Tanning lotions are basically lotions that either help get you a tan, help maintain your tan, or helps intensify your tan. They still fulfill the basic goal of helping you moisturize and protect your skin.


There are different types of tanning lotions, depending on what they do for your skin and your tan. They are:

Accelerators / Intensifiers

Ideally, one should never try tanning without using tanning lotions. Especially in the case of beginners, they should always use intensifiers or accelerators to help speed up the process, and it helps cut down the time you expose yourself to the sun or the tanning bed. 

Hot Action Lotions

Also called Tingle Lotions, this variety of tanning lotion helps achieve deeper tanning as hot action lotions contain components that increase micro-circulation in the skin, meaning it increases blood flow and helps bring oxygen to your skin, which improves tanning. Additionally, they also have a warming and mild-tingling sensation. However, beginners should exercise caution and moderation as these can cause reactions for people with sensitive skin.


Now bronzers offer instant gratification amongst all the varieties of tanning lotions. Bronzers contain a dye that helps you achieve a tan color immediately after applying it. But with bronzers you have to be extra careful to apply it evenly on your skin as it tends to cause streaks if unevenly applied.

Cooling lotions

Lastly, cooling lotions differ from the others in that you apply it after sunbathing or a session at the tanning bed. As the name implies, the lotion helps provide a cooling and soothing effect by helping draw out the heat from your skin after tanning. While many people argue this does not directly benefit tanning, some say that the coldness of the lotion helps draw warm blood to the skin, which helps facilitate better tanning results.



Self tanning is a gift. Gone are the days when a tan was only possible during a few brief months, and you were left looking a pale-white ghost the rest of the year. Being tan no longer required a plane ticket.

But of course self tanning cannot be without its own drawbacks, and the number one concern for everybody who does it are the horrible stains and streaks.

But how can we ensure that we avoid those horrifying tan streaks? And if we do get them, what do we do?

Preparation is key

woman-at-dermatology-examination-4Before you do take the plunge into self-tanning heaven, make sure you prep yourself. Exfoliate your skin to ensure you’re fresh and your skin is ready and able to absorb the self-tanner. Shave any and all parts to ensure an even application. And don’t forget to moisturize, as moisturized skin is healthy skin, but do take care not to overdo it.

Use tinted self-tanners

When available, the tinted variety is always the better choice when it comes to self-tanners. After you’ve done your prep diligently, place an even amount of the self-tanning lotion and spread it evenly. The tint will help give you an idea how much lotion has been put where, and helps eliminate the horror of waiting whether you did good.

But if you do get it wrong, there are always ways to help you cover up, remove, or have a do over!

Lemon works good to help fade out streaks and stains, especially if combined with baking soda to form a paste / rub. Whitening toothpaste also works for small patches.

If you want a good, long, and warm bath also helps fade out or remove the self-tan you’ve made. Same goes with baby oil.

And if you do need a reset on everything, self-tanner removers are also available.



Having a spray tanning machine at home is sure to make tanning enthusiasts’ lives easier and if you own a tanning salon, purchasing the best machine is paramount in keeping your customers happy. Spray tanning machines come in different varieties, size, features, and power. Knowing what you as a tanning enthusiast or tanning salon owner need as well as how much budget you have and your priorities will help you make the most optimal decision when it comes to picking a spray tanning product. In addition to this, there are three major factors that you need to consider when choosing a spray tanning machine.


How Will You Use It?

Are you a salon owner? Or are you a regular tanning product user? If you are a tanning salon owner then you may want to get a spray tanning machine that are easy to move around. You may also want to have a hand-held spray gun in case a situation comes up that you need to use something smaller and easier to operate. If your salon also offers custom airbrushing or body contouring services then getting a hand held spray gun is a good investment.

On the other hand, if you just want something that you can use at home then going for a light-weight spray gun is your best bet. It also helps to have a spray tanning booth helps in keeping your tan from staining the surrounding area. Over-the-counter spray tans however can be utilized without the need to build a tent or booth provided that you cover the surrounding areas with a towel or some form of cloth.

The Amount of Liquid

Spray tanning machines are built differently and have different capabilities based on their size, function and purpose. While commercial spray tanning machines are easier to manage because they hold more liquid, they can be expensive. Meanwhile, hand held spray guns hold less liquid thus you will need to refill it every now and then and is often best for people who want to tan at home.

Maintenance Concerns

Portable spray guns are easier to maintain as compared to bigger spray tanning machines that can be found in salons. While tanning salons need spray tanning machines, having a couple of hand-held device makes their jobs easier and allows them to attend to more clients.

When purchasing any spray tan equipment, always look for a good and legitimate warranty plan.



While everybody loves going to the beach, traipsing on the water, building sandcastles, or just simply enjoying the fresh ocean breeze, everybody has to agree that being out in the sun for too long is something we can do without (except for sunbathing and tan lines.)

That is precisely why a beach tent certainly comes in handy for that quick trip to the beach. Whether you’re going alone or with the company of your friends or family, a beach tent ensures that you get all the fun, without getting too much of the sun’s harmful rays on you.


Here are just a few things and activities you can enjoy on your beach tent:

  1. Have a picnic: If you get in early, you’d prefer to be out in the sun, but as the afternoon comes and the sun begins to grow hot, a beach tent provides the perfect spot for your family to have that picnic lunch. A beach tent with sufficient room and ventilation helps keep everybody cool while they enjoy lunch.
  2. A reading sanctuary: for those who are not the outdoorsy type and prefer a book over swimming, a beach tent offers the perfect reprieve and just the right amount of shade when reading. A folding beach tent may be your best bet, especially if you’re the loner of the group.
  3. A gaming area: a beach tent with enough room may also provide the best spot for your parents and relatives to gather together and spend the quiet afternoon together, playing cards, chatting (or even napping.)
  4. A makeshift kitchen: while you may want to keep the grill (or anything hot and burning) away from the beach tent, your cooler, and other cooking-related stuff are better relegated to the cool and shade of the tent.
  5. A fort, a castle, a house, anything!: it’s childish yes, and this may be the single entry on the list that is reserved for kids, but you may opt to let your kids’ imaginations run wild and let them use the beach tent when they play. But it also keeps the kids in one place so you’ll be assured they’re all in one place, and are safe.

There are plenty of uses for a sturdy and handy beach tent, and they come in a variety of builds and material. Bigger beach tents offer more space but require assembly, while the folding / foldable tents are easier to carry and often prop up easier.