bath-house-row-1587365_1280-300x200-3200564With all the hectic schedules and Holiday rush, maybe you are a little bit screwed up with your all priorities. With all your rush reports and preparations for the Holiday, definitely you are running out of time. But of course you can’t give up your tan because it boosts your self-confidence to face different kinds of people, right? Maybe you don’t have enough time to go sunbathing on the beach and with this type of season, beach is out of the options. Here are some tips where to run and have your tan before the holiday rush. Just to remind you, these suggestions are case-to-case basis and does not fit to all.

If you really have no time to tan yourself, the best option is to go to a tanning salon and let the tanning experts do it for you. With this option, you can save effort and save a little bit of time in the sense that all you need are already there. You don’t have to go on the department store to buy the self tanning products and accessories you need. You don’t need buddies or helper to apply on the hard to reach parts of your body. All you have to do is sit back, relax, rest and have your skin bronzed in just few moments.

This option is good for you if you are used to do self tanning. Of course due to frequently doing it, maybe you have perfected the regimen already. Simple application or spreading of self tanner on your arms, legs and body, then you are done. If you have extra budget and you want to save for a longer time, consider buying a spray tanning machine or airbrush system. Thermalabs offer great discount on these kinds of tanning machine. Get up to 50% discount when you buy now. If you have these, you are like bringing a tanning salon at home.

If you still have extra time before the Holidays, you can spend a tanning session with your buddies, workmates or friends. Have a chance to bond and have fun with your friends in your tanning activity. You can help each other in spreading self tanner on the hard to reach parts of your body to make the work lighter. On holidays, maybe you won’t have enough time to celebrate with them so it’s time to make up while it’s still early.