Getting tanned skin is a common trend these days. With how alluring it can be, tanned skin can be easily achieved through various methods. For this case, we’re going to look at the most cost-effective method which is sunbathing. Sunbathing is straightforward; you just need some sunscreen and lie under the sun for quite some time.


Due to the sun’s intensity, one concern that tanning addicts stumble upon is whether is was a good idea to exfoliate after sunbathing. It’s a little weird to consider exfoliating. This is the process of removing the topmost layer of skin.

When you do your sunbathing, you tan the topmost layer. By exfoliating, you are going to miss out on enjoying your summer glow. Thus, it’s not ideal to exfoliate your skin after sunbathing.

The right time to exfoliate your skin is a day before you do some sunbathing. Why should you wait out a day before you go under the sun? Your skin is still very sensitive after sunbathing thus you want to let it rest before really committing to getting a tan. If you rush it, your skin will easily get sunburn which can make the tanning experience very bad.

While sunbathing is a very tempting approach to getting a tan, too much exposure to the sun can cause a lot of harm in the long run. To rectify that, you can make use of self tanners. Self tanners are tanning agents that provide you with the summer glow in the absence of the sun. While dubbed as a fake tan, self tanners are the healthiest option to get a tan in the market.

It can be a little tricky to work around with but if a tanning addict can appreciate the usage of a self tanner, they can enjoy not only healthier skin but the ability to contour their tan.

Going to the beach is always something to look forward to. This is especially true for tanning addicts. A trip to the beach is an easy way to get one’s sunbathing done. If you aren’t in for the sunbathing, you can still look forward to some other activities such as swimming and volleyball or even strolling. One of the worse takeaways from your beach trip is sunburn. No one really wants to go through an agonizing experience so here are some beach tips to avoid sunburn:

Getting a tan is easy if you think about it. You can just lie under the sun for hours and viola, you have a tan to sport. While that sounds very straightforward, it’s not the ideal way to get a tan. Keep mind, there are a lot of things that can go wrong if you don’t prep yourself before doing some sunbathing.

In fact, sunbathing can be coined to the most common reason why skin cancer has become prevalent across the globe. If you want to tan safely and avoid getting to the harmful side of tanning, here are some ideal practices for your sunbathing sessions:

– Use a good sunscreen. Sunscreen is your initial defense against the sun’s harmful rays. It’s best to buy for the ones that provide a wide spectrum while also containing a fair amount of SPF. You need to apply the sunscreen at least thirty minutes before you head out so your skin can completely absorb it. Additionally, you’ll need to re-apply the sunscreen every two to three hours to keep your skin well protected.

– Tan at a specific time of the day. You want to make the most out of your sunbathing but lying for hours on end under the sun isn’t good for you. It’s best to limit your sunbathing to 4 hours at maximum. If you want to get the best out of the sun’s rays, you can start tanning from early afternoon. The sun’s rays aren’t that harsh so you won’t be under a lot of harm.

– Take breaks and rehydrate. Your body is under the onslaught of the sun so it’s always a good idea to take a break and drink something to cool off. Getting a heat stroke or dehydration is never a good experience so bottoms up when you can.

Self-tanning has become a very favorable approach to getting the summer glow. Not only do you prevent your skin from getting further damaged from the UV rays but you can also control how your tan looks. True, it can be a little vexing to work around with especially if you’re new to the whole self-tanning agenda but once you get the hang of it, self tanning can be a very rewarding method of tanning.

Self tanning can be hard to work around with especially when you are new but if you master the craft you enjoy a lot of benefits such as getting a glowy face. If you are new to self tanning, it’s best to have a friend who can help you out.

To get the glowy face, here are some tips you want to consider when using self tanners:

– Make sure that you’ve exfoliated your skin beforehand. This gives way to younger, suppler skin. By removing the impurities off, you can also enjoy an even skin tone and a great tan. As a rule of thumb, you should avoid over-exfoliating your skin to prevent it from being too damaged. Limit your exfoliation to at most twice a week, with days apart from one another.

