Airbrush makeup has caught the cosmetics industry by a storm. It’s no surprise that many individuals have ventured into this particular type of makeup.

If you’re a beginner to airbrush makeup, one of the most dreaded tasks has to be cleaning your airbrush. Much like any ordinary citizen, taking apart any equipment can be a daunting task. Don’t let that get to you.

airbrush-300x168-8945961Cleaning your airbrush may appear to be quite complicated work but with these easy tips, you’re sure to ace the cleaning test in no time:

–           It’s best to clean your airbrush every time after use. This prevents any buildup which can clog your airbrush or cause various issues in the future.

–           Make use of warm water on the color cup and spray until it becomes clear. This ensures that there are no residue paint left in the color cup.

–           For your airbrush, you can place the tip of the gun in a cup of warm water and pull the trigger to clean it. Make sure it’s still plugged in for this work. If you’d like a much deeper cleaning, take out the head of your airbrush by twisting it off and wiping around the area with a tissue paper.

–           The need of your airbrush is your best friend thus you should treat it well. Cleaning this piece is tricky but it can make sure that you maintain a great air brush if done correctly. Simply take it out nozzle and each piece, lining them up on a clean towel. It’s best to soak these pieces in warm water and then wipe clean. This is a meticulous approach to cleaning therefore you can do it once a week or even once a month.

By keeping these tips in mind, you can be sure that your airbrush will be in tip-top condition.


With the changing of seasons comes a different approach to taking care of your skin. Your winter skin care regimen should no longer work for spring thus it’s time to have a change of pace. Since you’d probably hold back on trying to go through a thorough skin care regimen for winter, there are some tips to prep your skin for spring.

woman-6Before anything, it’s best to exfoliate. Due to the cold season, dead skin and dirt might have clung to the topmost layer of skin. It’s no surprise if you’ve held off on cleansing since the cold weather doesn’t help in caring for your skin.

Since the sun is out, you’re also treated to the daily dose of it. Despite the colder climate, try to put on some sunscreen to keep your skin from being damage. You’d probably take the chance to walk out often especially after a continuous experience of snow-filled winter days.

Since the sun is out, you’ll be thinking that getting a tan in this weather a great idea. It’s not actually advisable to get a tan, by tanning beds or soaking up on the sun’s rays.

Your skin is adjusting to the change of temperature and shocking it immediately with a dose of some UV rays can spell out a lot of damage. If you’d like to get a tan for Spring, the best way to go about it is to make use of a self tanner. You won’t even have to lie down for hours to get the tan!

Surely these simple tips can help you rock your look for spring without sacrificing too much. It’s always good to allot some time for yourself especially skin care. Seasons can be quite a tricky thing to work around but a simple change on the regimen will aid in giving you healthy skin.


If you’ve been dreading the amount of hair on your arms or legs, waxing is a great way to get those off. Shaving can only do so much thus it’s no surprise most individuals opt to wax the hair off themselves. If you’re looking in to getting a tan right after waxing, that’s quite a great idea. However, it doesn’t bode too well if done in reverse.

woman-depilating-bikini-line-by-waxing-8Waxing prior to getting your bronze color is a better option since you’re treating your skin to a form of exfoliation. If you’d choose to tan prior to waxing, the process of removing unwanted body hair will also remove the tan. This is because waxing peels off the topmost layer of skin in the process.

With that in mind, that should tip the scales to choosing a wax before the tan. To get things started, there are some things that you can’t do right after waxing and these would be:

These easy steps should help you out on getting a nice tan with no hair to get in the way. It’s always best to be patient thus give sometime between both procedures to get the optimum results.


With the rage of tanning nowadays, it’s no surprise that certain practices have shed some light on getting a great tan. While the most conventional method is soaking as much of the sun’s rays or a trip to your tanning salon, these aren’t the healthiest means on tanning. Due to the breakthrough of getting cancer from consistent and copious exposure to ultraviolet rays, the light that causes us to tan, many have tried to find an alternative to tanning. This is how self tanners were brought to light.

donna-spruzza-crema-sul-viso-10While most people might call it a fake tan, self tanners give you the much desired tan without having to put your health in jeopardy. In fact, Thermalabs’s selection of organic self tanners provides a healthy approach to getting your much desired shade.

Now, that’s not saying self tanners don’t have their share of cons. Since they are a topical approach to tanning, it’s always best to have some tips to keep in mind to avoid getting the aesthetically pleasing tone.

With these simple steps and a good amount of patience, self tanners should not spot your favorite clothes!



Having a gorgeous tan is quite a compliment to your body. With the color accentuating the shape and giving your body the contouring that your normal skin color misses out, who doesn’t want a tan? If you’re a bigger, it’s not surprising to get the jitters when embarking on an adventure to getting a tan.

surprised-happy-beautiful-woman-looking-sideways-in-excitement-20There’s a lot to keep in mind when getting a tan and at times, we can get overwhelmed by it. Though we can control various circumstances, there are some side-effects that you can veer away from.

To name a few, here are some embarrassing experiences you wouldn’t want to experience:

Having these kinds of mishaps can be disheartening when it comes to tanning but there’s one way to go around that. You can make use of self-tanners which doesn’t need you to soak up on UV rays to earn a tan. In fact, due to the manageability of a self-tanner, you can apply an even tan without worrying about the shade or earning sunburns.