With the sun setting the temperature up a notch, it’s no surprise that summer is going to spell out even hotter this year. In fact, in the recent years, we’ve been experiencing hotter days. While it may be a common trait for the upcoming season, this is definitely quite alarming.

sun-1323378_1280-300x199-9627694Hotter days means more damage that can be caused by the sun; be it to the environment or to your body. In fact, one of the rising ailments of the century is skin cancer.

While we can’t always determine when skin cancer strikes, there is one known way to prevent it from happening. This is done by the constant application of sun screen. During the course of summer, sunscreen is a topical application that is commonly applied to your skin. However, this usually happens when we’re about to dive into the waters and hardly a thought if we’re just going to go to the park.

It’s actually very important to apply sunscreen if you’re planning to go out of the house. Be it summer or any other season, a blazing sun is going to cause a lot of damage to your skin. To best utilize the safeguarding properties of a sunscreen, you’ll need these tips:

– Sunscreen takes at least 30 minutes before it actually protects your skin. The thirty minutes is necessary since your skin needs to absorb the concoction.

– A sunscreen’s effectivity to shield you off from UV rays only lasts for a good two-three hours. Once the time is up, you’ll need to re-apply some sunscreen.

– Like lotion, if you immediately dive into the water as soon as you’ve put on some sunscreen, you’ve washed it off. You’ll also want to reapply it if you’re extra sweaty for the day.

While sunscreen is an effective guard against the sun, it’s always best to stay in the shade and wear a hat for hotter days. Don’t forget to wear some sunglasses since your eyes need their share of protection too.