When you’re a big fan of tanning, getting the bronze hue during the wintery holidays can be quite a feat. No one wants to lie about in the snow. While going to your local tanning salon might be a good idea, no one really wants to deal with slick roads or even the prospect of having to clear your driveway every time. Whatever the inconvenience is, using UV rays for tanning also spells for a lot of trouble. It’s actually been proven that sunbathing or tanning through the means of a tanning bed can cause skin cancer.

vintage-ice-cream-parlor-pretty-young-woman-vintage-polka-dot-dress-37647-200x300-2960031UV radiation deals a lot of damage to your skin and if you’re a tanning fan, you’ll surely be downhearted by this news. Not to worry, self tanners are here to help you out. If you’re new or a seasoned user for self tanners, diving into this method self tanning is going to save you some time and effort as opposed to the conventional methods.

However, the big question still remains: when is the most ideal time to purchase self tanners?

There might be a lot of varying answers and some of these might sound like suggestions. Despite that, you might want to try these out since you might get the best of the bargain.

Probably one of the best times to get your own share of self tanners is autumn or late summer. Why is that the case? As odd as it may sound, the succeeding months sport really cold seasons namely autumn and winter. For autumn, there’s still a chance for you to bask under the sun but winter’s another story to work around with. If you’re hoping to keep your tan during colder climate, investing on self tanners would be a good call. Additionally, with the season getting colder and colder, you can still get your tanning fix in your home without having to worry about spending a buck for going outside.

Another good time to splurge on self tanners is, no surprise, during sales. While they might pop up sporadically, sales give you the best of the bargain when it comes to getting your share of self tanners.

Now, this doesn’t mean that you should stick to these words for when you should buy your self tanners. Everyone can have varying times and using that time can get in the way to a lot of things. Thus, you can purchase self tanners at any time you’re available.