With the summer closing in on us, it’s no surprise to enjoy the best time at the beach. There’s no else better to spend time with than with your friends. While you can bask in the sun ‘til you drop, that is surely be quite a bore to your companions. There’s no greater fun than fooling around with your friends so it’s nifty to have some games to get you going.

If you’re familiar with certain beach sports, such as beach volleyball and Frisbee; you’ll notice that these sports are widely played by shore. Volleyball is always great and diving on the sand means less pain when you’re trying to save a point for your team. Frisbee can go in any possible direction if you’re not familiar with it but that shouldn’t be stopping you.

You can also try sharks and minnows, which is a beach side version of tag. Playing tag is always fun due to the kick of adrenaline that you get when you’re being chase. If you do this by the beach, there’s a lot more difficulty since you can dive into the waters to get away from the ‘sharks’, or the ‘it’.

beach-862365_640-300x249-5680526If you’re a little adventurous, you can go around digging things from beneath the sand. There’s nothing rewarding than having a good loot to show off to your friends. Try out a little treasure hunting a little later in the day where the heat is not so stifling, you’ll be surprised at the things you happen to dig up.

Last but surely not the least, you can never go wrong on a water balloon fight. The beach is just calling for it.

All in all, any game can be fun as long you’re with your friends. You can cook up quirky ideas to spice a kid’s game or try to make use of the beach as best as possible.