– Slowly apply your tanner until you get the right shade of tan that works for you. If you overdo on the application, you can have a clumpy tan or a tan that can be oversaturated. If you aren’t sure which tan works for you, try to dab each layer of the self-tanner slowly until you get a natural summer glow appeal.

– Much like how bronzers work, self-tanners can provide a good contouring approach. You can easily put a few more shades of self tanner on areas where you put a bronzer to be able to highlight your features and add a more glowing appeal.

Getting itchy skin after sunbathing can be a nasty side-effect. This is due to the onslaught of the sun on your skin. If you’ve been out in the sun for too long, you can get the hell’s itch. This is a term coined for the unbearable itchiness from sunbathing.

You wouldn’t want to aggravate your sunburn or put too much damage on your skin by scratching so here are steps to help abate the itchiness right after sunbathing:

– Avoid the sun at all costs. You don’t want to further aggravate the damage by staying under the sun’s onslaught. Seek shade immediately when you have a blistering rash forming.

– Try to cool down. Use some ice pack on the inflamed skin. You want to relax the affected area as much as possible to avoid scratching it and causing more harm than good. You can even opt for a cold shower if it’s a big patch of skin that is affected. Don’t go for icy cold temperatures as cold temperatures can cause your skin to dry out which can also contribute to it being very itchy.

– Aloe vera is also a good organic means to cool inflamed skin. Contrary to the items on the market, you can put on some aloe vera to your skin to help cool it down. It’s best to put some of the aloe vera right after a cool bath.

– If the itch persists, you can go for some over the counter medication such as antihistamine or some cortisone cream. Since this kind of itchiness can be coined as a sun allergy, you’ll have to drink some medicine for the very unbearable itch. You also must limit the medicine intake to twice a day.

Sun tanning or sunbathing has always been the preferred method to getting a tan. Not only is it very straightforward, it is also a very common approach to getting a tan. Due to it being such a cost-efficient method to tanning, many tanning individuals go for sunbathing. Unfortunately, sunbathing doesn’t come without any harm done to your body especially your skin.

In fact, if you’re into sunbathing, you’re in for a ride on what copious amount of sun can do to your body.

Firstly, you might have to start sun tanning if you have a bad case of sunburn. Sunburn is usually because of the lack of sunscreen provided in that patch of skin. This can be circumvented by putting on sunscreen every two to three hours to make sure that your skin is well protected while you’re sunbathing. Make sure to let the sunscreen sit for at least thirty minutes before basking under the sun.

One very bad symptom to note is uneven skin tone, dark patches and any moles that have become bumpy. You’ll need to have these checked as these are symptoms to skin cancer. Skin cancer has become quite common due to a lot of tanning addicts. It’s been proven that consistently exposing one’s self to the sun’s rays or even UV radiation from indoor tanning can give you skin cancer.

To circumvent this, you can get your tanning through self tanners. Self tanners are a healthier approach to getting tanning done since it doesn’t make use of any UV radiation but chemicals which can be from chemicals or organically sourced. In order to get the best out of your self tanning experience, you can opt for more organic sources of self tanning by checking the label of the tanning lotion you’re interested in trying. Self tanning is a little tricky but it is a better approach than sunbathing.

Tanning has become quite a social phenomenon. It’s not surprising as there has been a lot of traction when it comes to tanning. Normally, you’d go for sunbathing and indoor tanning as the ideal means to getting the summer glow; that has changed through the years. Through the wide reach of the internet and the usage of social media, self tanning has become quite a preferred approach due to how healthy it is as a method of tanning.

Social media plays a big role on why individuals have sought out self-tanning. Firstly, it’s easy for individuals to be warned of how dangerous consistent exposure to UV radiation is. It’s not a surprise anymore that skin cancer has risen to be the fourth most prolific cancer across the globe.

Social media has become quite a reliable platform for self tanning to prosper. One of the most iconic events that self tanning is used is the Victoria’s Secret showcase; it’s been stated that models have their share of self tanning to bring out how their bodies look with the article of clothing they are showcasing.

