sunbathing-facts-300x214-5404146Sunbathing is a common task to do during summer. With so much sun to make use of, it’s not surprising to make the most out of your summer by basking under a cloudless sky. Growing up, our favorite activity during summer would be to go to the beach or enjoy the day outside as much as we could. Unfortunately, exposing yourself to too much sun can do a lot of harm than good.

Through the recent years, skin cancer has risen as a threat to our community. Melanoma, a very aggressive form of skin cancer, has caused numerous fatalities through the globe. It’s been said that copious exposure to the sun can lead to a higher chance of getting skin cancer.

Thus, this brings us to sunbathing. Normally, we rely a lot on the sunscreen we use. While sunscreen is our initial defense against the sun, it’s not an impenetrable defense. At times, we still have our share of sunburn. The more sunburn we’ve come across our lives, the higher the chances of us getting skin cancer in the future. There’s actually a lot of things to consider if you want to do some sunbathing.

The more you get sunburn also causes a lot of harm to your body in the long run. Another case to consider, dark skin is not healthy skin. When you tan your skin, you cause your outermost layer of skin to burn under all the sun’s onslaught. Tanned skin does not protect you from the sun thus if you stay under the sun while having tanned skin, you can get a higher chance of getting more harm to your skin.

Sunscreen can only do so much thus it’s also a good idea to stay in the shade when you can. Try to also keep yourself hydrated.


accessories-beach-300x200-2261315The days are surely getting warmer and warmer that a lot of individuals would make their way to the beach. With that said, a lot of harm can be inflicted upon your skin. Most beaches provide very few shade or even trees to take shade from. Too much exposure to the sun can cause a lot of harm to your skin thus it’s always good to be particular with the skincare you need when you go to the beach. If you aren’t familiar with the skin care routine for going to the beach, here are some tips on how you can take care of your skin:

– Moisturizers. It’s nothing new to hear about how hot it is by the beach. Exposure to a lot of heat can cause your skin to dry up thus it’s always a great idea to put on some moisturizer before you head out. Make sure to put some moisturizer in the morning and in the evening.

– A very important thing to your skin care regimen before you hit the beach is sunscreen. Sunscreen is very important since this is your initial defense against the harmful rays of the sun. An important tip is to purchase a wide spectrum with high spf value. The higher the SPF value, the more protection you. But it’s important to let the sunscreen set on your skin for thirty minutes before you head out so your skin can absorb it.

– Stay under the shade whenever you can. If you’re not doing your sunbathing routine or not out in the sea, stay under a wide umbrella as much as you can. Exposing your skin to too much of the sun’s rays can raise the chances of getting skin cancer. The sun’s UV rays are even deadlier between 9 am until 4 pm.


sunbathing-2-300x200-9259958Sunbathing is the most straightforward way to get your tanning done. Tanning has become quite an approach to feeling better with yourself that it is no longer surprising to see a lot of individuals who are into this pastime. While you only need to expose your skin to the sun’s rays, there are some places which you may want to consider for your sunbathing. These places cater to providing a great sunbathing experience while not obstructing the chances of just lying on the grass while minimal clothing.

One of the perfect spots to get your sunbathing done is at the beach. It’s all the better if it’s an open beach without any nearby buildings to throw shade at the shore. With the lack of towering infrastructure, you can easily get your share of the sun’s rays without any issue. It’s also a common habit to do by the beach. You may want to stay out of the shade of an umbrella to provide a good sunbathing session while you’re at the beach.

Another place to consider is the park. Not all parks are favorable for sunbathing since certain parks dissuade individuals from wearing little clothing due to the other park-goers. But if you do get the chance to sunbathe in a park, it’s best to choose a part of the park where there’s hardly any foliage to block out the sun. One of the perks of sunbathing in a park is how convenient it can be to get there from your home.

One other great place to get your sunbathing done is your backyard if you have little obstruction to worry about. You can also wear fewer coverage since you’re in the privacy of your own home. This also means you can easily cool down after your sunbathing session and save money from going out of the house. Your backyard may just be the top 1 most perfect option for sunbathing.


sea-beach-vacation-couple-300x200-8155239Tanning has become quite a striking complement to one’s look. Not only does it provide a good coverup to one’s flaws but it brings out an appeal that can allure a lot of individuals. That said, there can be some hurdles to overcome when it comes to tanning. If you are into sunbathing, one of the hurdles is the inconvenience of dealing with tan lines. Tan lines are areas where the skin wasn’t tanned to keep your body modest. In some cases, individuals make use of the skimpiest clothing to provide some modesty while they tan.

Men have it easier as bearing their chests is no harm to the public but to women, that’s a different story altogether. This leads us to a question of whether topless tanning is ‘ok’ at the beach. Normally, it wouldn’t be. With so many individuals trekking to the beach, be it young or old, going bare while tanning can be difficult for women.

