Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. On most cases, beauty can be quite the criteria on each individual. Despite the means to achieve beauty, not everyone has the extra reserves to splurge on various products or services.
One of the easier approaches to starting out your journey to beauty is sorting out your skin complexion. Most individuals don’t notice how dull their skin is. On some occasions, it is this dull skin that can be the cause of various skin ailments such as acne. Dull skin is caused by a layer of impurities- be it dirt, dead skin cells, and etc.

pexels-photo-116913-300x199-1602696 In order to get rid of dull skin, you’ll need to exfoliate your skin. Not only does exfoliation remove the layer of impurities, it also gives way to younger and more radiant skin. Remember, it’s best to exfoliate once or twice a week. To best aid you on your exfoliation sessions, here are some ideal scrubs for various exfoliation approaches: Honey and sugar – If you’re hoping for a natural scrub, you can mix some sugar crystals into honey. This is an ideal mixture for those with sensitive skin. For lesser abrasion, you can make use of brown sugar as opposed to the refined white sugar. Honey aids in sorting out the pH level of your skin while sugar is not too harsh as it scrubs off the impurities. Glycolic acid peel – If you’re hoping to soften the depth of your wrinkles and the acne scars, the glycolic acid peels is an ideal approach to your exfoliation sessions. The acid helps in removing the adhesive like substance that adhered the thick, dry and aged texture layer of dead skin cells to your skin. For this certain peel, you’ll want to let it sit on your face before rinsing off.

With these two distinct approaches, you can make sure that your skin is no longer dull as it used to be.