fail-tan-300x191-8962184When it comes to fake tanning, or self tanning, it can be tricky to get it right at the first time. Even well-seasoned individuals who have used self tanners can still get their share of mishaps when doing their self tanning sessions. While not all sessions can end with a disastrous streak or a bad output, it’s always best to minimize the chances that self tanning fails can happen.

While there’s a long list of things to consider, here are some of the most common self tanning fails and how to avoid them:


fake-tan-300x200-2399590Self tanning has become quite a lucrative approach to getting one’s tan. With how much harm sunbathing and indoor tanning has done, it’s no surprise that self tanning would become a preferred method to get a tan. Due to that, there’s a bunch of self tanners in the market that you can sift through. With so many options on how to apply your self tanner, be it towelettes, spray tanning or the usual means of using a tanning mitt, choosing the best self tanner is a tall order to fix.

While you can berate for hours on end with your friend of which self tanner is the best, there’s a list here for the top 5 self tanners that you can try out for yourself.
5. Tan Towel Towelettes – This self tanner is great for anyone who’s on the go most of the time. It gives a great coverage and cleanses your face during application.
4. Whish Self Tanner Body Butter – If you want to have a bronze tone to your tan, you can be sure that this self tanner leaves a nice shade while also nourishing your skin in the process.
3. Carol’s Beauty Sun Tanning Lotion and Enhancer Oil – This self tanner can help bolster up your sun tanned skin. It’s lightweight and can add a better glow to your current tan.
2. Loving Tan – If you want a tan that’s dark and doesn’t take so much time to achieve, this self tanner can do the trick.
1. Thermalabs Self Tanner – This particular self tanner ranks as the top on our list due to its organic origins. It has a wide selection of methods for application and the most ideal choice for individuals who have sensitive skin. Due to its organic origin, you can be sure to get a lot of pros from using this self tanner.


tanning-teens-300x200-7546686Tanning has become quite a sought after beauty complement. It’s not surprising since tanning does a lot of wonders. From covering up your flaws to being able to make your body look better through the magic of contouring, tanning can certainly lift one’s perspective of their body. As a teenager, you’d want to optimize looking your best especially with so many events to look forward to in your adolescent years. However, responsible tanning is an important aspect to consider. As a young individual, it’s not really a good idea to put yourself under the harsh treatment of a tanning bed or tanning shower. If you are below eighteen, you can’t make use of tanning beds or tanning showers since it is illegal. This limits your method to sunbathing or self tanning. Unfortunately, sunbathing can provoke certain side effects. Being a teenager comes with acne thus if you have a lot of acne present, exposing yourself to the sun is a bad idea. You can also cause your skin to age prematurely causing wrinkles to show up earlier than expected. You want to avoid this thus self tanners are a better option. They can be quite a tedious affair since you need to be extra careful with handling self tanners. A mishap can be easily sorted with some lemon juice and dabbed slowly on the affected area. Additionally, one can make use of an airbrush to provide a much smoother output when it comes to self tanner.

The great thing about self tanners is you can control how the tan works on your skin. If you are someone who has sensitive skin, it’s not a big issue. There are organic self tanners crafted for various skin types thus anyone can enjoy a tan without putting themselves in harm’s way. It’s important to remember to wax your body at least two days before you do your self tanning while exfoliating can be done a day before the session.