Indeed, it’s an optimal approach to getting the most out of your sunbathing but not all beaches are going to let you freely hang your tatas down. In some countries, it’s actually illegal to be bare yourself while sunbathing. If you aren’t sure, it’s best to ask around and avoid getting penalized for a mere stroke of sun.

There are some beaches around the world that allow topless or even being bare. Once again, ask before untying your bikini so you save yourself the experience of being embarrassed. if by any chance, the beach you’re going to doesn’t legalized topless tanning, you may want to consider using some self tanning lotion to sort out any tan lines. This can be tricky but it saves you the inconvenience of a penalty. Self tanners can also sort out any uneven tan so you benefit a lot from using it.


sunbathing-tips-300x200-6093686The warm days are here and one of the best things to do is to make good use of the sun’s presence. It’s not surprising that you see a lot of people sunbathing on warmer days. After all, getting a tan through basking under the sun doesn’t cost a lot.

While lying about and letting your skin get the color it needs might sound as easy as you think, getting an even tone while sunbathing is a feat that not all individuals achieve. If you’re a beginner, you might end up with one side lighter than the other which can be odd to look at. Thus, it’s a good way to remember these tips to avoid looking too dark on one side.

– Make use of tanning oils. Tanning oils help speed up the chances of getting the tan. By using these oils, you’re able to get a dark tone while not spending too much under the sun.

– Time each side. It’s best to turn one side to the other at certain lengths of time. Sometimes we lose the track of time if we lie about thus it’s always a good idea to set an alarm or even a timer to how long you stay on one side over the other.

– Do sunbathing a specific time. We all know that the sun has varying heights and location in the sky at a certain time of day. It’s important to set a certain time for when you tan. If you just lie around during various hours without considering the time, you might overdo one side over the other. Additionally, by knowing which time you do sunbathing, you avoid too much exposure to the sun’s rays which can be harmful to your skin.

If all else fails, you may want to lather some self tanner or tanning lotion to even out the tone on one side. This also saves you the time and effort from having to bask more of the sun’s rays.


pexels-photo-197465-300x200-7428355Although heaps of sunless tanning products and procedures are always available in the market, many tanners are still in love with the sun especially the sunbathers. They could not exchange the joy it brings when they soak their bodies in the sun. Well, nobody is to be blame because the sun gives lot of benefits as long as you do not stay too long under it and you keep in mind all the things you have to avoid when sunbathing. If you are one of the sunbathe lovers described here, check out this list of don’ts to keep you safe from any harm.

Tanning is sweeter and more successful if you achieved it without sacrificing your health. So stay safe and be safe!

Although heaps of sunless tanning products and procedures are always available in the market, many tanners are still in love with the sun especially the sunbathers. They could not exchange the joy it brings when they soak their bodies in the sun. Well, nobody is to be blame because the sun gives lot of benefits as long as you do not stay too long under it and you keep in mind all the things you have to avoid when sunbathing. If you are one of the sunbathe lovers described here, check out this list of don’ts to keep you safe from any harm.

Tanning is sweeter and more successful if you achieved it without sacrificing your health. So stay safe and be safe!


girl-wild-water-rock-160452-300x200-6397989Tanning aficionados never stop to seek for the sun whether it is summertime or not. They are very much engaged in sunbathing so they seek for places to tan. Maybe you and your getaway bag are always ready. But how about your skin? Is your skin ready for a long sun exposure?

Here are necessary guidelines you must do before you toast your body under the sun to ensure a perfect tan and to safeguard your skin from harmful sun damage. As you notice, these tips are not limited only when you are tanning. These are also basic skin care processes performed even without tanning because these are essential ways to maintain the suppleness and health of your skin.

Before anything else, do not ever forget to exfoliate if you are planning to do sun or sunless tanning. It’s the most important thing to do achieve a streak-free and flawless tan. It’s like painting a furniture, it needs sandpaper scrubbing to remove its gunk and smudges, to ensure a flawless polish. Same as through with tanning, you must remove first the impurities and dirt in your skin through exfoliating to achieve a spotless tanning. In exfoliating, give extra attention to your body edges like elbows, knees, and toes. These are your body parts which are sometimes darker than the other body parts. It should be exfoliated well to make sure your tanning will be even and streak free.

Before you are going to expose your skin under the sun, make sure you are fully hydrated to avoid skin dryness. With the heat and long sun exposure, your throat gets dry, so as well with your skin. Before you head to the beach or outside, drink plenty of water and if possible bring water on your side to keep you hydrated all the time. Double pack the water of your skin by applying moisturizer. If rehydrating inside is important, same as through with moisturizing to add moisture on your skin.

