Getting tanned skin is a common trend these days. With how alluring it can be, tanned skin can be easily achieved through various methods. For this case, we’re going to look at the most cost-effective method which is sunbathing. Sunbathing is straightforward; you just need some sunscreen and lie under the sun for quite some […]

Sun Bathing or Sunless Tanning? – I LOVE TANNING

Long time ago, people used to associate sun bathing each time they hear tanning. Why not? It’s the most economical way of getting bronzed skin aside from the fact that you can easily do it while on a vacation and flaunting your greatest asset. But times have changed for the better. There are cheaper and […]

How Safe Is Sunless Tanning With Self-Tanners? – I LOVE TANNING

Tanning is a common activity that a lot of individuals like to indulge in. What’s not to like about it? You get an overall skin tone while hiding your flaws. Additionally, you can enjoy a new look without having to go under the knife. While tanning can be a good makeover to opt, it can […]

self tanning – I LOVE TANNING

Summer is at the highlight for this time of the year. With the heat getting higher and higher, summer’s highlight is getting as much of the sun as possible. If you’re a sunbathing addict, being pregnant can be a thing to consider before lounging for hours on end under the sun. While a little bit […]

Skincare Summer Must-Haves – I LOVE TANNING

Summer is a tough season to work with. With its blistering heat and arid air, it can do a lot of damage to your skin if you aren’t careful. One of the common items to work with during this hot set of months is sunscreen. Use a wide-spectrum sunscreen which also has a high SPF. […]

October 2016 – I LOVE TANNING

With all the hectic schedules and Holiday rush, maybe you are a little bit screwed up with your all priorities. With all your rush reports and preparations for the Holiday, definitely you are running out of time. But of course you can’t give up your tan because it boosts your self-confidence to face different kinds […]

November 2017 – I LOVE TANNING

One of the greatest banes when it comes to the cold months is the feeling of sadness that rolls in. It’s an occurrence that affects a lot of individuals. With autumn slowly transitioning to winter, these feelings of sadness only get amplified as the months go by. But what really is this feeling of sadness […]


Stretch marks can be quite the eyesore. Be it from losing weight or from women who have given birth, it can be disheartening to see them. While there are numerous ways to getting rid of stretch marks by using medical or even skin enhancing means; there’s actually a natural approach to it too. If you’ve […]

April 2016 – I LOVE TANNING

Airbrush makeup has caught the cosmetics industry by a storm. It’s no surprise that many individuals have ventured into this particular type of makeup. If you’re a beginner to airbrush makeup, one of the most dreaded tasks has to be cleaning your airbrush. Much like any ordinary citizen, taking apart any equipment can be a […]

Site Editor – I LOVE TANNING

Going to a tanning salon can sound quite daunting. However, that should not be the case since tanning salons aren’t a place you have to be scared of. First thing to consider is that you should at least be 18 years old to use a tanning bed. This is in accordance to some laws that […]