Many people pay a lot of money in salons or spas to have and maintain the glowing skin on their faces. What they do not know is that we only need our own hands to do just that since our hands are the most effective tool when it comes to our own skin care than any other materials or products known to mankind. Which is why when it comes to skin care in the face area, proper facial massage with gentle care and simply water is key in having a glowing skin in your cheeks, forehead and nose.


By performing facial massage on your face, your jaws tends to relax and release tension and the roughness and tightness of your scalp loosens. As you massage carefully in circular motion around the face, your facial muscles gets firm and helps in allowing deeper cleansing by the water or any other creams and oils that helps in cleansing the skin on your face. The process contains zero percent pain and it allows you to relax and feel good about yourself having a natural glow in your face that you’ve always wanted. Also, through facial massage, not only that your face gets comfort but also every other part of your body. The human face has hundreds of pressure points, each one affecting a specific part of your body. So be sure to massage gently to feel to relieve the stress from your whole body.

It’s not costly to try this technique every day. It’s better because you can do this yourself and it can be a relaxing activity after an all-day work before you sleep. All you need is clean hands, water to wash the dirt from your face, and some good cream or oil to help with the treatment. Why don’t you give a try and forget about luxury massages that has the same results as the simple facial massage.