look. To some, it can bring about a lot of change to their appearance while some others rely on its ability to cover up any flaws. Normally, tanning can be done through sunbathing and some others would go through indoor tanning. However, due to the hazardous nature of these methods, self tanning has become appealing to great number of tanning addicts. While most individuals can enjoy self tanning any time of the year, there’s still the underlying question of how much can self tanning do to one’s body.

In this case, can pregnant women do their share of self tanning? Unfortunately, you can’t get a self tan while you’re pregnant. While there’s no research done about this, self tanning can be inhaled by your unborn child and it can lead to certain issues. Self tanners are a newer method to tanning and there’s not yet a lot of research done behind it.

For your safety and your child’s, it’s best to avoid doing any self tanning for the meantime. This would mean steering away from the selection of self tanners provided in the grocery.

However, you are keen on getting your summer glow while you’re heavy with child, there are some organic options. There is the selection of self tanners from Thermalabs which provide a great tan while not sacrificing your body to chemicals. Another method would be to make use of kitchen products, namely tea, coffee and cocoa. Simply mixing them to some lotion and applying to your skin will do as a self tanner. Since these are organic items, putting them on your skin won’t harm your baby and just stay at a surface level.

Since you are pregnant, it’s still important to stay vigilant and avoid overdoing your body. For this case, try to time your self tanning sessions to the appropriate trimesters of your pregnancy to avoid any complications for you and your growing child.