retouch-your-tan-200x300-8034959Having a tan is always a fulfilling feeling. Getting one is a hurdle in itself thus getting one is quite flattering to us. Unfortunately, getting a tan can be quite dangerous these days. From sunbathing and indoor tanning, these methods of tanning have been labeled as dangerous. If you’re not in the loop, the aforementioned tanning methods have brought a significant rise to skin cancer. Thus said, self tanners have become quite trendy on getting a tan as they are the healthier option.

Unfortunately, self tan can flake out or dull in time. This is a key sign that you’ll want to retouch your tan. Normally, your skin peels itself off in two weeks which is a good amount of time for you to enjoy your self tan.

Retouching a self tan is just as important as keeping one. No one wants to walk around with a horrid or dull tan and surely no one wants to end up with uneven skin tone. A good mark of being a self tanning expert is to determine when to redo your tan. Here are some of the telltale signs you’ll want to redo your self tan:


things-for-sunbathing-300x200-1145530Sunbathing is one of the most common things to do in an open space. Normally you’d do this by the beach but you can still enjoy some sunbathing in the park or your own backyard. You need only an open space that the sun can shine on.

The common items you’d find on someone who’s going to do some sunbathing would be sunscreen and their clothing to keep them modest. You don’t need anything else but if you want to step up your sunbathing experience, here are some things you might want to bring along next time:


accessories-beach-300x200-6580714The days are surely getting warmer and warmer that a lot of individuals would make their way to the beach. With that said, a lot of harm can be inflicted upon your skin. Most beaches provide very few shade or even trees to take shade from. Too much exposure to the sun can cause a lot of harm to your skin thus it’s always good to be particular with the skincare you need when you go to the beach. If you aren’t familiar with the skin care routine for going to the beach, here are some tips on how you can take care of your skin:

– Moisturizers. It’s nothing new to hear about how hot it is by the beach. Exposure to a lot of heat can cause your skin to dry up thus it’s always a great idea to put on some moisturizer before you head out. Make sure to put some moisturizer in the morning and in the evening.

– A very important thing to your skin care regimen before you hit the beach is sunscreen. Sunscreen is very important since this is your initial defense against the harmful rays of the sun. An important tip is to purchase a wide spectrum with high spf value. The higher the SPF value, the more protection you. But it’s important to let the sunscreen set on your skin for thirty minutes before you head out so your skin can absorb it.

– Stay under the shade whenever you can. If you’re not doing your sunbathing routine or not out in the sea, stay under a wide umbrella as much as you can. Exposing your skin to too much of the sun’s rays can raise the chances of getting skin cancer. The sun’s UV rays are even deadlier between 9 am until 4 pm.


surprised-happy-beautiful-woman-looking-sideways-in-excitement-14Self tanners can be very tricky to work with. As opposed to the usual method of sunbathing and indoor tanning, self tanner is an approach that can leave experts annoyed at having a bad tan. One of the biggest hurdles of self tanning can be getting the tan right. If you’re a beginner in using self tanners, trying to get the perfect tan on the first go is near impossible to achieve. Most of them time you’ll end up with a tan that you’d want to remove. Whichever the mishap you encounter, there are ways to sort it out.

If you’ve overdone your tan and applied to much, you can do a quick dip in the swimming pool. Chlorine helps lighten one’s skin thus you can lighten the tone if you sport a really dark tan. If you have streaks all over the place, have some lemon juice ready and a soft cloth. Dab the lemon juice on the affected areas so you can easily lighten the streaking. Remember, this should be done during or a little after the whole tanning session.

If your color doesn’t match as a whole, you can gently exfoliate your skin to start anew. This accounts for most cases of self tanner mishaps. Usually your hands don’t match your overall tone. It’s not surprising to find this as a mishap common amongst individuals who tan alone. You can make use of a little exfoliation to clear the color out. It’s always best to slowly dab the color and use of a mirror for better comparison. You don’t want to walk around with a mismatch skin tone, after all.

If your tan’s too saturated, a quick way to sort this out would be using bronzers. Bronzers are makeup you use in contouring. Make use of a bronzer that aligns with the hue of your tan and sort out the orange areas with the bronzer.