With the weather becoming hotter, it’s a good sign that we’re close to getting our fair share of the sun. Summer is a great season to tan but tanning alone can be a bore. Bring your friends during your tanning sessions and you’re sure to have some fun. For sunbathing, you don’t really need to go to the beach to soak as much of the sun. Why not try to get your share of vitamin D in a spacious back yard? This also means more privacy and you don’t have to spend more money on gas or a place to stay.


Before sunbathing, always make sure that each of you has done the necessary steps to prep your skin for sunbathing. No one wants to suffer a bad tan or worse, a nasty sunburn, in the process. You may also want to have some spare creams or ointments just in case.

Now when it comes to sunbathing, it’s best to lay out evenly on the yard, this also gives the best amount of exposure under the sun. Don’t forget to take a break from time to time or you might get sun stroke from the copious amount of heat.

Make sure to have some refreshments at the side; you’ll need plenty of water.

To brighten up the mood, you can have some music to accompany or strike up an interesting conversation to help pass the time. There’s nothing wonderful that knowing how things are about each other, especially if you haven’t seen each other for quite some time.

It’s best to set a specific time to when you start sunbathing and what time you’ll end. This gives your bodies the chance to cool off before enjoying more time together indoors. Nothing like having a relaxing time with the people you enjoy hanging out with.