Exfoliation is an important step to getting great skin. In most skin care regimens you’ll need a good tool to getting the layer of impurities off. Be it through natural means or loufa, trying to cleanse one’s skin has various methods. However, if you’re keen on trying to make the most out of your skin care regimen, you’ll want to make use of reliable exfoliating tools.

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One of the most basic steps to ensuring great skin is exfoliating. Not everyone exfoliates their skin but it’s actually necessary. Over time, various impurities and dead skin cells clump up on our skin which not only block our pores but also cause acne and other skin ailments. No one wants to experience that thus it’s recommended to cleanse your skin at least once a week.

While exfoliating is great for your skin, doing it consistently is really a big no-no. Each time you exfoliate, you clear out the old layer of skin for a new one. This means the new layer is more sensitive and can be easily damaged if you’re not careful. If you’re eager to step outside after you’ve done exfoliating, you’ll want to think twice. Exposing your skin as soon after cleansing can cause a lot of damage.

cream-621340_1280-300x199-9952021While there are a lot of concerns after exfoliating, there are a lot of solutions to make sure they don’t happen. In order for you to get better skin, here are some of the post-exfoliating skin care tips you’ll have to follow:

With these tips, you’re not only ensuring young beautiful skin but also making sure that you’re keeping your skin healthy.



Self-tanning has become a favorite choice for most tan aficionados because it is a cheaper and efficient alternative way in having a tan. You don’t have to plan for an expensive summer vacation. Heck you can even have a tan all-year round, even during winter. Self-tanning is so easy, you don’t even need to go to a tanning salon and pay for a service that you can perform by yourself right at the comfort of your home. Make sure to follow these simple reminders when self-tanning.

attractive-young-woman-preparing-for-tanning-in-solarium-6Always prepare. If ever you need to shave, have a wax, hair color/treatments, or even a manicure, do so 12-24 hours prior to self-tanning. Remember that all of those treatments can remove self-tanners.

The most important thing to consider when tanning whether you go sunbathing or using self-tanners is to exfoliate. Dead skin cell layers will just absorb your self-tanners which will just easily rub-off later, leaving you an uneven tan. Avoid using oil-based exfoliating solutions because it leaves residues that will just deflect your self-tanners. Make sure to wait about 24 hours after exfoliating before applying self-tanners to give enough time for your skin to refresh and heal.

Application and treatment period
Apply self-tanners evenly on your skin. Do not rush! Remember that the best time to do this is during night time therefore, you have all the time in the world (it only takes about an hour to completely cover your body though). Wait for about 12-24 hours after tanning before washing up and applying any moisturizers. Also avoid wearing tight clothes as the tanners might stick to your clothes and leave you uneven tan.

Once you have achieved that perfect self-tan, use moisturizers and gentle cleansers. A tan usually last about a week so refrain from performing too much activities that would exfoliate too much such as hot baths and using cleansers that contains strong chemical ingredients.

Also don’t forget to rehydrate in and out every now and then to help keep your skin soft and glowing.



Exfoliating plays a big role in keeping your skin healthy. By removing dead skin cells from your body, you help fresh skin surface giving you a youthful look. Doing so also unclogs dirt clogging your pores, preventing skin infection. This helps remove excess skin oil, which can cause acne and blemishes.


It is vital however, that you know how to exfoliate properly. This includes taking steps such as:

There are cosmetic products that can make your skin dry. This products can remove natural oil that protects and keeps your skin healthy. Soaps that contain alcohol are bad for the skin. While it does a good job of killing germs, it dehydrates your skin. Fortunately, there are products that can help remove germs and are not harsh on your skin. Find and use products that are mild and can moisturize your skin. This will keep your skin healthy and protected.

Taking a hot shower can help relax your tensed muscles but can strip away the essential oils that help keep your skin looking young. Instead, shower using warm water and not taking more than ten minutes. The shorter and cooler your shower is, the less dry your skin will be. After taking a bath, pat your skin dry. By doing so, you help remove natural oil loosened by the warm water and irritate sensitive skin.

  1. Avoid Using Harsh Abrasives

Stiff brushes and pumice stones are good in removing dead skin cells on your skin but using them too much can harm your skin. This can turn your skin raw and red, making it vulnerable to irritation and dryness. If you start noticing your skin becoming red or you feel pain after exfoliation, refrain from doing this for the meantime.

  1. Cover Up During Cold Weather

Prevention is better than cure. You have to learn how to keep your skin healthy. Cold weather can dry your skin fast that is why it is important to cover yourself with pants, long-sleeves and other form of clothing that will protect your whole body from cold weather. You should also wear gloves or scarves to cover your hands and neck especially if you will be going outside.

Apply a thin layer of olive oil on your skin when it is dry and rub it well. This will moisturize your skin, keeping it smooth and looking fresh.

Take a small amount of cocoa powder, then add a small amount of lime juice or rose water on it. Next, grind some oatmeal before adding it to the mixture. Afterwards, add honey and raw sugar in it. Mix them well until it looks somewhat solid. Gently rub it on your face, elbows, and knees , in a circular motion. You can also add olive oil to the paste to balance the strength of the paste on your skin.

By taking these steps, you ensure a healthy and glowing skin that many will admire.