Self-tanning has become a favorite choice for most tan aficionados because it is a cheaper and efficient alternative way in having a tan. You don’t have to plan for an expensive summer vacation. Heck you can even have a tan all-year round, even during winter. Self-tanning is so easy, you don’t even need to go to a tanning salon and pay for a service that you can perform by yourself right at the comfort of your home. Make sure to follow these simple reminders when self-tanning.

attractive-young-woman-preparing-for-tanning-in-solarium-8Always prepare. If ever you need to shave, have a wax, hair color/treatments, or even a manicure, do so 12-24 hours prior to self-tanning. Remember that all of those treatments can remove self-tanners.

The most important thing to consider when tanning whether you go sunbathing or using self-tanners is to exfoliate. Dead skin cell layers will just absorb your self-tanners which will just easily rub-off later, leaving you an uneven tan. Avoid using oil-based exfoliating solutions because it leaves residues that will just deflect your self-tanners. Make sure to wait about 24 hours after exfoliating before applying self-tanners to give enough time for your skin to refresh and heal.

Application and treatment period
Apply self-tanners evenly on your skin. Do not rush! Remember that the best time to do this is during night time therefore, you have all the time in the world (it only takes about an hour to completely cover your body though). Wait for about 12-24 hours after tanning before washing up and applying any moisturizers. Also avoid wearing tight clothes as the tanners might stick to your clothes and leave you uneven tan.

Once you have achieved that perfect self-tan, use moisturizers and gentle cleansers. A tan usually last about a week so refrain from performing too much activities that would exfoliate too much such as hot baths and using cleansers that contains strong chemical ingredients.

Also don’t forget to rehydrate in and out every now and then to help keep your skin soft and glowing.


Are you ready to swim yourself out in the swimming pool this coming summer? Swimming is the best way to handle the heat of the sun during the summer. It also let your body exercise as the muscles all around your body moves whenever you move under the water, assuming that you’re not just dipping yourself and just relaxing under the sun. It’s also a good way to get a tan. If you haven’t notice it yet, when you go swimming in the pool under the sun, your body accumulates a tan color because of the heat of the sun. Without any effort, you can get that sun-kissed skin tone you like easy. The only problem you’ll have to consider is the chlorine in the pool water. It can make your skin dry as well as take away you hair’s natural moisture. Here are some tips to protect yourself from the effects of the chlorine in the pool water.

portrait-of-a-beautiful-young-model-sexy-girl-8Protect you hair

Protect your skin

If you can follow these simple tips, you can enjoy swimming at the pool with no problems at all!



When you’re pregnant and your belly is already big, you might not feel very attractive. Luckily, you can still look great and elegant by focusing on your skin and getting a tan. Having the look of a sun-kissed skin will build your self-esteem and may very well help yourself mentally during the months of pregnancy. However, getting a tan while pregnant is good and all, but you still have to consider protecting the baby you’re carrying and be sure that the process would not affect the baby.

femme-enceinte-a-la-plage-6It’s a very bad idea to undergo tanning by going to tanning salons while you’re pregnant, and there reasons why. First of all, everyone (pregnant or not pregnant) is at risk when exposing their skin to ultraviolet rays. This can result in many skin problems and at worst, a skin cancer so tanning beds are not an option. Pregnant women should also stay away from getting spray tans. The fumes it emits is not safe for your lungs and it may get into your bloodstream, potentially harming the child you’re bearing. In short, if you’re pregnant, stay away from tanning salons because it will harm your health as well as the baby’s.

The good news however is that you can still get that tan color in your skin without going through these expensive and dangerous treatments. You can still rely on using self-tanning products. You’ll have a variety of options to choose from like self-tanning lotions, creams, foams, and oils which are harmless so it’s fine to use even when you’re pregnant. This is safe because the effects of these products only affects the outer layer of your skin and it would not reach your bloodstream and it’ll certainly not harm the development of your baby.

Just remember to keep your body safe as well as the baby. Never undergo treatments that would potentially harm you and play it safe. Now you can get that sun-kissed body you want as a pregnant mother in order to feel good as well as to look good.



Many people pay a lot of money in salons or spas to have and maintain the glowing skin on their faces. What they do not know is that we only need our own hands to do just that since our hands are the most effective tool when it comes to our own skin care than any other materials or products known to mankind. Which is why when it comes to skin care in the face area, proper facial massage with gentle care and simply water is key in having a glowing skin in your cheeks, forehead and nose.


By performing facial massage on your face, your jaws tends to relax and release tension and the roughness and tightness of your scalp loosens. As you massage carefully in circular motion around the face, your facial muscles gets firm and helps in allowing deeper cleansing by the water or any other creams and oils that helps in cleansing the skin on your face. The process contains zero percent pain and it allows you to relax and feel good about yourself having a natural glow in your face that you’ve always wanted. Also, through facial massage, not only that your face gets comfort but also every other part of your body. The human face has hundreds of pressure points, each one affecting a specific part of your body. So be sure to massage gently to feel to relieve the stress from your whole body.

It’s not costly to try this technique every day. It’s better because you can do this yourself and it can be a relaxing activity after an all-day work before you sleep. All you need is clean hands, water to wash the dirt from your face, and some good cream or oil to help with the treatment. Why don’t you give a try and forget about luxury massages that has the same results as the simple facial massage.