After exfoliating and rehydrating, a sunblock protection is also required to protect your dermis from sun damage and severe burn. Look for appropriate sunblock or sunscreen that fits your skin type. There are also moisturizers that contains SPF and vice versa. Applying sunblock should not only be done once. Application should be according on how long you will stay under the sun. Reapply twice or thrice if you stay longer under the sun.

beach-1367282_640-300x200-9385223Since many people perceive that tanning is charming, stylish and exquisite, volume of people engaging in tanning grows bigger and bigger. Many really loves the sun due to its health benefits aside from the main aim which is tanning. Plentiful tanners prefer sunbathing as their tanning method because they find it relaxing and depression reliever. If you are one of the sunbathing buffs, then you are probably scouting where the sun is. Here are some travel tips that may help you find your next sunbathing destination. So start preparing your travel documents and plan your trip to your next sunbathe stop.

Many of sun lovers would travel and go to the various beaches of Hawaii and flock with their fellow sunbathers. Some of the best beaches in Hawaii includes Waikiki Beach Manale Bay, and Kauna’oa Bay. Key West, South Beach, Siesta Key, Clearwater, Naples and Miami Beach are only few of the finest beaches in Florida. New York also has Coney Island Beach, Rockaway Beach, Brighton Beach and other beaches.

Greece is one of the most stunning countries in the world and it is brimful of amazing beaches. Your skin will surely get the toast you ever wanted by visiting their beautiful beaches. These include Mylopotas Beach in Ios, Platys Gialos and Ornos Beach in Mykonos, Mytros Beach in Kefalonia, Paleokastritsa in Corfu, Stafylo Beach in Skopelos, Koukounaries Beach in Skiathos, Perissa Beach and Red Beach in Santorini. Aside from miles long beaches, the views are very stunning and soothing.

Beaches had become a very big part of life in Australia. In fact, it is surrounded with 10,685 lovely beaches open for swimming, surfing, fishing, snorkeling and of course sunbathing. Some of the remarkable and awesome beaches are found in Sydney which includes Bondi Beach, Tamarame Beach, Maroubra Beach, Redleaf Beach, Clovelly Beach, and many others. Whitehaven Beach found in Whitsundays Island is the top beach in Australia with its exceptional white sand stretched in over seven kilometers shore.

Asia is very rich in tropical beaches. Have a fantastic travel in Asian countries particularly in Thailand, Philippines, India, Cambodia, Indonesia and many other tropical countries. In Thailand, some of the most fabulous beaches includes Railay Beach in Krabi, Lamai beach in Koh Samui, Kata Noi in Phuket and many other white sand beaches. Boracay Island is the one of the most famous beaches in the Philippines, as well as the island of Palawan which is surrounded with pristine beaches too.


If the local beach has lost its splendor to you, that’s not surprising. While the common go to place for summer has always been the beach, a change of scenery is in order. There’s so much outside of your town, even your country, that’s waiting to be explored.

And when’s a good time to get there? Summer of course!

sea-418742_1280-300x225-6954931To get the ball rolling, here are some of the best places to get your summer going:

So what are you waiting for? Grab your summer clothes and your sunscreen; time to hit the road! If not, now is a good time to grab the earliest tickets for a trip to these places. There’s nothing like the much needed rest, relaxation and your fair share of vitamin D for this season.


With the sun setting the temperature up a notch, it’s no surprise that summer is going to spell out even hotter this year. In fact, in the recent years, we’ve been experiencing hotter days. While it may be a common trait for the upcoming season, this is definitely quite alarming.

sun-1323378_1280-300x199-3925676Hotter days means more damage that can be caused by the sun; be it to the environment or to your body. In fact, one of the rising ailments of the century is skin cancer.

While we can’t always determine when skin cancer strikes, there is one known way to prevent it from happening. This is done by the constant application of sun screen. During the course of summer, sunscreen is a topical application that is commonly applied to your skin. However, this usually happens when we’re about to dive into the waters and hardly a thought if we’re just going to go to the park.

It’s actually very important to apply sunscreen if you’re planning to go out of the house. Be it summer or any other season, a blazing sun is going to cause a lot of damage to your skin. To best utilize the safeguarding properties of a sunscreen, you’ll need these tips:

– Sunscreen takes at least 30 minutes before it actually protects your skin. The thirty minutes is necessary since your skin needs to absorb the concoction.

– A sunscreen’s effectivity to shield you off from UV rays only lasts for a good two-three hours. Once the time is up, you’ll need to re-apply some sunscreen.

– Like lotion, if you immediately dive into the water as soon as you’ve put on some sunscreen, you’ve washed it off. You’ll also want to reapply it if you’re extra sweaty for the day.

While sunscreen is an effective guard against the sun, it’s always best to stay in the shade and wear a hat for hotter days. Don’t forget to wear some sunglasses since your eyes need their share of protection too.