pexels-photo-116913-300x199-2310068It’s been said that tanning beds, or indoor tanning in general, is a healthier alternative to sunbathing. It’s quite convenient to get your tanning fix from these salons without having to spend too much time under the sun. It’s been said that the shorter the duration you are under these rays, it’s healthier.

Unfortunately, that is a misconception and we’re farther from the truth. Tanning beds aren’t really good for you. While it is a more convenient choice in getting a tan, sunbeds are more dangerous than sunbathing itself.

Contrary to the sun’s own UV rays, indoor tanning’s set of UV rays are more potent. With regards to sunbathing, the sun’s rays still go through numerous filters, be it the clouds, the air and etc. This means we’re getting a milder form of the sun’s UV rays, although it’s still not healthy. For indoor tanning, the source of the UV rays are mere inches from our body. This means we’re taking in the full brunt of the ultraviolet rays.

Having a more concentrated share of UV rays being absorbed into your body spells a lot of danger. It’s been known that having too much UV rays absorbed into your skin can increase the chances of getting skin cancer. A very aggressive form of skin cancer has clamored amongst tanning addicts. Known as melanoma, this form of skin cancer has caused numerous mortalities and brought skin cancer up to the fourth spot on the most common and deadly cancers on the list.

If you’ll lessen the exposure to sunbeds, it doesn’t lessen the risk of harm that you get. The exposure from sunbeds or other indoor tanning can cause your skin to age prematurely. Additionally, it can cause your skin to become leathery or coarse despite lessening the exposure. If you want to avoid damaging your skin, it’s best to avoid using sunbeds as a means of getting a tan.

Another downside when it comes to indoor tanning, any individuals below the age of eighteen cannot make use of indoor tanning. It’s against the law for any minor to make use of indoor tanners thus sunbathing or self tanners may be your only method to get a tan.

With all that has been said, sunbeds and other indoor tanning equipment are not a good choice for tanning. If sunbathing takes too much of your time to get a tan, you can make use of self tanners as a healthier alternative to tanning.

To be able to make the most out of a skin care regimen, it’s important to address pexels-photo-536040-300x199-7846536a lot of skin care issues. Creams and other topical applications can only do so much thus it’s important to also do some exfoliating.

Exfoliating is the process of clearing out the layer of dead skin cells and impurities that have clung to your skin. As we grow older, our skin losses the ability to push out the dirt off of our bodies. Thus said, this is where exfoliating, or cleansing, comes in.

However, if you’re not well-versed with exfoliating your skin, it’s best to have these tips in mind before you delve into it:

If you’re still in your mid-twenties, you don’t really need to do any exfoliating. Your skin is still in its tip top condition to push out the dirt off your. Exfoliating one’s skin is best done by the time you hit thirty since your body begins to delegate the priorities on certain parts of your body.

If you’re getting waxed soon, it’s best to avoid waxing your skin right before or right after you exfoliate. Waxing is a form of exfoliation since it does pull a layer of skin at each pull.

Do your cleansing in the morning. Your skin invigorates while you sleep so exfoliating it a few hours after waking up is a good call.

Don’t overdo. This means not being too rough when you’re scrubbing the impurities of your skin and to limit exfoliating sessions to twice a week. If you cleanse your skin too much, you’ll cause it to become hypersensitive which can lead to a lot of inconvenience.

If you have oily, dry or acne-prone skin, it’s best that you also be careful. Scrubbing too much or too often can get your sebaceous glands into haywire causing oilier or a very bad case of acne.


pexels-photo-332984-1-300x200-1199947Pimples have long been one of the worst things to come upon us. It’s quite an inconvenient experience during puberty and to some, might carry on until early adults. No matter what the cause of pimples, it’s never a good sight to have acne on your face. It’s even worse when it’s found along your back. It’s been known that back, and even chest, acne are signs of severe acne as these areas aren’t prone to acne.

A lot of individuals might coin the presence of pimples along your back with a lot of things. To better understand why this happens, here are some of the reasons why pimples appear on your back:


spray-tanning-for-beginners-300x200-6562844Getting your sun kissed skin can be a great or a lackluster experience. It can also be safe or hazardous, and not knowing which is which can be quite the dangerous dance. As the world of tanning has become quite enticing, it’s not surprising that many individuals have shifted to self tanning. Self tanning eliminates the dangers that sunbathing and indoor tanning has but it can be a tedious experience to get through.

In fact, most beginners are deterred once they learn how complicated self tanning can be. If you are hoping to get your bronze tone but wouldn’t want to put yourself at risk, self tanning is the best way to go. In fact, one of the best ways to get your self tanner done is through a spray tan.

Spray tanning is using an airbrush to ‘spray’ your self tanner onto your skin. As a newbie to this craft, you’ll want to get some things ironed out before starting on the spray tanning experience.

Follow the usual rules prior to self tanning. It’s very important that you wax and exfoliate prior to self tanning. This gives your skin the chance for the tan to easily stick to while also keeping your tan as long as possible.

Do not make use of lotions or moisturizers or even make up beforehand. This is going to get in the way of the spray tan thus making your tan come out badly. Come in bare and you’ll appreciate the output after your session.

If you’re applying the spray tan at home, have a friend who’s well-versed in spray tanning help you out. Just try to tell them ahead how tan you want to be and any particular areas they’ll be careful of. Chances are, if your friend’s an expert on spray tan, they might be able to contour your tan with minimal effort.