With so many clothes piling up and brand names to look forward to, a certain group of people have to be restricted to what they wear. If you’re an individual who has sensitive skin, you might have come across a nasty itch from wearing certain clothing.

girl-1293985_1280-225x300-4725230It’s actually not that surprising as some textiles cause allergic reactions when in contact to sensitive skin. Most individuals who suffer from skin conditions have it hard, especially when they’re trying to get a new style for the coming seasons.

Contact dermatitis is a concern that textile companies have begun to acknowledge. While that might not always be applicable to all the brand names in the market, it’s always best to be knowledgeable of what clothes you can wear.

Here are some common fabrics to keep in mind:

Most of the individuals who have sensitive skin always go for cotton since they are smooth and cool against your skin. On most cases, cotton is a good place for fungi and bacteria to propagate since it is soft and abundant in nature. You’ll want to be extra particular on cleaning these clothes.

If you’re still a little unsure, you might want to check the tag on the clothing or ask an attendant nearby. It’s always best to be a little knowledgeable on the clothes you put on your back.