Another case where social media helps overall self tanning business is when celebrities praise about it. If you didn’t know that the Jenner’s are into self tanning, you might be living under a rock. It’s due to these social media influencers and how pictures can help on proliferating the pros of using self tanners.

Information is easily shared on social media thus there’s a lot of information provided on why self tanners are the much healthier approach to tanning than any other method. With pictures to accompany this information, it’s not a surprise that the self tanning industry has boomed through recent years.

Overall, with how prolific individuals are in hanging around in social media, it’s a great platform that has helped self tanning rise among tanning enthusiasts.

Indoor tanning is always a treat to a lot of individuals. It’s the quickest approach to getting sun-kissed skin without having to put too much thought into it. The beauty of indoor tanning is the privacy and the time management that comes with tanning. You’re not going to bask for hours on end under the sun thus it appeals to individuals who want a tan but have a very hectic lifestyle.

While there’s a lot of tanning salons in the vicinity, getting the most out of an indoor tanning experience is going to be our goal. You wouldn’t want to waltz in a random tanning salon and immediately book a session, right?

To get the most out of your money, you’ll need to consider these kinds of things to be able to spot the best tanning salons near you:

Tanning beds are quite a common approach to getting tanned skin. While sunbathing has always been the preferred method to get a tan, spending hours on end under the sun can be boring to some. Therefore, indoor tanning has gained quite a fanbase due to the shorter time dedicated to getting the summer glow.

Tanning beds are quite convenient since you can set the amount of time you want to tan while also keeping a schedule of when you can go to the tanning salon. Since you have a controlled amount of UV radiation, you can manage on how your tan would look.

Unfortunately, you are putting yourself in a lot of harm when you do indoor tanning. This is because of how concentrated the UV radiation is inside a tanning bed. With the small distance between the source of the UV rays and your body, your skin takes the full brunt of the UV rays.

There’s also too little protection for your hair and eyes. You need to wear some protective goggles to be able to enjoy your indoor tan without harming your eyes during the tanning session.

At times, you might not have an even tan on both sides since the lights might not give off an equal amount of UV rays. This a common inconvenience that tanning individuals experience when going for some indoor tanning.

You can still get some sunburn from indoor tanning even thought there’s no sun involved. This is due to how intense UV rays can be if you don’t set it right.

This can be the least of your problems as consistently exposing yourself to the sun’s rays can lead to a higher chance of getting skin cancer. It’s been proven that considerable amount of UV radiation can lead to skin cancer.

To avoid this, you can make use of self tanners since you aren’t exposing yourself to any harmful UV rays.

Tanning has become quite a lucrative business. Unfortunately, the usual methods of tanning, namely sunbathing and indoor tanning, has become quite hazardous. This is due to the copious exposure to ultraviolet rays. Consistent exposure to UV radiation not only gets you sunburn but can also lead to more debilitating diseases. In fact, it’s been recently found that consistent exposure to the UV rays will heighten the chances of skin cancer.

To curb the rising numbers of skin cancer inflicted individuals, self tanners have been introduced in the market. Self tanners do not make use of the sun or any UV radiation thus you can enjoy tanned skin without having to put yourself in further harm. Self tanners make use of chemicals to provide you with tanned skin. While there’s a lot of chemicals that can be used, some manufactured self tanners can be fake.

One should enjoy their experience with self tanning but with the presence of self tanners in the market, it can be dangerous to use just about any tanning lotion. Here are some ways to distinguish which products are real and fake.

– Make sure to check the reviews before purchasing any product. It’s very important to go for a broad source for the reviews since some product reviews can be falsified too. Scouring through numerous websites for the product review can greatly help you on understanding what kind of product it is.

– Make it a habit to check the labels especially the ingredients used in the product. With the aid of the internet, you can easily check what is the origin of certain chemicals. This is especially helpful if you have sensitive skin.

– If the packaging is too haphazard, that should raise a red flag. Certain fake products are showcased in cheap or tacky containers.