While everybody loves going to the beach, traipsing on the water, building sandcastles, or just simply enjoying the fresh ocean breeze, everybody has to agree that being out in the sun for too long is something we can do without (except for sunbathing and tan lines.)

That is precisely why a beach tent certainly comes in handy for that quick trip to the beach. Whether you’re going alone or with the company of your friends or family, a beach tent ensures that you get all the fun, without getting too much of the sun’s harmful rays on you.


Here are just a few things and activities you can enjoy on your beach tent:

  1. Have a picnic: If you get in early, you’d prefer to be out in the sun, but as the afternoon comes and the sun begins to grow hot, a beach tent provides the perfect spot for your family to have that picnic lunch. A beach tent with sufficient room and ventilation helps keep everybody cool while they enjoy lunch.
  2. A reading sanctuary: for those who are not the outdoorsy type and prefer a book over swimming, a beach tent offers the perfect reprieve and just the right amount of shade when reading. A folding beach tent may be your best bet, especially if you’re the loner of the group.
  3. A gaming area: a beach tent with enough room may also provide the best spot for your parents and relatives to gather together and spend the quiet afternoon together, playing cards, chatting (or even napping.)
  4. A makeshift kitchen: while you may want to keep the grill (or anything hot and burning) away from the beach tent, your cooler, and other cooking-related stuff are better relegated to the cool and shade of the tent.
  5. A fort, a castle, a house, anything!: it’s childish yes, and this may be the single entry on the list that is reserved for kids, but you may opt to let your kids’ imaginations run wild and let them use the beach tent when they play. But it also keeps the kids in one place so you’ll be assured they’re all in one place, and are safe.

There are plenty of uses for a sturdy and handy beach tent, and they come in a variety of builds and material. Bigger beach tents offer more space but require assembly, while the folding / foldable tents are easier to carry and often prop up easier.